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Pre-Super Bowl Roundtable

The final week of the 2016 NFL season is here. The fact you're still looking at a fantasy football website in February proves you're just

How to Start a 2QB League

How to Start a 2QB League

You want to start a 2QB fantasy football league? You’ve come to the perfect place. TwoQBs.com is the only site dedicated to the two-quarterback experience.

How to Win Your First 2QB League

If you’re dipping your toes into the 2QB/Superflex waters, congratulations. Your fantasy football experience is about to become deeper and more rewarding. – Pat Thorman (@Pat_Thorman)

Transitioning to 2QB Leagues

When I played in my first 2QB league I was lost. Adding an extra quarterback to the starting roster didn't seem like a big deal.

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2QB Versus Superflex. What Gives?

The essential element of a 2QB fantasy football league—as the all-too-literal name explains—is the requirement that each starting lineup in the league include two quarterbacks.

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Sensory Fantasy Football

While walking my dog tonight, my headphones were blasting at a safe enough volume for a middle class pre-dad to avoid a hit-and-run accident. ...