Your QB Rankings – March 2017

Your QB Rankings – March 2017

All month we are running quarterback polls on Twitter, pitting two different quarterbacks against each other. We run one poll every day and see how you, the readers, rank them. Hence, “Your QB Rankings” in the title. We’re clever that way.

Our Twitter polls explicitly direct voters to pick the quarterback they would prefer for redraft leagues in 2017, assuming the price is equal for both. Practically, this would mean that both players are available when you’re on the clock, and we are asking which one you would draft if these were your only two options at that pick.

While the results are shown below in typical ranking format, we want to admit the limitations in this poll-based approach. The results are, in some part, impacted by our choice of quarterbacks and our choice of the order in which we present them. These are not meant to be a definitive presentation of how the public ranks quarterbacks; this is for information and entertainment only.

As for process, we selected quarterbacks in the order they are being drafted in MFL10 bestball drafts right now.

QB1 – Aaron Rodgers vs. Andrew Luck

aaron rodgers andrew luck 2qb fantasy football rankings

We kicked off a month of quarterback polls with a lopsided runaway. It appears there is no question in most minds. Aaron Rodgers is the clear QB1 for 2017 drafts, and this poll — along with the next two below — suggests there is not much disagreement.

QB2 – Andrew Luck vs. Tom Brady

If Aaron Rodgers is a tier unto himself at QB1 this year, we see a near opposite result in these next two polls. Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees finish very close in polls, suggesting that most drafters see them as a three-man tier after the Aaron Rodgers tier.

QB3 – Andrew Luck vs. Drew Brees


QB4 – Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson

andrew luck russell wilson 2qb fantasy football rankings

We called the group above a three-man tier because of this result. It appears that Russell Wilson is a tier down from the Luck/Brady/Brees cluster, with three-quarters of drafters preferring Luck to Wilson.

QB5 – Russell Wilson vs. Matt Ryan

This is incredible. Matt Ryan is in the mix for a QB5 ranking after going at QB17 in last year’s early drafts. What a difference a year can make! Russell Wilson edges out Ryan, but it was close.

QB6 – Matt Ryan vs. Cam Newton

And there we have it, recency bias is a powerful thing. Matt Ryan, QB17 in 2016 drafts, beats out Cam Newton, QB1 in those same drafts.

QB7 – Derek Carr vs. Cam Newton

Newton’s fall continues, with a slight majority of voters preferring Derek Carr to the Panthers’ star.

QB8 – Cam Newton vs. Marcus Mariota

Now we start to shift into a new tier, seeing Cam Newton take a 57% vote victory over Marcus Mariota, another young star. People like Marcus, but they aren’t ready to take him over the more proven commodity in Cam.

QB9 – Marcus Mariota vs. Dak Prescott

This one surprised me. I like Mariota quite a bit, but I was unprepared for him to crush Dak Prescott in such dominant fashion. Prescott has a ton of supporters, Anthony Amico foremost among them, but this vote did not show that. Mariota is the consensus vote at QB9.

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