Week 2 Rankings & Game Flowbotics

Week 2 Rankings & Game Flowbotics

The weekly rankings articles at TwoQBs will be more stripped down this season. Short and sweet. Before we get to my Week 2 rankings, here’s your weekly installment of my matchups spreadsheet called “Game Flowbotics:”

Week 2 Game Flowbotics

If the Flowbotics spreadsheet is unclear to you, drop me a line in the comments, at me on Twitter (@GameFlowbotics), or check out the primer I posted last week.

Before you dive in, remember to take all of the spreadsheet’s early-season statistics with a big grain of salt. The data is built on a small sample size, so I recommend leaning on the weighted DVOA numbers from Football Outsiders’ (DAVE). They combine early season efficiency measurements with preseason projections, while the raw DVOA numbers only use in-season data (i.e., Week 1 and nothing else at this point).

The betting lines are another good resource this early in the season, but remember that bookmakers are working with limited information, same as us. They’re generally pretty sharp, but there is still time to find blind spots in the Vegas lines. Don’t tune out all your contrarian inclinations.

If you want more written analysis of what I find in my weekly prep work with the spreadsheet (and from other resources), check back on Friday for my Game Flowbotics A-to-Z deep dive.

Now, with all of that housekeeping out of the way, let’s get to this week’s rankings.

Week 2 Rankings


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