2019 2QB/Superflex Draft Rankings

2019 2QB/Superflex Draft Rankings

This long resting two-quarterback volcano is dormant no more—2019 fantasy football rankings for 2QB and Superflex drafts are here! TwoQBs will largely remain on hiatus until the start of the season, but we understand that our faithful readers need draft rankings. These will be updated periodically as situations develop through training camps and the preseason, so check back with us as your drafts approach for the latest and greatest.

2019-08-14 UPDATE:  Overall Rankings are now included below.

Dig in, and direct any questions or comments you might have to @TwoQBs on Twitter.

2QB/Superflex Draft Rankings

Greg Smith

Greg Smith is an engineer, co-founder of TwoQBs.com, and enthusiast for the strategy and design of variance-based games.  When he started playing fantasy football in 2001, his home league's small number of teams necessitated starting two quarterbacks.  That necessity has since grown into obsession, making Greg one of the preeminent champions of 2QB and Superflex formats.

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17 thoughts on “2019 2QB/Superflex Draft Rankings”

  • Your 2QB rankings say to “stay tuned for an overall rankings cheat sheet and 2QB/Superflex auction values in the near future.” My 2QB draft is Sunday 8/25. Approximately when will the overall rankings be available? Thanks!

  • Are your overall rankings based on 4 or 6 points per passing TDs? How much would you adjust them based on using one or the other scoring system?

    • Actually, in an effort to be more generic between 4 and 6 points per passing TD, what I did was split the difference and calculate the rankings based on 5 points per passing TD. In 4/TD leagues, rushing quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, etc. would get a bit of a boost. In 6/TD leagues, the more immobile passers like Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, etc. get a slight bump.

      • Thanks, Greg. That makes a lot of sense. Just curious, what would your preferred scoring for pass TDs be in a superflex PPR league?

        • My preference is strange in that I actually like using 5/TD. Like I said, it splits the difference and that’s what my home leagues use. But if forced to choose between 4 and 6, I like 4 more. Using 6/TD is fine, though, but if that’s the TD setting, I think the penalty for INTs needs to be steeper (-3 or -4).

  • Hi Greg!

    I have fourth overall pick in a 10 team PPR 2QB league. I am already keeping Baker. What are your thoughts on stacking Baker with a tier 1 QB? Or do I go conservative and take one of the BIG 4 RB’s this year?

    Garey Busey

  • These are two QB rankings yet the first QB isn’t ranked until 35? Don’t 2 QB leagues make the QB position more valuable not less? I’ve been playing 2 QB league for a decade now and there are always QB’s taken in the first round or two. I dont see how these rankings are accurate…

    • Hi Troy, thanks for noticing this issue. For some reason, the FantasyPros rankings app didn’t sync my 0.5-PPR rankings (where QBs are ranked higher) with the standard rankings that show up by default. I will work on syncing them up later this week, but for now, switch to 0.5-PPR and you’ll see where the QBs should be ranked.

      • Even switching to half ppr, you have Mahomes at 17. That is not realistic, I have never seen him leave the first round in any dynasty SF draft.

        I have even seen where Mahomes goes in the first and another QB isn’t drafted until the 2.12 or beginning of third. I understand these are rankings but IMO, rankings should reflect what actually happens in 90% of “non-expert” leagues. I think when all the experts draft together they tend to wait a bit on QB, but if one of those same experts were thrown into a 12 team dynasty SF draft, they would be selecting a QB a lot earlier because they cannot gauge what the other owners will do.

        No one wants to be left having to buy a QB in dynasty SF.

        • You and I disagree about what rankings should be. These reflect where I would draft players, not where they should be expected to go in drafts. That’s what ADP is for.

  • great site! i have 4th pick in 12 team 2qb league– who would you take with elliott still holding out?
    Mahomes, hopkins or johnson? thanks for your thoughts

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