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Need help finding a 2QB or Superflex fantasy football league?  You’ve come to the right place.  Read or post in the comments below to find a league or find others to play in your league.  Be sure to include the following information for the best League Finder experience:

  • Commissioner, player, or league contact info
  • Redraft or Keeper/Dynasty?
  • Snake draft or Auction?
  • Number of teams
  • Roster size and composition (2QB or Superflex?)
  • Scoring settings
  • Any other notable league settings
  • Draft dates/times, if known (time zone info helps, too)

Good hunting and thanks for propagating two-quarterback fantasy football.

***Editor’s Note:  Please be careful joining any leagues with proposed buy-ins and prizes.  Use only reputable sites/methods for the transfer and holding of league fees.  TwoQBs.com and its contributors are not responsible for loss of payments or prizes through any leagues mentioned in the comments below or otherwise.***

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  1. Looking to start a new MFL PPR Dynasty 2QB Super Flex league with 30 man rosters, and a Taxi Squad. Thinking 10-12 Teams, initial draft would be a snake draft. No Kicker, and No IDP. Rookie drafts would be 6 rounds. Looking to have a very active Dynasty league, with lots of in season, and offseason trading. Wondering If I would be able to find 9 to 11 other guys or gals dedicated to this league? It would be a West Coast created league but not off limits to other time zones.

  2. $20 entry 14 team league on ESPN
    3 openings are left
    $20 entry x 14 teams= $280. Payouts 1st-$200, 2nd-$60, 3rd $20.
    Will be through leaguesafe. No risk secure payout.
    Draft is scheduled for Sat., Sep. 3 at 1:00 PM ET, order randomized this year.
    Redraft each year, no keepers (unless voted in).
    Flexible offense-only roster QB, RB, WR, 2-Flex, OP, K, 5-BE, 2-IR .
    OP spot allows starting 2 QB’s
    Fractional scoring with .4 PPR & small bonuses.
    6 teams in playoffs, 2 byes.
    See all settings at
    Send me your info for an invite to join now.
    email me at desmond9w@yahoo.com
    Please put $20 league in subject line so I know which league to invite you.
    Thank you!

  3. The Grand Atlantic Dynasty League will be superflex, idp league for fun and practice. I’m looking for active, engaged players who want to be active year round. Check us out on Fleaflicker.com to see our rules and scoring. We will have an email snake draft for the start up. (Ignore the setting which says we’ll have a live draft on July 31, system made me select this, but I can change it after we are full and ready to draft.) Also, each summer a 6 round draft for rookies and FAs. –One thing that’s very important to me is that we keep the language on the site child appropriate.– Lets have fun.

  4. $35 entry 8 team ESPN ‘Last Chance’ league
    3 spots left
    $35 x 8 = $280 Payout 1st $210, 2nd $70.
    Will be through leaguesafe. No risk secure payout.
    Draft is scheduled for Thur., Sep. 8 at 7:00 PM ET, order randomized this year.
    Redraft each year, no keepers (unless voted in).
    No expansion, league will remain at 8 teams.
    Large flexible offense-only roster with 10 starters
    QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 3-Flex, OP, K, 7-BE, 3-IR .
    Fractional scoring with .5 PPR & small bonuses.
    See all settings at
    Send me your info for an invite to join now.
    email me at desmond9w@yahoo.com
    Please put $35 Last Chance league in subject line so I know which league to invite you.

  5. $100 espn superflex.
    We currently have 11 members, need 1 more
    Draft date Monday Sept 5th, order will be randomized for this season.
    $100 entry fee, weekly prizes, 100% payout.
    Custom offense only roster with OP spot & IR spots. No keepers.
    Team with highest score each week wins the money. Tie splits.
    Any PP entries & payouts will either be ‘gifted’ to avoid all fees, or if not then entry will be $103. All prizes via PP will be sent gifted.
    With 10 teams, payouts would be $50 a week for 13 weeks with a $300 Champion prize & $50 ruoner-up = $1000.
    With 12 teams, payouts would be $60 a week for 14 weeks with a $300 Champion prize & $60 ruoner-up = $1200.
    Send your info for an invite now, payments don’t start until august.
    Entry payment due by August 20th.
    email me at desmond9w@yahoo.com
    Put Weekly Winners in subject line.

  6. Looking for a dynasty 2QB startup in the $100-200 range. Please email at JMorrison91 at gmail if you’ve got one.

    1. 1 league at a $35 entry filled!

      Still plenty to fill though, with entry frees of $35, $50 all the way up to $100 and $150 if you’re so inclined! Bigger payouts as you get into bigger entry fees!

  7. $300 ESPN 14-Team PPR snake redraft. Year 3. 10/14 payments are in. Draft Sunday, Aug 21, 7p east. 100% Majority Rule Payout using LeagueSafe
    QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, FLEX, FLEX, TE, OP, 8 BENCH and 2 IR.  NO K. NO DEF.   The “OP” = QB, RB, WR, or TE.  Basically a 2-QB league.
    I run a very tight ship with no BS. The league is set up as a 16 teamer but only the first 14 to pay….will play. Then I will delete the remaining 2.
    $300 per team X 14 teams = $4200.
    100% Payouts are as follows……
    $1,200 for Super Bowl winner
    $ 750 for Super Bowl runner-up
    $ 300 for “3rd place”- Consolation Match winner
    $ 250 for Total Most Points Scored(Regular Season Only)
    $ 100 for Total Most Points Against(Regular Season Only)
    $ 100 for Weekly High Score(starters only). This is for every week including playoffs and super bowl. (16 weeks X 100 = $1600) All 14 teams are eligible to win each week…..even playoff teams. Every team can and should be active on the waiver wire even during the playoffs and Super Bowl.

    Here is the link to our home page: http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=249011&seasonId=2016
    Here is the link to our settings: http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=249011

    Send me an email to johnmurray2121@gmail.com and I’ll send you an invite.  Feel free to join and check it out……but only first 14 to pay…..will play.
    John Murray ….. LEATHER BALLS – League manager

  8. 2QB Dynasty, need 2 for startup.

    I have a couple of slots open for a 2QB league I’m starting on FleaFlicker.   Primary scoring rules are half point ppr and .1 per carry.  25 man rosters are 2QB,2RB,2WR,2TE,2Flex  15 bench.  Draft will be email style with the expectation that everyone will draft quickly so we can get this done before 9/8.  Draft pick trading and future picks is allowed.

    Email me at wapakguy@gmail.com if interested.  

  9. Very interested in joining a new or existing 2qb league. I’m flexible on dynasty, super flex, redraft, etc. I currently play in 6 leagues and I’m very active. Trading is a huge part of why I play. Please email me with any opening. I only play in money leagues over $100 to ensure a better chance of teams staying active

  10. Very interested in joining a season long 2QB redraft league, have been in 3 of the 2QB mock drafts put on by the great guys here at the site.
    Low $ or free leagues to start, just need more experience for next year.

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