2QB and Superflex Rookie ADP

2QB and Superflex Rookie ADP

The dynasty dawn is upon us, with the setting of the Super Bowl sun on our backs. As we move into the heart of the dynasty offseason, one of my first goals is to begin preparations for my rookie drafts. That means getting to know the incoming rookies, but it also means taking a big-picture look at the 2QB/Superflex rookie landscape. I want to know how late I can wait to get a QB, to know whether I need to trade up to grab the guy I covet.

To that end, I collected real rookie drafts from real leagues, checking to see how 2016 rookie drafts shook out. You will find the full ADP results below for both 2QB and Superflex formats. If you want to see past years’ results, you can check out our 2015 and 2014 rookie ADP data. This year, I’ve split it up into 2QB and Superflex Rookie ADP, which you can find in full below.

Here is where the top QBs of the last three years shook out in 2QB ADP:

  • 3.09 – Jameis Winston
  • 5.00 – Teddy Bridgewater
  • 5.75 – Jared Goff
  • 5.79 – Johnny Manziel
  • 5.91 – Marcus Mariota
  • 7.06 – Carson Wentz
  • 8.00 – Blake Bortles
  • 9.75 – Paxton Lynch
  • 18.00 – Derek Carr

Now, the full set of data — 2QB and Superflex Rookie ADP.

2016 2QB Rookie ADP

 ADPHighest PickLowestCount
Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB11116
Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR3.448216
Coleman, Corey CLE WR4.387216
Doctson, Josh WAS WR5.1911216
Goff, Jared RAM QB5.7515216
Wentz, Carson PHI QB7.0619216
Shepard, Sterling NYG WR7.4413216
Henry, Derrick TEN RB7.8812516
Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB9.1316516
Lynch, Paxton DEN QB9.7517316
Thomas, Michael NOS WR9.9315515
Prosise, C.J. SEA RB13.6322816
Boyd, Tyler CIN WR13.8820816
Fuller, Will HOU WR1422916
Booker, Devontae DEN RB15.56211016
Perkins, Paul NYG RB17.53241215
Henry, Hunter SDC TE17.9431916
Howard, Jordan CHI RB18.81251216
Drake, Kenyan MIA RB19.8331115
Carroo, Leonte MIA WR19.87261415
Miller, Braxton HOU WR22.79341114
Mitchell, Malcolm NEP WR23.54331613
Hackenberg, Christian NYJ QB24.45351411
Washington, DeAndre OAK RB24.57341414
Cooper, Pharoh RAM WR25.36331514
Hooper, Austin ATL TE25.43361614
Marshall, Keith WAS RB25.46381413
Collins, Alex SEA RB29.09391811
Jones, Cardale BUF QB29.2362110
Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB29.38441713
Williams, Jonathan BUF RB30.08401913
Ervin, Tyler HOU RB30.57392114
Thomas, Mike RAM WR30.64402111
Kessler, Cody CLE QB30.8941239
Prescott, Dak DAL QB31.15471113
Sharpe, Tajae TEN WR32521312
Cajuste, Devon FA WR3232321
Braverman, Daniel CHI WR3232321
Higbee, Tyler RAM TE33.7846279
Ferguson, Josh IND RB34.3846218
Higgins, Rashard CLE WR3642309
Lasco, Daniel NOS RB36.6353238
Adams, Jerell NYG TE37.1148199
Boehringer, Moritz FA WR37.7153257
Garrett, Keyarris FA WR3852267
Moore, Chris BAL WR38.444335
Gathers, Rico FA TE38.545322
Cook, Connor OAK QB38.842375
Brissett, Jacoby NEP QB39.3349306
Robinson, Demarcus KCC WR39.551286
Beckham, Terron FA RB4040401
Allison, Geronimo GBP WR4040401
Driskel, Jeff CIN QB40.5751317
Taylor, Kelvin FA RB41.6747373
Reynolds, Keenan BAL RB4244393
Vannett, Nick SEA TE42.7554364
Louis, Ricardo CLE WR4451372
Peake, Charone NYJ WR44.3354356
Payton, Jordan CLE WR44.7550334
Lawler, Kenny FA WR4545451
Wilson, De'Runnya FA WR4545452
Lewis, Roger NYG WR4646461
Core, Cody CIN WR4848481
Williams, D'haquille FA WR48.549482
Jackson, Darius CLE RB4956422
Hogan, Kevin CLE QB4949491
DeValve, Seth CLE TE5057432
Duarte, Thomas MIA WR5050501
Coprich, Marshaun FA RB5050501
Washington, Dwayne DET RB5151511
Listenbee, Kolby BUF WR52.555502
Davis, Trevor GBP WR5858581
Sudfeld, Nate WAS QB5959591
Lucien, Devin FA WR6060601

2016 Superflex Rookie ADP

 ADPHighest PickLowestCount
Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB11116
Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR3.359216
Coleman, Corey CLE WR3.456216
Doctson, Josh WAS WR4.39216
Goff, Jared RAM QB611216
Shepard, Sterling NYG WR6.3511316
Henry, Derrick TEN RB813416
Thomas, Michael NOS WR9.0515516
Fuller, Will HOU WR9.7515416
Wentz, Carson PHI QB10.223316
Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB10.8421052616715
Boyd, Tyler CIN WR11.8947368418815
Lynch, Paxton DEN QB11.8947368422515
Prosise, C.J. SEA RB14.6111111124815
Booker, Devontae DEN RB15.1052631624516
Carroo, Leonte MIA WR16.61111111241315
Perkins, Paul NYG RB18.05555556271315
Howard, Jordan CHI RB18.5221415
Henry, Hunter SDC TE19.33333333281015
Mitchell, Malcolm NEP WR22.27777778291715
Drake, Kenyan MIA RB22.27777778321415
Rogers, Eli PIT WR2424241
Marshall, Keith WAS RB24.52941176341814
Miller, Braxton HOU WR25.16666667351115
Washington, DeAndre OAK RB25.70588235371114
Cooper, Pharoh RAM WR26.3125392013
Thomas, Mike RAM WR26.6875371813
Hooper, Austin ATL TE26.82352941381914
Hackenberg, Christian NYJ QB28.53333333481913
Williams, Jonathan BUF RB31.72222222392515
Jones, Cardale BUF QB32.64705882451814
Higgins, Rashard CLE WR33.29411765502614
Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB33.52941176452314
Ervin, Tyler HOU RB33.625432613
Higbee, Tyler RAM TE34471813
Prescott, Dak DAL QB34.125541113
Garrett, Keyarris CAR WR34.58333333532510
Collins, Alex SEA RB34.75492213
Payton, Jordan CLE WR35.2727272753219
Sharpe, Tajae TEN WR35.64705882491314
Coker, Jake FA QB36.539342
Kessler, Cody CLE QB37482512
Williams, Duke FA WR37.559591
Ferguson, Josh IND RB38.76923077552811
Listenbee, Kolby BUF WR3946322
Foster, D.J. NEP RB4040401
Boehringer, Moritz FA WR40.153268
Burbidge, Aaron SF WR40.2550334
Lucien, Devin FA WR40.546352
Louis, Ricardo CLE WR40.62552296
Lasco, Daniel NOS RB41.155328
Cajuste, Devon FA WR41.554343
Gathers, Rico FA TE41.552312
Fuller, Devin ATL WR4242421
Lawler, Kenny FA WR4254323
Duarte, Thomas MIA TE42.3333333357352
Moore, Chris BAL WR42.6363636452319
Peake, Charone NYJ WR42.7559359
Robinson, Demarcus KCC WR42.7777777851217
Kelley, Rob WAS RB43.561262
Wilson, De'Runnya FA WR44.6666666758223
Washington, Dwayne DET RB44.7548373
Cook, Connor OAK QB44.87559267
Driskel, Jeff CIN QB45.853395
Adams, Jerell NYG TE46.2857142953336
Jackson, Darius CLE RB47.562294
North, Marquez FA WR47.8333333356415
Hemingway, Temarrick RAM TE4848481
Taylor, Kelvin FA RB4849473
Vannett, Nick SEA TE48.6666666750473
Braverman, Daniel CHI WR49.7571373
Brissett, Jacoby NEP QB50.7568304
Barber, Peyton TBB RB51.2565423
Pressley, Jhurell FA RB5252521
Reynolds, Keenan FA WR52.6666666756512
DeValve, Seth CLE TE5353531
Lewis, Roger NYG WR53.2558542
Ayers, Demarcus PIT WR5555551
Valles, Hakeem ARI TE5555551
Wilds, Brandon NYJ RB5867493
Hogan, Kevin CLE QB58.6666666774423
Boykin, Trevone SEA QB6060601
Anderson, Stephen HOU TE6363631
Spruce, Nelson RAM WR6464641
Braunecker, Ben CHI TE6666661
Foster, D.J. NEP RB6969691
Richard, Jalen OAK RB7070701
Bercovici, Mike FA QB7272721
Hill, Tyreek KCC WR7373731

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Josh has spent more than a decade in 2QB leagues, focusing on the bottom of the barrel when it comes to fantasy quarterbacks. His research focuses on quarterbacks, and he tries not to pretend he knows anything about the other positions. You can find him on Twitter at @LakeTwoQBs.

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