Deeper, Cheaper and More Contrarian: Divisional Week

Divisional Week is a sight to behold for those who really enjoy great football match-ups. Well, at least that holds true

Week 19 Game Flowbotics – Divisional Round

week 19 game flowbotics 2016 legarrette blount dfs

Considering my inexperience and fantasy football's natural variance, last week's foray into DFS with Game Flowbotics went reasonably well.  Some of

Deeper, Cheaper, & More Contrarian: Wild Card Round (Week 18)

week 18 fantasy aces gpp picks 2016

We’ve made it to Wild Card Weekend. Congrats on making it this far and still firing off DFS lineups. Not

Week 18 Game Flowbotics – Wild Card Round

week 18 game flowbotics wild card 2016

In the regular season, my primary focus is redraft analysis, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to apply my in-season