FAQ and Q&A for 2QB Fantasy Football

Do you have questions about Superflex or 2QB fantasy football leagues?  Ask away in the comments below and one of our fake football analysts will get you the answers you need.

Otherwise, here is a list of frequently asked questions:

Q.  What are 2QB/Superflex leagues and why should I try them?

A.  Here is what Joshua Lake had to say over at RotoViz about multi-QB formats and why you ought to try them. And here is what Salvatore Stefanile had to say at XN Sports about 2QB leagues.

Q.  Do you have rankings available for 2QB/Superflex leagues?

A.  You betcha! Here are our 2QB redraft rankings.

Q.  Do you have 2QB/Superflex dynasty content?

A.  Yes, ma’am, we do. Here is a list of all our 2QB dynasty articles, and here are our 2QB dynasty rankings.

Q.  I want to start my own 2QB/Superflex league, any advice?

A.  We do, in fact, have some advice. Here’s Greg Smith’s article on How to Start a 2QB Redraft League.

Q.  I’m having trouble convincing others to play 2QB/Superflex fantasy football with me.  How can I change their minds?

A.  Try this line on ’em:Be Cool Once

If the Tao of Barney Stinson doesn’t do the trick, try using the arguments from Greg’s piece on How to Start a 2QB Redraft League.

Q.  Can TwoQBs.com help me find a 2QB/Superflex league?

A.  We can sure try! Have you checked out our League Finder page?

Q.  Do I need to take a quarterback in the first round of a 2QB/Superflex draft?

A. Nope

In fact, you may not need to take one in the second round, depending on your league. Many of us here at TwoQBs are believers in waiting on QB, drafting RB/WR early, and finding reliable QB values in the middle rounds.  Check out Sal’s breakdowns of the three basic 2QB draft strategies for more information.

We also have an advice column with answers from over a dozen fantasy analysts on the topic of transitioning to 2QB leagues.


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  • Thank you! I am joining a 2QB this year. Your staff is a lifeline. I will be obsessed with your site now. Keep it coming. It’s time to dominate my league. With your help it’s possible. Thanks for all you do.

  • Good luck! Looking forward to the great content from you all on both 2 QB and 1 QB Leagues. I was able to make it to playoffs in 3 of 4 leagues with you help. Great calls on Hightower etc.

  • Dynasty Trade PPR:

    1) Give K White/Booker/Ebron for Gronk?

    Sent the offer K White/Booker/Ebron for Gronk/2017 2nd. But he might not agree to give the 2017 2nd.

    2) Also you L Green or Ebron rest of the career? he asked for L Green but I had sent Ebron instead.

    • 1. Yes, that’s a reasonable price to pay for the difference making abilities of Gronk.

      2. At this point, EBron. He’s shown to be productive when playing, and has less weapons to compete with in Det. Green has the higher upside though. The real answer is give him whichever TE he prefers.

  • Is Jordan Matthews, Sterling Shepard, Tyler Ervin, Tevin Coleman and a 17 and 18 1st too much to give up for Andrew Luck in a 2 QB dynasty league? I’m the champion and have a deep team.

      • I have Aaron Rodgers, Carr, Mariota and Tyrod Taylor. Now he’s asking for tevin Coleman, Jordan Matthews, Sterling Shepard and my 17, 18, 19 1sts. I have the best team probably right now so they’d be late and id look to flip Taylor if the trade is made. I also have a few more 17 1sts so it wouldn’t put me out of the draft. But it still seems pretty steep and my QBs are good already. So not sure if it’s a chance for me to really separate myself and so the price is worth it or given my situation the price is too steep. Appreciate your thoughts!

        • With your current roster I believe you’re set at QB. Rodgers is your surefire QB1, and the other three have the ability to be mid-to-low-end QB1s at best and mid-range QB2s at worst. I’m not sure how much more Luck would improve your team for the price it would cost to acquire them. If you have the freedom to trade picks I would look into seeing if there are any positions of weakness on your team and look to deal those picks to improve there. I would be more than comfortable with your quarterback situation and think the price is too high to acquire Luck.

  • four man keeper league – 2 QB format, i have lamar- 1st round, julio- third round, leveon – 6th round. Should i keep ingram as a second round or keep jamis winston for an 8th round?

    Or trade my secound round pick for mike evans who costs a 16th round to keep?

    • @Joe: Julio and Le’Veon an no-brainers, but I’m honestly not sure you should keep Miller with a 1st considering your other options. I would probably make the deal for Evans, then keep Julio, Le’Veon, Jameis, and Evans. That way, you still get to make a first-round pick to make up for losing your second-rounder in the Evans deal.

      If you’re set on keeping Lamar Miller, then I’d make the deal for Evans and keep Miller, Julio, Le’Veon, and Evans.

      • Thanks for your inputs! I have to agree, in the long run to keep Evans every year for a 16th is huge in a keeper league and gives me a 1st and second pick moving on. Miller intrigues me this year with houston and could be a top 5 RB. But keeping him for a 1st compared to evans at 16th… the right pick is to go with evans. There shouldnt be a big difference in fantasy production if Evans can hold on to a ball this year. Cheers!

  • Hey guys, I’m switching both of my long-term leagues to Superflex this year and I’m loving your website! Great stuff. I do have one question. One of my leagues is a 12-team and I noticed a lot of the content is geared toward 10-team. Do you guys plan on doing any 12-team mock drafts with analysis this summer? Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • Hey. Wondering which draft strategy would be best for a 2QB league that is a keeper league? This year will be the first draft, so no keepers this year.

    • Wide receivers hold the most value from season to season, and quarterbacks hold the next-most after that. Focus on those to positions in terms of finding keepers. If there are costs associated with keepers (e.g., draft picks), then try to create value for yourself at those positions — target up-and-coming WRs & QBs in the middle and later rounds, just in case they break out.

    • The keeper rules matter a lot to me. If you can keep players for a fixed cost, I would go heavier on young QBs than normal, and I’d prioritize good WRs second. If you give up a future draft pick based on the round you take the player in now, I’d go with reliable players early and a bunch of long-shot lottery picks late in the draft, hoping a couple of them hit big so that you can keep them cheaply.

      • Thanks. We have a 2 rounds penalty for keepers (max of 3 keeps). So a 9th round pick would cost you your 7th round pick the following year. To keep the following year, that same player would be a 5th round pick.
        So it sounds like the studs/streaming may be the best option. Any advice on which rookie I should definitely target? Goff seems like the easy choice.

  • Also, the league finder page is returning a 404 error. I’d love to find a dynasty league to get in to. My guys are barely willing to do a keeper league.

  • PPR-14team-1qb-1Superflex-2rb-4wr/te-Flex-6bench-$200 league. I need 4 keepers from Bortles$6, DavidJohnson$5, Beckham$19, JoshGordon$5, AmCooper$24, Rmathews$10, JordyNelson $12, DionLewis$7. I’m leaning…DJ-Beckham-Nelson-??? What four would you suggest? Also in this league type will receivers go before Qbs? Any strategy suggestion for auction?

    • Hey Billy,

      David Johnson is a for sure keeper at only $5. Great value.

      After that I’d keep Beckham and Nelson. Solidifies your WR depth.

      The fourth is a tough one, Bortles, Dion, and Gordon would be the top three options. Imagine they would go for much higher than what you get to keep them for. If you think QBs will be expensive, Bortles would be the option. But I’d probably keep Dion in a PPR leagues. That’s great value at the RB2 spot. You could also go with Gordon’s upside and saved $7 over keeping Nelson. That’s an option, but we don’t know what kind of Gordon we’ll see upon his return.

      So, for me it would be Johnson, Beckham, Nelson, Lewis. Or swap in Bortles for Lewis if you want a QB keeper.

      We have an auction strategy guide article on our site if you’d like more information:

      Would imagine in a PPR league WRs will be prioritize before QBs. Especially the high end ones.

  • How do you guys adjust for 2 QB leagues in which QB’s go really early, to the tune of 12-15 QB’s off of the board within the first 3 rounds? Do you adjust your strategy to get at least one out of those 15?

  • I am in a 10 team .5 PPR redraft league that will be transitioning to a 2 QB league for the first time this year. Our QB scoring is inflated at 6 points per TD and 1 point per 20 yds. passing. I am expecting QB’s to fly off the board, due to our scoring, and due to this being the first year we are a 2 QB league. Would you feel compelled to draft 2 QB’s early, due to the scoring and likely QB run?

    • Hey Tom,

      In a 10-team league, even if the QBs are flying off the board, I’m comfortable bypassing that early run and going for the value play of later round QBs. It might be tough to stick to it when you see all the QBs going off the board, but you’ll be able to build a strong roster overall and still be able to draft useable QBs later.. You can check out the three main types of draft strategies for 2QB leagues to get a feel for drafting. A Studs and Streaming approach might be for you if you’re not into waiting too long. You can find those here: http://www.twoqbs.com/2qb-draft-strategies/

      • Thanks Salvatore,
        Thank you for your response. I have a couple follow up questions. Would the 6 point per TD, 1 pt. per 20 yds passing change the way you draft, or lead you to assign increased importance to the QB position. Also when I say QB’s “flying off the board” I am thinking 10-12 QB’s could be gone in the first 2 rounds. With this QB scoring would you be comfortable with your QB 12/13 being your #1 QB? Thanks again for your help.

        • Hey Tom,

          The scoring change doesn’t impact the way I draft mainly because of how deep the position is and that lower end QBs still score points, like higher tiered options. The only difference of note is that the rushing QBs are a bit devalued, but not by much.

          I personally am okay with the QB12/13 range of signal callers. If you look at the current 2QB ADP on the site ( http://www.twoqbs.com/adp/redraft-adp/ ), you’ll see QB12 and 13 are Derek Carr and Jameis Winston. I’m okay with any two from QB1 to QB25 on that list, and you could even make a case for the next three. So it all really depends on your comfort level. I understand the mentality of having to grab a QB early, but I don’t think you need to.

  • Who would you rather keep in a 2 QB league? Cam Newton in the 3rd or Lamar Miller in the 4th? Typically about 14-15 QB’s are gone by the end of round 3 (including keepers). It is a 10 team league.

    • I would feel like Miller is the better value and would go with him. But Cam in the 3rd in a league where that many QBs are gone would be the safer play. Any rules attached to the keepers? Can you keep them forever? One year? Only one keeper per team?

      • Thanks Sal. I am really torn on this one. We can keep players for up to 3 years. There are also accelerators meaning Cam would cost a 1st next year and Miller would cost a 2nd. We can keep a second player past round 14. I am probably keeping a WR with that pick.

        • Gotcha. The QB scoring and full PPR has me leaning Miller. He’s someone that should be a workhorse and be heavily involved in the passing game. I think he could be a top-5 RB and those are harder to find later than startable and useable QBs. Letting Cam go frees you up of a third round pick as well. Keeping Miller is the value play and you should be able to find a replacement QB in the draft. Might not be Cam Newton level but will be a viable starter.

  • 10 Team 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Q/W/R/T Flex.
    1 PPR, 6 PTs/PaTDS
    Our league changed from STD to PPR this year. Do you prefer still getting QBs early or wait for few rounds since this is PPR now? Still waiting on my draft position.

    • Hey Achilles,

      How’s it going? I would still be waiting to take QBs in that format. Having to start three WRs in a PPR places a high priority on grabbing high-end WR talent. The QB pool will still be deep enough where you can wait and select startable QBs later on.

      • Hello Sal, Things are fine but just busy! Thanks for all the good work you do.

        I used to take QBs on 3/4 turn when it was STD league. PPR just makes WRs more valuable as you already said. How late you will you wait? 6 Points / TDs are still making think to take at least 1 QB in 3rd or 4th.

        • Honestly, it all really depends on who’s available. I’d fine waiting to grab whoever is left of the QB1 tier, maybe an Eli or Rivers, and then streaming the QB2 slot with a couple of later options. Keep an eye on the QBs that go. So maybe around round 4, but maybe round 6. Depends how fast QBs go off the board.

          • Thank you Sal! I got 5th hole in the draft and really wished to get one among the top 3. Pretty sure AB, Julio, OBJ will be gone. Shall I go Green or Hopkins (OR) A Rodgers or Cam (OR) Gurley or D Johnson? Please give me two options since I don’t know what 1.04 will do. Thanks again. (10 Team 1 PPR 6 PTs/PaTDs)

          • With the full PPR I have to lean WR. Hopkins would be the option. Green solid second choice. I like David Johnson and Lamar Miller at RB. Would be nice if one of those top-three WRs fell.

  • So I joined a crazy 2qb league where the points are off the charts. Qbs get 1 point per 10 yards and 6 points per TD. Last year Brees netted 850 pts! Other positions are standard. Should I go Qb/Qb? Seems like a must!?!?

  • So just completed my first 2 QB draft. 10 teams, 6 pts. Per passing TD. 1 pt. per 20 yds passing .5 PPR Start 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 DEF, 1 K, Thoughts?

    P. Rivers, M. Stafford, R. Fitzpatrick, RGIII
    J. Charles, G. Bernard, F. Gore, R. Jennings, T. Coleman
    J. Jones, K. Allen, D. Thomas, S. Shepard, S. Diggs
    J. Thomas
    M. Bryant

    • That’s a sweet WR core and easily the strength of your team. But then you have a RB1 in Charles and a QB1 in Rivers, which gives you a nice overall squad, littered with solid RB2 and QB2 options you can pick and choose from each week. Well balanced team that should have you contending all season long. Nicely done, Tom.

  • Waivers open soon and I will need to drop a player to pick up an IDP (didn’t take one at the draft). Also I am considering dropping J. Thomas for Z. Ertz. Who would you drop to p/u an IDP (between Coleman and Diggs for me), and what are your thoughts on Ertz vs. Thomas? My team and relevant league info is below. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    10 teams. .5 PPR Start 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 DEF, 1 K, 1 IDP

    P. Rivers, M. Stafford, R. Fitzpatrick, RGIII
    J. Charles, G. Bernard, F. Gore, R. Jennings, T. Coleman
    J. Jones, K. Allen, D. Thomas, S. Shepard, S. Diggs
    J. Thomas
    M. Bryant
    IDP (not drafted)

    • I would rather have Thomas. Think that offense is more suited to sustain multiple pass catching options compared to Philly. Drop Coleman to pick up an IDP. Diggs has WR3 potential while Coleman needs a Freeman injury to become relevant.

  • I’m in a 12 team 2 QB std scoring, 2 keeper league. Kept Luck & Charles. 8 QBs gone in the 1st 2 rounds. Last year 17 were gone in the first 2 rounds. Is there enough depth to not go QB at this point. Best avail at each position are Brady, Manning, ARobinson, Ivory, CJ, Lacy, Ingram McCoy…

    Thanks in advance for the thoughts.

    • Hey Ryan,

      That’s a great set of keepers to have. With Luck on board you don’t have to worry about the QB1 slot, which gives you flexibility in terms of being able to wait to draft your QB2. Let’s say 17 QBs are gone again that early, you’re still looking at a top-20 option to draft as your QB2. That could be a Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford, Alex Smith, RG3 type. I’m personally okay with anyone of those guys as your QB2. That then opens up the draft room to target WR/RB. If you’re okay with those types of QB2s waiting would be the optimal move, so it all kind of depends on how comfortable you are with the mid-to-late QB2 tier.

  • When going WR early….do you think its best to then piece your RB’s together with the likes of CJ, Latavius, Rawls or go for a duo of QB’s like Brady, Rivers, Eli, Tyrod. Maybe a mix of each?

    • It kind of depends on who is on the board. If I’m choosing between the likes of the QBs you mentioned and the RBs you mentioned I would target that tier of QB and then keep waiting on RB, especially if it’s a PPR league as you can target those pass catching backs later. Mixing it up would also be another strategy, as you can get a top QB and a top RB and still find solid RB2/QB2 types later. In this situation I would take on more of a best player available mentality and try to build the strongest team possible, without trying to pigeonhole myself to one position.

  • Completed a 2QB draft the other day. 4 pt/TD. We have 20 man rosters. How many QBs do you recommend drafting? I took 4.

    Big Ben with my 8th
    Rivers with my 9th
    Tyrod Taylor with my 12th
    RGIII with my 17th

    You think I keep them all or deal one away for an upgrade elsewhere?

    • You definitely don’t need all four. Big Ben holds the most trade value and would net you the best return. With Rivers and Tyrod rostered you can afford to trade Ben. That would be my first move. Look to see which teams are weak at QB, especially QB1 and see what you can get for him. You should be able to get a WR1/RB1 in return, and I would focus on whichever area of your team you are weaker at.

  • Found your site this year and have been reading every article. Super helpful! I am in a league this year with a qb,qb,rb,rb,wr,wr,te, dst, 8 bench spot format. How will having only two wr slits affect their value and how would you approach the draft? Does wr become like qb in a standard league where you can wait till the end because replacement value is so great? I appreciate the advice!

    • That’s great to hear. Glad you found us, too, and are enjoying the site. Thanks.

      If that’s not a PPR league I would lean more towards drafting a combo of RB and WR early, especially because you only start two of each. I wouldn’t wait until the end because the elite WRs do still hold value, but, yes, you can wait on the position longer in a standard league because of its depth. Personally, I would take on a best player available mentality.

  • 10 Team Super Flex (Flex QB), 1 PPR

    QB: Rivers
    RBs: Hyde,Gio
    WRs: AJ, Evans, K Allen
    TE: Julius
    QB/W/R/T: Stafford
    D: PHI
    K: Gostkowski

    Maclin, Moncrief, Snead

    1) Any feed back for the team please?
    2) Did I make a mistake by passing McCoy for Moncrief in 5th round? Probably went early on Moncrief especially when TY went in 4th.
    3) Shall I drop Yeldon for Powell, J White, Sproles, Crowell, Mckinnon, Crowell?

    • What up, Achilles?

      1. This team is stacked at WR. Holy Moly. You must have the best WR depth in the league. I like the QBs you assembled, good depth there. I’m not the biggest Hyde fan, but am into the rest of your RBs. Especially Gio in a PPR league.

      2. Looking at your team after the fact, I would say it was a mistake, but in the moment it was not. You didn’t know you would assemble such a stacked WR corps, and McCoy would be a huge upgrade over Hyde. But there no point in rehashing that now.

      3. I would stick with Yeldon. All those guys are kind of in the same tier, and you picked him for a reason. I would see if you could package Hyde and a bench WR for an upgrade at RB1. Unless you are high on Hyde. I know many that are.

      • Thank you Sal. I have decided to stack at my strength which I could use later for trades or cover injuries.

        I am not a fan of Hyde either but I got him in 8th round which I really don’t mind even if he busts.

        I took Yeldon in the 15th round and just want to stream the RBs till I find a stable one to pair with Gio.

        • Understood. I think Melvin could have a big year and would eliminate any need to stream, if paired up with Gio. Would be a nice 1-2 punch at RB, but we need to see it from Melvin first. The depth you accumulated everywhere is solid. Hyde in the 8th is great value, agreed. Gabbert as a QB4 is too much of a luxury, plus you would have to drop one of your players who might start for you. Leave Blaine on the waivers.

          • Thank you Sal. Would it be a bad idea to trade Hyde for DeAngelo? Hyde plays LAR, @CAR, @SEA, DAL, @ARZ, BUF. He could be just sitting on my bench after Week 1.

          • No. Hyde has a locked in role as the team’s RB1. DeAngelo will give way to Bell after Week 3, so you’re giving up a potential starting RB for a three-week rental. You’d have to get more in return to make it worth it.

  • I am just worried about the brutal schedule of Hyde. I might have to just him on bench for 4 of first 6 weeks. Do you expect Hyde to be involved in passing game?

    • No, I expect Shaun Draughn will be involved in the pass game. I understand wanting to trade Hyde but you still need to get reasonable value in return. Trading straight up for DeAngelo is too much of an overpay.

  • 16 team 2 QB league…I have the 2nd pick this year in a snake draft. Should I go with Rodgers or Cam at 2 – or ditch all that and go with Antonio Brown. From our league history, everyone panics gets their QB1 early (some get two in the first two rounds)

    I’d like advice if I should try something different this year.

    • I like to wait on QB but when 16 teams are involved who knows what the position will look like when you are on the clock in round two/three. Going Rodgers would be the safe choice. As that allows you to not have to worry about QB for a while and go WR/RB in rounds two/three and beyond. If you think someone like an Eli or Rivers or Tyrod might be on the board later, you could make the case for Brown at 1.02, as I think those guys have QB1 potential. Kind of depends on your comfort level at the QB position.

  • Hello, I have a 2 QB draft coming and knowing the members in the draft, most likely no QB will be taken in the first round. The league is a 10-man league and I have the 10th overall selection. If Newton/Rodgers are available when its my turn should I choose both/one of them if the top 9 players in standard league rankings are selected?

    • If you’re at the 10/11 turn and no QBs have taken I would consider taking one there. It’ll be a long wait until you’re at the round three/round four turn, and I’m sure QBs will be gone by then. Getting an elite QB that late in round one and being able to quickly grab a top WR or RB will set your team up nicely for the rest of the draft. Also allows you more leeway in regards as to when to draft your second QB.

  • 12 Team 0.5 PPR 0.25 PPC Super Flex:

    QB1: R Wilson
    RBs: McCoy, Jennings
    WRs: A Brown, Moncrief, Maclin
    TE: Julius
    Q/W/R/T: Winston
    W/R/T: J Brown

    Woodhead, Abdullah, Sims, D Washington
    Funchess, Dorsett

    1) Any thoughts on the team?
    2) Shall I trade McCoy and one WR from {Maclin/Moncrief/J Brown} for A Robs and { CJA or J Hill} ?

    • 1. Very good QB duo, great WRs, nice RB starting combo. Bench has depth. Very nice looking team overall.
      2. McCoy and Brown for ARob and CJ would be a fine trade. I wouldn’t give up Maclin or Moncrief, as the RB downgrade is too much for the WR upgrade. Your WRs are fine as is.

      • Thank you Sal.

        I felt McCoy is a safer option over Dez or Alshon at 3.01 and took him. He gets lot of carries which helps in this format but I am not counting him to stay healthy whole season.

        If he insists on sending J Hill instead of CJA, stay put?

        I am thinking to drop Ebron for the Def. And stash D Wash as a lottery ticket.

        • I would stay put in that situation, yeah. McCoy is in line to get a lot of carries, as the Bills really have very little in terms of RBs on the depth chart behind McCoy. Plus you get .5/receptions and he is great in that aspect. Winston over Cousins isn’t a mistake, but Winston’s rushing is overvalued. He’s not a typical running QBs and those rushing TDs are bound to regress. But he should make up for it with a boost in more passing volume.

          • Thank you. That is pretty good insight on Winston. I just played it safe with Winston and didn’t expect Dak, Wentz etc to be gone as well.

            I will float the offer and see what he says about it. I feel it is easier to find solid RB production/replacement later in the season compared to WR1 value. I wouldn’t mind starting Woody/Jennings every week. Vereen is in waivers too.

  • Trade Advice:

    1 PPR Super Flex:
    QB1: Rivers
    WRs: Green, Evans, K Allen
    RBs: Hyde, Gio
    TE: Julius

    Mariota, Wentz
    Maclin, Moncrief, Snead

    1) I seriously regret not taking Ware dropping Yeldon. My opponent as Jamal and would have been a nice RB1 for me. League doesn’t care about Yeldon at all. So I decided to take Wentz (vs CLE) and see how he performs. Your thoughts? No other starting QBs left except Garropollo, Keenum.

    2) Been trying to get RW but he offered RW/Carr for Rivers/K Allen/ Stafford (OR) RW for Rivers/K Allen which I felt too much. Your advice please?

    • 1. Cleveland has a good matchup this week, and I’d be fine starting Wentz.
      2. Wilson would be an upgrade and if you lose Allen you can insert Maclin or Moncrief into the starting lineup. If it’s Wilson for Allen and Rivers I would be okay with it, because you have the depth at WR to make up the loss of Allen, and Wilson is a clear upgrade.

  • 1) Thank you Sal. I am really surprised you said you are okay shipping Rivers/K Allen for RW. You got me thinking now. Isn’t Carr an upgrade over Stafford?

    2) If he agrees for K Allen/Stafford…get A Luck instead?

    • 1. The only reason I would be okay with it is because you have Maclin and Moncrief on your bench. I like Maclin to finish as a top-12 WR this year, and Moncrief could explode. WR is your strongest position and if you can use it to upgrade the QB position you should. In general, Carr is an upgrade, but Stafford has such a great schedule this year.

      2. Would rather have Wilson myself, but can understand wanting Luck.

  • 1) Thank you Sal. This is 6 points/passing TDs. Does that change your mind?

    2) I have been treating Rivers as a QB1. If I have RW/Rivers, I can start them happily every week. Otherwise I have to still stream the QB2 between Stafford and Mariota every week.

    My idea is to use the depth to upgrade the QB and not the main starters. But with your approval, I will seriously think about it.

    3) Try K Allen/Rivers for RW/D Jax (OR) K Allen/Rivers/Mariota for RW/ Carr ?

    • 1. No. I prefer Wilson over Luck. But understand Luck over Wilson. It’s a coinflip decision, really.
      2. There are weeks where Stafford is more appealing to start then Rivers, like this week for instance. But I understand wanting to eliminate the need to stream.
      3. The second option.

      • Thank you Sal. I am a huge fan of RW and will like him too. League knows how much I like him and the try to overprice him. Just asked to see if you prefer Luck if comes cheap..

        Will you trade Green for A Rodgers or Evans for Brees?

          • He offered A Rod for Green or Brees for Evans. I will keep the options open and see if I can get something done. Rodgers value might do down little bit after week 1 if Jordy is not ready. Do you prefer the Green for A Rod (OR) KA/Rivers for RW one?

            Just dropped Wentz to add Yeldon back.

  • 1 PPR

    A Robs, Tate
    Gore, Crowell
    Flex: J Brown
    Flex: Reed
    Def: NEP
    K: Santos

    Aiken, C Coleman, Treadwell
    Matt Jones, Prosise, T Coleman, Lewis,
    Clay, ASJ

    1) Shall I drop anyone for Ted Ginn Jr, Spiller, Eli Rogers, DJ Foster, GBP, TEN, NYJ?

  • Great content guys, just quick question, i ended up with Rivers n Staff as my qbs with cutler on bench (they beat me to flacco by one pick before cutler), i have great wrs n lamar miller , think im ok for the season ?? 12 team ppr, u can only carry 3 qbs,. Thanks for any input

    • I personally like your QB situation quite a bit, even though I am not high on Jay Cutler this year. He should be fine as your third QB, and your starters are both sneaky values. Both should be in high-volume offenses. I think you’re in good shape.

  • How did I do in my 16 team 2 QB league draft?

    Sidenote: Record in our league, 25 QB’s taken in the first two rounds.

    QB: Cam Newton, Joe Flacco
    RB: CJ Anderson/Devontae Booker, Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen, Tim Hightower, Reggie Bush
    WR: AJ Green, Randall Cobb, Corey Coleman, Mike Wallace
    TE: Travis Kelce
    K: Adam Vinatieri
    DEF: Kansas City DEF

    FA Pool is very thin at the moment (considering the size of the league roster sizes)…hard to construct a perfect team without trades. Any suggestions to what I should be looking to do in this first 2-4 weeks?

    • 16-team 2QB draft? That is nuts. You did really well at QB, great 1-2 at WR, CJ is a RB1, Kelce is a a good option at TE. For being a 16-teamer, you did really well for yourself. I’d be happy with this team. In the first few weeks you want to see if guys like Coleman or Booker have any significant playing time. If not, you can cut bait and try to hit up the waiver wire. Although you said it’s thing. Understandably so. Other than that, just make sure you’re on top of snap counts, seeing who’s getting priority snaps, as you might be able to snag someone off the waiver. I would say add a third QB, but I’m afraid to ask who’s available.

  • Looking for a backup QB in a 12 team league. All that’s left is Bradford, Wentz, Gabbert, Keenum, and Siemian. Who do you like best from the trash pile?

  • 12 Team 1 PPR 0.3 PPC

    QB: Stafford
    WR: Julio, Green, A Robs
    RB: Jennings, Powell
    TE: Walker
    Flex: Alshon

    Rishard Mathews, Sharpe, M Thomas
    Henry, Booker, Starks, D Washington, M Lynch

    1) Dropped C Thompson for M Lynch last night. Shall I drop anyone to add Rob Kelly, Mckinnon, C West, J Allen or C Thompson? I will be able to drop Booker too but leaning to hold him longer.

    2) Need to drop couple of players for Def, K. Can you please advise on it?

      • Thank you. Booker is a tough drop for me since I am counting Booker, Henry, D Wash as my lottery stashes. Would it be a mistake to drop Starks instead of Booker? OR is this just because Booker is already done with the game and could be on waivers even next week?

        You like trading Rishard or Sharpe for Yeldon?

        • No, not a mistake, if you believe in Booker more. I’m not a big handcuff guy and Chris Thompson has plenty of stand alone value in a PPR league, which is why I prefer him. I would trade Matthews for Yeldon, yes.

  • Thank you. Just dropped Lynch for PHI Def. Will make the other two moves to get C Thompson and K. I don’t even own CJA…Just went with my gut on Booker since the back up RB ended up the starter for past 2 years.
    I am just waiting to see who will pan out between Rishard and Sharpe.

  • This is my first time playing in a 2 QB league. I am trying to evaluate the value of keeping 4 QB’s vs. dropping one and picking up another RB/WR/TE. My team and relevant league info is below. Players on waivers are the likes of J. McKinnon, T. Riddick, K. Dixon, J. Starks, D. Parker, P. Dorsett, D. Funchess, W. Fuller, J. Witten, J. Cook, V. Green, V. McDonald, C. Walford . I am likely to be 0-1 after this week due to Charles not playing. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    10 teams. .5 PPR Start 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 DEF, 1 K, 1 IDP

    P. Rivers, M. Stafford, R. Fitzpatrick, RGIII
    J. Charles, G. Bernard, F. Gore, R. Jennings, T. Coleman
    J. Jones, K. Allen, D. Thomas, S. Shepard, S. Diggs
    J. Thomas
    M. Bryant
    NE LB

    • Hey Tom,

      In general, carrying four quarterbacks isn’t something I personally do, as it’s taking away a valuable bench spot. I like to go with three max. You have solid QBs here so I would see if you could trade one or add one with another player to do some sort of 2-for-1 trade to strengthen elsewhere. Those are good players you listed available, too. Try the trade route first and see if you can get any traction there before you resort to dropping a QB.

  • Thanks Salvatore,
    I appreciate the feedback. If I am unable to trade, (sometimes tough early in the season, when everyone still loves their team) who would you drop between Fitz and RGIII? Thanks again for any input.

  • In my 10 team 2QB league we can have up to 3 QB’s on our roster. So that leaves 2 starting QB’s on the waiver wire at all times. I have Rivers, Tyrod and Flacco on my team. I know its only 1 week, but do you think it would be wise to drop Tyrod for Wentz or McCown? Also, I was kind of thinking with this past weeks events …..of just sort of streaming the 2 QB’s available on the waiver wire and the ones on my roster based on match-ups. Thanks for any advice.

    • My 2QB, 0.5ppr(Start 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLEX) roster consists of
      QB – Rivers, Tyrod, Flacco
      RB – CJ, Ware, D-Will, M-Gordon, Gio, White
      WR – AJ, A-Rob, Alshon, Jordy, Aiken
      TE – Gates, Eifert

      I don’t really want to trade for a QB as I feel my WR’s and RB depth is my strength which I might desperately need.

    • Hey JT,

      I personally wouldn’t drop Tyrod, but after hearing the Sammy Watkins injury, the proactive move might be to drop him for Wentz or McCown. I do like them both and they are in favorable situations. This might just be me being stubborn and not wanting to let go of Tyrod, but the situation is looking kinda grim right now. While I’m willing to wait it out with him I wouldn’t fault you for wanting to drop him. I think Wentz offers more upside, but McCown more experience. Kind of a coinflip as to which of the two to add.

      I’m a strident believer of streaming QBs, so you won’t get any argument out of me there. Agreed you have solid RB and WR depth, especially at WR. However, depending on how many you can start weekly, if you ever get tired of streaming QBs you could always turn one of those WRs into a weekly starting QB. Something to consider.

  • Waivers: 1 PPR, 6 PTs/TDs

    QB: Rivers (Welp)
    WR: AJ Green, Evans, Maclin
    RB: Melvin, Yeldon
    TE: Julius
    Flex: Stafford

    Hyde, Gio
    Moncrief, Snead, K Allen (Sad)

    1) $100 FAAB: Don’t know how to feel now since I dumped Wentz for Yeldon. Wentz, J McCown, Garropollo, M Sanu, V Jax, Hogan, Dorsett, T Coleman, Crowell are in waivers. Who shall I drop and who shall I take? How much FAAB to use please?

  • Waivers/FA:
    1 PPR, 0.3 PPC:
    QB: Stafford
    RB: Jennings, Powell
    WR: Julio, A Robs, Green
    TE: Walker
    Flex: Alshon
    Def: PHI
    K: Prater

    Sharpe, M Thomas
    Henry, Booker, Starks, D Washington

    1) C Thompson, Rob Kelly, K Britt, DHB, Eli Rogers, Coates, Crowder are in FA. Shall I drop anyone to add any of them before the game tonight? C Thompson makes sense since Powell disappointed me.

  • My current starting lineup for Week 2…should I make any changes? (16 Team League, non PPR)

    QB: Newton
    RB: CJ Anderson
    RB: Danny Woodhead
    WR: AJ Green
    WR: Randall Cobb
    TE: Travis Kelce
    WR/TE Flex: Mike Wallace
    QB/RB/WR/TE Flex: Joe Flacco
    K: Adam Vinatieri
    DEF: Baltimore

    Corey Coleman
    Shane Vereen
    Davontae Booker
    Tim Hightower
    Kansas City DEF
    Kyle Rudolph

  • 12 TEAM 1 PPR 0.3 PPC
    QB: Stafford
    WR: Julio, Green, A Robs
    RB: Jennings, C Thompson
    TE: Walker
    W/R/T Flex: Alshon
    DST: NEP
    K: Prater

    M Thomas, Sharpe
    Henry, Powell, Starks, Booker

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) $100 FAAB
    Prosise, Dixon, D Washington, VEREEN
    Enunwa, Beasley, Lafell, K Stills
    ASJ, V Green, Tamme.

    Someone dropped Vereen. He is the only one on waivers and rest are FA. Drop anyone to pick up anyone? Use any FAAB for Vereen?

  • Thank you. I don’t have a decent starters for now. Just thinking Vereen might offer the 10 points at least. Thinking to let Powell go since his game is done. Sure I can add him off waivers if I have to.

  • Just disappointed myself.I own lot of Powell shares in MFL10s. Good reminder to not believe the off season/ preseason beat writer talks.

  • Lineup:

    QB: Rivers
    RB: Yeldon, Hyde
    WR: Green, Evans, Maclin
    TE: Julius
    Flex: Stafford

    Gio, Melvin
    Moncrief, Snead, Sanu

    1) Any changes to the lineup? Thinking Mariota or Rivers? Maclin or Snead or Moncrief? Hyde or Gio or Melvin?

    My opponent has Brees, Walker and he already started Watkins. Just thinking Mariota/Snead might nullify his Brees/Walker.

  • 0-2 10 Team 2 QB PPR:
    Losing another week in my favorite league. Benched Hyde for Gio last week and lost by 1 point. Started Yeldon/Hyde over Melvin/Gio and losing again this week.

    QB: Rivers
    WR: Green, Evans, Maclin
    RB: Melvin, Gio
    TE: Julius
    Flex: Stafford

    Snead, Moncrief, Sanu
    Yeldon, Hyde

    Mckinnon, Ajayi/Damien Williams, Crowell, Forsett, Dixon, Dorsett, Enunwa.

    I have $141 of $150 FAAB left. Who shall I pick up and drop whom? Can’t go 0-3 this week.

  • Thank you. Got Sanu for $9 FAAB last week. You like expending him over Yeldon?

    I might have to go something like $50 to $60 to get Mckinnon. You not concerned with Asiata being the GL guy and splitting carries?

  • Waivers:
    10 Team PPR 2 QB 0-2

    QB: Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Gio
    WR: Green, Evans, Maclin
    TE: Julius
    Flex: Stafford
    K: Gostoswki
    Def: NEP

    Snead, Moncrief, Sanu
    Hyde, Yeldon

    Waivers: $141 of $150 Left
    Hoyer, Kessler
    Dorsett, Enunwa, C Coleman, D Parker, Crowder
    Mckinnon/Asiata, Whittaker/CAP, Crowell, Ajayi/Drake, Vereen
    M Bennett, V McDonal, Pitta, Tamme

    Mckinnon might go for >$40.
    Moncrief’s news is making think about Dorsett.
    Your thoughts on adds/drops/FAAB please?

    • Yeah, Moncrief’s injury is making Dorsett and appealing an option. Especially in PPR leagues. I like adding him. I like the thought of adding Pitta. You can get by with your RBs and save cash by forgoing McKinnon. I would drop Yeldon or Sanu and add Dorsett. Would drop one of the two you don’t to get Pitta but don’t think it’s a necessity. Imagine $15-$20 for Dorsett.

  • 12 Team 0.5 PPR, 0.25 PPC 2QB

    QB: R Wilson
    WR: AB, Maclin, Moncrief
    RB: McCoy, Jennings
    TE: Julius
    Q/W/R/T: Winston
    W/R/T: Sims

    Woodhead, Abdullah
    J Brown, Dorsett, T Boyd
    J McCown

    Lost J McCown, Woodhead and probably Abdullah as well. And now Moncrief..Just rough.

    $87 of $100 FAAB Left: Used $13 for McCown.
    Hoyer, Kessler, P Lynch
    Crowder, Enunwa, Boldin, Amendola
    Tamme,M Bennett, V McDonald, Pitta
    Ajayi/Drake, Whittaker/CAP, Asiata, D Washington

    Advice on Add/Drop/FAAB please?

  • 12 Team 1 PPR 0.3 PPC (Lost both games)
    QB: Stafford
    WR: Julio, Green, A Robs
    RB: Jennings, Mckinnon
    TE: Walker
    Flex: Alshon
    K: J Brown
    D: NEP

    Sharpe, M Thomas
    Henry, Booker, Starks, C Thompson

    M Ryan, Tannenhill, Fitzpatrick
    Enunwa, C Coleman, Beasley, Boldin, Lafell
    Vereen, Whittaker/CAP, Asiata, Drake, Dixon
    Tamme, Pitta, McDonald, V Green

    $100 FAAB…Drop anyone to add anyone? How much FAAB please.

    • I would add Dixon, drop Booker. Think he’ll be the guy when he’s back and will help your RB depth. I would also prefer Coleman or Beasley over Thomas right now. $10 FAAB all together. They should come cheap.

  • Im in a 10 team 2 qb league with a deep bench. Drafted 4 QBs and picked up Dak before Sundays game. He just seemed to valuable to leave on waivers and now all starting qbs are gone except Keenum. Currently don’t have a D so I will need to drop someone to stream one or make a 2 for 1 trade. Any of these trades I should NOT do based on my team and situation? Thanks!

    My Team
    QB Flacco, J Winston
    RB Ingram, L Mccoy
    WR A-Rob, D Hopkins
    TE Gronk
    D None
    K Crosby
    Bench T Brady, M Mariota, Dak, L Murray, A Abdullah, J Mickinon, D Henry, C Michael, J Landry, TJ Locket, M Bennet

    Trades Im Considering
    Mariota, Mckinon, Abdullah for D Freeman
    Mariota and Dak for Stafford
    Mariota and Landry for Rivers or Bortles
    Mckinnon and Dak for Vikings/Cards/Panthers defense.

    • None of those trades really seem all that appealing to me, in terms of making your team that much better overall. Withe Abdullah news, as long as this isn’t a keeper or dynasty, you can drop him and pick up a D/ST to stream. Is that an option before you trade?

  • Darn I didn’t see the news. I guess that solves my problem. Is Dak still the least valuable out of flacco, Mariota, and Winston in your eyes ?

  • Lineup and ADD/DROP:

    10 Team PPR 2 QB 0-2
    QB: Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Gio
    WR: Green, Evans, Maclin
    TE: Julius
    Flex: Stafford
    K: Gostoswki
    Def: NYG

    Snead, Moncrief, Sanu
    Hyde, C Michael

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) Enunwa, Yeldon, D Washington, CAP, Asiata are in FA. I am thinking if I shall keep C Michael/Sanu or rather drop them for D Wash/Enunwa? Your thoughts please.
    3) NYG or TB DST?

    • In PPR league with Moncrief out and Snead now on the injured list it wouldn’t hurt to add Enunwa, but kind of hard to drop anyone. You can try doing a 2-1 trade, maybe to the Rawls owner. Offer Michael and a WR for upgrade elsewhere. Giants defense.

  • 12 Team 0.5 PPR, 0.25 PPC 2QB

    QB: R Wilson
    WR: AB, Maclin, Dorsett
    RB: McCoy, Sims
    TE: Julius
    Q/W/R/T: Winston
    W/R/T: Jennings

    D Washington, Drake
    J Brown, Moncrief, Enunwa, Crowder
    J McCown

    1) Any changes to the lineup? Enunwa or Jennings at Flex?
    2) Drop Drake for the DST?

  • Line up ADD/DROP

    12 TEAM 1 PPR 0.3 PPC
    QB: Stafford
    WR: Julio, Green, A Robs
    RB: Jennings, Mckinnon
    TE: Walker
    W/R/T Flex: Alshon

    M Thomas, Sharpe
    Henry,Dixon, Vereen, Booker, D Washington, C Thompson

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) Drop Stafford for Tannenhill?
    3) Someone dropped ARZ DST. How much FAAB shall I use from $100 to pick them up?
    4) Give me two players to drop for DST/K? Guess you name Booker for sure.

  • Need some Lineup Help and Trade Help…
    16 Team, non-PPR: (QB Flex) – Sadly lost Woodhead and Coleman to injury =(

    Here’s my starting lineup so far:
    QB: Cam Newton
    RB: CJ Anderson
    RB: Shane Vereen
    WR: AJ Green
    WR: Randall Cobb
    TE: Travis Kelce
    WR/TE Flex: Mike Wallace
    QB/RB/WR/TE Flex: Joe Flacco
    DEF: Miami Dolphins
    K: Adam Vinatieri

    Bench: (1 open spot)
    Derek Anderson
    Devontae Booker
    Kenyan Drake
    Dwayne Washington
    KC DEF
    IR Spot – Corey Coleman

    Should I switch out Vereen for Dwayne Washington? Or stay put due to Rashad Jennings’ injury?

    I was also offered trades for either Kenyan Drake or Washington as well…the man is offering Tajae Sharpe or Victor Cruz for one of them. Due to byes coming up and no WR depth, should I make a deal? Or wait a week and pickup someone like Cole Beasley off FA?

    Thanks for the help.

    • Hey Alexander,

      I would stay put with Vereen this week, but Washington will be some to consider going forward.

      If you can get Tajae Sharpe for Drake I would do that. If he wants Washington instead I would do that as well. Sharpe has solidified himself as the #1 WR in the Titans’ offense and those RBs are still a part of a committee.

  • Hi, would you trade away Tyrod for Mariota?

    I had Luck, Tyrod and Gabbert. And both Luck and Tyrod are on same bye.

    Also, Hoyer is on waiver. Do you prefer him to Gabbert?


    • Tyrod for Mariota is an upgrade at this point. Like Hoyer’s matchups the next four weeks, not sure how long he will be playing for. Can say the same thing about Gabbert though. In the short-term, would prefer Hoyer over Gabbert.

  • Now or Never. Lost by 1 point point in Week . 55 Point lead got wiped out by Freeman/Ingram. That last drive was so brutal. 0 – 3 and not much time left now 🙁

    10 Team PPR 2 QB 0-3
    QB: Rivers
    RB: Melvin, C Michael
    WR: Green, Evans, Maclin
    TE: Julius
    Flex: Stafford
    K: Gostoswki
    Def: NYG

    Snead, Moncrief, Sanu
    Hyde, Gio

    1) I don’t even know what to fix in my team. Any changes to the lineup?

    2) Howard, Dwayne Washington, Drake, Darkwa, Dixon
    T Pryor, Crowder, John Brown, Enunwa, M Thomas
    Fleener, Zach Miller
    MIN , NEP, WSH

    Please advise who shall I drop and add. $141 of $150 FAAB left. I absolutely want to spend any of it to win now. Extremely disappointed Sal.

  • Another win less team. I am beginning to question my Zero RB Approach.

    12 TEAM 1 PPR 0.3 PPC
    QB: Stafford
    WR: Julio, Green, A Robs
    RB: Drake, Mckinnon
    TE: Walker
    W/R/T Flex: Alshon
    DST: NYG (Sucks)
    K: A VIniateri

    M Thomas, Sharpe
    Henry, Vereen, R Jennings

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) $100 FAAB:
    Walker, Jennings injury forced me to drop Dwayne Washington and couldn’t even add Howard before the game.

    RB: Howard, Dwayne Washington, Dixon, Darkwa, B Powell, C Thompson, T Cadet
    WR: T Pryor,
    D: MIN, WSH, NEP
    K: D Hopkins

    Please advise who shall I add, drop, FAAB please. Really wish I was able to keep D Wash and add Howard as well.

    • Would drop NYG for MIN, drop vereen for Washington. Would consider dropping Thomas for Pryor and Jennigns for Howard. FAAB is hard since I don’t know your league well. But those would be my priority add/drops.

  • Thank you. Might be able to trade M Thomas since he had a big game. I will drop Vereen, Walford, NYG for Howard, D Washington, MIN.

    Might not start Pryor over the other 4 WRs.

      • Welp…my $27 bid didn’t work for Howard and he went for $31. Previous highest bid was $20 and this caught me by surprise.

        Got D Washington for $5, Darkwa $3, MIN $7.
        Dropped Vereen, Walford, NYG.

        Updated Team:
        QB: Stafford
        WR: Julio, Green, A Robs
        RB: Drake, Mckinnon
        TE: Walker
        W/R/T Flex: Alshon
        DST: MIN

        M Thomas, Sharpe
        Henry, Darkwa, R Jennings, D Washington

        Dropped Kicker hoping I can get Howard too and have a roster spot open. Can drop Drake , Jennings too.

        Tamme (Waivers), Dixon (FA), Cadet (FA), B Powell (FA), C Thompson (FA)… Like adding any of them? Surprised someone dropped Eifert now but can’t add him till next week due to THU game.

  • Agreed. I have added D Wash, Darkwa, Dixon, MIN dropping Vereen, Walford, NYG and K.

    My RBs are Mckinnon, Drake, D Wash, Jennings, Darkwa, Dixon. I will have to drop one of them for a K later.

    Don’t see any exciting options in waivers but Cadet, B Powell, C Thompson.

  • I am thinking about trade Luck for both Winston and Tannenhil. Right now, I have Luck/Mariota.

    I am thinking that Winston can have upside and Tannehil provides a better floor than Mariota.

    That way, Mariota would be my backup. Do you think it is a good plan? Or should I hold on?


    • If you can get both of them for Luck, to add to Mariota that makes for a fine stable. You can start Winston and Stream Tannehill/Mariota based on matchups. Not the most optimal trade, in terms of lineup construction, but does work to your advantage.

  • 12 TEAM 1 PPR 0.3 PPC (1 – 3)
    QB: Stafford
    WR: Julio, Green, Alshon
    RB: Mckinnon, Dixon
    TE: Walker
    W/R/T Flex: D Inman
    DST: MIN
    K: (Need one)

    A Robinson, M Thomas, Sharpe
    Henry, Vereen, R Jennings, D Lewis

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) Dropped D Wash, Josh Brown for D Inman, D Lewis.
    J Ferguson, B Rainey, Drake, DeAndre Wash, Dwayne Wash, Zach Zenner
    C Coleman, B Quick
    J Tamme, A Gates
    Dak, Winston, Eli, Dalton

    Shall I drop anyone to add anyone? Need to drop one for Kicker too.

  • 10 Team PPR 2 QB 1-3
    QB: Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    WR: Green, Evans, Beasley
    TE: Z Miller
    Flex: Stafford
    K: Gostoswki
    Def: NYG

    Snead, Moncrief, Maclin
    C Michael, Gio

    1) Any changes to the lineup? Gio or Hyde?
    2) E Royal, D Inman,
    J White, Dixon, D Lewis, Ajayi
    D Anderson
    Wittern, H Henry, M Bennett

    Shall I pick up anyone dropping Gio?
    Also drop Beasley and start any of those WRs?

  • 12 Team 0.5 PPR 0.25 PPC Super Flex

    QB: Winston
    RB: McCoy, Sims
    WR: AB, Enunwa, Dorsett
    TE: H Henry
    Q/W/R/T: John Brown (No QB)
    W/R/T: Crowder
    Def: NEP

    Wilson (bye)
    Maclin (bye), Moncrief
    R Jennings, Smallwood
    M Bennett

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) Dropped Dwayne Wash to add Bennett.
    D Stanton, D Lewis, B Quick available. Shall I drop any to add any of them?

  • What’s your toughs about this trade:

    Send Luck/Dez
    Get Palmer/Diggs

    My squad sits at:

    Tks in advance!

  • 16 Teamer – Non PPR

    Need to stream a TE as I have Kelce on bye – who’s the best dart throw here:

    Virgil Green vs ATL.
    Will Tye vs. GB
    CJ Uzomah (have AJ Green on my team) vs. DAL
    Richard Rodgers (have Cobb on my team) vs. NYG

  • Russell wilson, rodgers are my qbs
    ware, yeldon, hill, dixon at rb
    aj green, alshon, shepard and terrance william wrs

    do i trade russel and ware for fitz crabtree and blount

  • Do you do Ros qb rankings? I read somewhere on the site that you do but I’m not finding it. How would you rank these guys Ros? Flacco, Dak/Romo, Mariota, kap

  • Thanks! I saw those but thought they were the preseason rankings still. Seemed like guys like M Ryan, brady and wentz were pretty low for ROS. I was surprised to see Mariota and Winston so high still. I’m glad you guys are optimistic about them though because I own both!

    • Thanks! You are right, those rankings need a fresh update, because it has been a little while since some of our rankers updated things. Greg and I both just updated ours, and hopefully we’ll get them all squared away soon.

  • I’ve had #1 waiver all year and debating if now is the time to use it on Kaepernick. My QB are decent but wondering if I could use as trade bait later.
    QB: Rivers, Flacco, Osweiler(close to dropping)
    RB: Ingram, Lacy, Howard, Ware, Jennings
    WR: A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, Dez

    Other available free agents this week include Booker and Meredith. I dont want to use it just to use it but it’s getting late I believe to still be holding onto the top waiver.

    • Steve, I think it’s probably worth dropping Jennings to pick up Kap. While I don’t love him myself, the upside is there for him to become a better weekly option than Flacco for you. If you think there’s a chance he remains the starter, he’ll have one of the highest upsides you’ll ever get off waivers. The question is just how likely he is to succeed.

  • have the option to pick up Fitz, or go bold and go with kaep this week on waivers. I already have rodgers and wilson starting, just want a solid back up, whats your thoughts on fitz and kaep going forward?

    • I’m kind of down on Fitz going forward. If they keep playing the way they do and Fitz keeps making mistakes (plus Decker is out now) I could see Geno Smith making an appearance sooner rather than later. Kap has more upside playing in a high paced Chip Kelly offense, where he can score points off the ground. With Rodgers and Wison at QB, you’re set (plus they’ve already had their byes), I would take the upside of Kap over Fitz.

  • Wilson, Rodgers, eli qbs
    ware, yeldon, hill, booker rbs
    green, alshon, shepard, terrance williams wrs
    witten te

    Do i trade rodgers for doug martin?
    So thin at rb and starting to believe in eli

      • I have two offers on the table now: wilson for doug and rodgers for cmike and bortles

        any thoughts on that

        also awesome site, huge fan!

        • Thanks, we kinda like the site, too. :)) I prefer Michael to Martin, throw in Bortles, and that’s the trade I would take. With add-on on Bortles you might be able to trade another QB down the line, if need be.

  • 10 Team 2 QB 1 PPR 3 – 4 Team:

    QB: Rivers, Stafford
    WR: AJ, Evans, Maclin
    RB: Gordon, C Michael
    TE: Eifert
    K: Gostowski
    DST: NEP

    Gio, Hyde
    Snead, Moncrief
    M Bennett

    1) Any changes to the line up? Start Mariota, Gio, Snead?
    2) Trade Moncrief for T West?
    3) Trade Gio for DT?
    4) Waivers:
    WR: D Adams, M Floyd , Enunwa, C Coleman
    RB: J Hill, C Thompson, Asiata
    TE: J Thomas, Z Miller, Witten, Brate, Barnidge
    Def: NYJ, TEN, HOU

    Drop anyone to add any of them? $123 of $150 FAAB left.

    • 1. I would start Mariota over Rivers.
      2. That trade would help your RB depth, so yes.
      3. Yes. That is a major upgrade.
      4. Adams, Hill, Brate (Add in that order). Drop Bennett. No one else I would be okay dropping so hopefully you get one of those three.

  • 12 Team 1 PPR 0.3 PPC 2-5 Team.
    QB: Stafford
    RB: Mckinnon, C Thompson
    WR: AJ, Julio, A Robinson(BUST)
    TE: Walker
    Flex: Alshon
    K: Santos
    DST: MIN

    Meredith, M Thomas
    D Lewis, A Blue, Gillislee, Zenner

    1) Waivers:
    QB: Winston, Palmer
    WR: Mongtomery, D Adams, C Coleman
    RB: Rob Kelly, Starks, Rawls, Langford
    TE: Brate, Fiedorowickz, L Green

    Drop anyone to add anyone? How much FAAB to use from $75 fo $100 left?
    2) Trade Julio or AJ Green for CJA & Booker?
    3) Trade Alshon for Gio plus Cole Beasley?
    4) Trade (AJ or Julio) plus (Alshon or A Robs) for Zeke?
    5) Do you expect Packers to change Montgomery’s status to RB? ESPN did it. Yahoo and NFL said they will do only Packers change it.

    • 1. Add Winston and Montgomery. Start Winston if you get him. Drop Blue and Zenner or Blue and Stafford.
      2. No to that trade.
      3. No to that trade.
      4. Would be fine with either because you need the RB1 help.
      5. I can see them doing it. Rodgers said he’s an RB, so it looks likely to happen.

  • 12 Team 2 QB 0.5 PPR 0.25 PPC (1 – 6)

    QB: M Ryan, R Wilson
    RB: C Thompson, McCoy
    WR: Crowder, Mehclin, J Brown
    TE: M Bennett
    W/R/T: Zenner
    Def: NEP

    AB, Moncrief
    M Davis, A Blue, R Jennings, D Lewis

    1) Any changes to the lineup?

    2) Waivers: $74 of $100 FAAB Left
    WR: D Adams, Lafell, JJ Nelson, Boldin
    QB: K Hogan, Fitzpatrick
    RB: R Kelly, K Carey, P Barber
    TE: J Thomas, Fiedorowickz

    Drop anyone to add anyone please?

  • Good afternoon

    Which of these players would you accept in a one for one trade for Mariota in 10 team 2 qb league? I know team needs play a role but I just want to know if you would accept any or all of these guys for Mariota in a vacuum.
    T Montgomery, k Benjamin, D Martin, J Charles


    • Hey Badonkagronk,

      Benjamin would be the only I would be okay with. Charles and Martin had injury risk attached to them. And I’m not sure what Ty’s rest of season role is. If he’s RB eligible in your league and you need an RB I could be talked into him.

  • 4-4 10 Team 2 QB 1 PPR: 6th Ranked and the only hope I have to make it to playoffs.

    QB: Rivers, Mariota
    WR: Evans, Moncrief, Snead
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    TE: Barnidge

    Eifert (Bye), Stafford, AJ Green (bye), Maclin, Hyde,Gio (bye)

    1) $123 of $150 FAAB left:
    C West, High Tower, Sproles, A Smith/P Barber, B Powell
    K Wright, Parker, T Austin

    Drop anyone to add anyone? How much FAAB please?

    2) Shall I trade for A Robinson or L Miller? Who shall I give for them? May be C Michael for L Miller?

  • 12 Team 0.5 PPR 0.25 PPC

    QB: M Ryan, R Wilson
    RB: C West, R Jennings
    WR: AB, Moncrief, D Adams
    TE: ___
    W/R/T: Maclin

    R Kelley (Bye), C Thompson (Bye), Crowder (Bye), D Lewis (Bye), J Brown (Bye)
    McCoy (Hurt)
    CJ Fiedorowicz (Bye)

    $50 of $100 FAAB Left.
    Hightower, A Smith, Prosise, Rawls
    Coates, JJ Nelson, Kerely
    J Thomas, L Kendricks, L Green, C Clay, Ertz

    Drop anyone to add anyone? How much FAAB please?

  • 12 Team 1 PPR 0.3 PPC (2-6)

    QB: Winston
    RB: Gillislee, Mckinnon
    WR: Julio, Montgomery, M Thomas
    TE: Walker
    W/R/T: A Robinson
    Def: MIN D
    K: Santos

    C Thompson, R Kelley, D Lewis
    AJ Green, Alshon, C Coleman

    Waivers: $50 of $100 FAAB left
    C West, Hightower, A Smith/ P Barber, Prosise/Rawls, Dixon

    Drop anyone to add any? How much FAAB please?

  • Going into the season I thought wr would be a position of strengths fit me but now I’m not so sure. In a 10 team 2 qb league. My team is …
    QBs Brady, Dak
    RB L McCoy, M Ingram
    Wr Hopkins ARob
    Te Gronk
    D chiefs
    K streaming
    Bn J Winston, Mariota, J edelmen, J landry, D Booker, C Michael, L Murray, T Colman
    IR Romo

    Would you go for any of these trades if you were in my position or do you think my recievers will come around and I should just hold?

    Booker and L Murray for Mike Evans and Duke johnson
    L Murray for dez
    Booker for M Jones
    Murray and Booker for gurley and M Jones


  • 10 Team 2 QB 1 PPR 6-4:
    QB: Stafford, Mariota
    RB: Gio, Starks
    WR: AJ, Evans, Moncrief
    TE: Eifert
    K: Tucker
    DST: ARZ

    Rivers (Bye)
    Hyde, Melvin, C Michael
    Snead, Rishard Mathews

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) Waivers:
    Ryan Mathews, Dixon, Langford, Yeldon, Ivory
    Drop anyone and add anyone? $93 of $150 FAAB Left. How much to use please?
    3) Stay with ARZ D or drop for NYG, MIA?

    Why didn’t I add Prosise last week 🙁 Costly mistake since I had no room to add.

  • 12 Team 1 PPR, 0.3 PPC 4-6

    QB: Winston
    WR: AJ, A Robs, M Thomas
    RB: R Kelley, Starks
    TE: Walker
    W/R/T: Montgomery
    Def: MIN
    K: Crosby

    Julio, Alshon
    D Lewis, D Harris, Mckinnon, P Perkins

    1) Any changes to the lineup? Must win from here on. Need a good Flex.
    2) Waivers: (Need a good Flex)
    Dixon, Langford, K Carey, D Williams, D Henry
    Meredith, R Woods,E Royal
    Pitta, Ebron, Fiedorowicz,Tye
    Drop anyone to add any of them? $14 of $100 FAAB Left.
    3) Drop Crosby for Hauschka, Prater, Janikowski, Nugent, Boswell? Give me two K options please.
    4) Drop MIN for NYG, MIA, NEP?
    5) Trade Alshon for Jennings/Beasley? Asked Gio but he denied it.
    6) Shall I trade Alshon for Jennings/Marvin instead?

    • If there is word Lewis is going to see action this week I would start him over Ty.
      Meredith looks like best flex option with Jeffery out.
      Hauschka over Crosby. Crosby over everyone else.
      Would stick with MIN
      I’m not that into NYG RBs so I’d pass. But if you’re desperate I would try and work out a deal that involves Marvin and someone else. Or Marvin/Beasley, if that’s the best you can do.

  • Thank you. Howard seems to be healthy. Shall I add Ebron or M Floyd by dropping anyone?

    Who shall I drop for Kicker please?

  • 10 Team 2 QB 1 PPR (6-5)

    QB: Mariota, Rivers
    WR: Evans, Snead, Rishard Mathews
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    TE: Eifert
    K: Tucker
    D: ARZ

    AJ Green, Moncrief
    Starks, Ryan Mathews, Gio

    1) Any changes to the lineup?
    2) Lost K Allen…now A J Green….and Luck hurts Moncrief.
    $76 of $150 FAAB Left:
    Smallwood, T West, Ivory, Gillislee, Mckinnon/Asiata
    Parker, T Boyd, Lafell, Garcon, Watkins
    J Cook, Ertz, Fiedorowicz

    Who shall I drop and who to add please? How much FAAB to use? Think I can drop Gio, Ryan Mathews easily. Not sure about AJ Green.

    3) Drop ARZ DST for any of TEN, PIT, PHI, HOU, DET, SD ?

  • 12 Team 1 PPR 0.3 PPC (5-6)

    QB: Winston
    RB: Starks, R Kelley
    WR: Julio, A Robs, M Thomas
    TE: Walker
    W/R/T: D Lewis
    K: Hauschka
    D: MIN

    AJ Green, Alshon, Montgomery, R Woods
    Dixon, Langford

    Just when I started feeling good with my RBs, lost Alshon, AJ Green back to back weeks.

    1) Waivers: ($3 of $100 Left)
    QB: Tannenhill, Palmer, Wentz
    RB: Smallwood, Mckinnon, Burkhead, A Collins/Pope, C Thompson, D Henry, K Barner
    WR: Sanu, T Boyd, Thielen, Fuller, M Floyd, JJ Nelson, Sharpe, Inman
    TE: Fiedorowicz, H Henry, Tye, J Cook, Pitta, Barnidge

    Drop anyone to add anyone please? Just $3 FAAB Left.

    2) Keep Hauscka or drop for J Lambo, Janikowski, Crosby?

    3) Keep MIN or drop for TEN, SD, BAL, HOU?

    4) Any changes to the lineup?

  • Thank you. I really wish I didn’t get sick and had cough syrup. Couldn’t stay awake through waivers and other guy added Boyd, Smallwood for free from FA. Just hate my laziness here.

    FA available:
    Fiedorowicz, J Cook
    Tanny, Fitz, Wentz
    TEN D

  • QB: Mariota, Rivers
    WR: Evans, Snead, Rishard Mathews
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    TE: Eifert
    K: Tucker
    D: TEN

    AJ Green, Moncrief, Lafell, Parker

    I have messed up on waivers in this league as well. Got Parker ($10), Lafell ($7) dropping Gio, Ryan Mathews. Didn’t increase the bid on Sammy and he went for $13.

    Should I keep both Lafell/Parker or drop one of them for Ivory/T West?

  • Waiver Wire:
    2 QB 10 Team 1 PPR: (7-5)

    QB: Stafford, Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    WR: Evans, Moncrief, Snead
    TE: Eifert
    DST: TEN
    K: Tucker

    Rishard (Bye), AJ Green, Lafell, Parker

    Need to win 1 more week (from 2) to seal the playoffs. Proud of this team despite losing K Allen, AJ Green and 2 games by 1 point margin.

    Waivers: ($56 of $150 Left)
    QB: Barkley, Fitzpatrick
    RB: Asiata, Mckinnon, Ivory, Yeldon, T West, Burkhead, K Farrow
    WR: M Wilson, K Britt, T Gabriel, Inman, M Lee, Thielen, M Mitchell

    Can you please advise who to add/drop and FAAB please. Need a DEF and might let Lafell or Parker go as well.

  • Next Week a Must Win…
    12 Team 1 PPR 0.3 PPC 5-7

    QB: Winston
    WR: Julio, M Thomas, A Robinson
    RB: R Kelley, J Starks
    TE: C J Fiedorowickz
    W/R/T: D Lewis
    DST: MIN
    K: Hauschka

    AJ Green(Miss Him), Alshon
    Dixon, Mckinnon
    J Cook, Walker (Bye)

    Waivers: $3 of $100 Left. Next week is a MUST WIN. Need a good TE and W/R/T Flex option.

    RB: D Henry, D Robinson, R Burkhead
    WR: M Wilson, Inman, T Gabriel, Enunwa, M Mitchell, T Ginn Jr,M Sanu, M Lee
    TE: V Davis, H Henry, V McDonald, Brate
    K: M Prater, C Santos

    Please who to ADD, who to DROP. Wouldn’t mind spending the $3 FAAB even on a K or DST.

    • I like Marquess Wilson the most there. Then Vance McDonald. Try to snag those two. Most likely outcome is you’ll be outbid and have to be up one minute after waivers run and grab the best option before everybody else does in the morning. Good luck!

      • Thank you very much.

        1) Drop J Cook and Mckinnon for them?
        2) Roll with MIN D or pick up SDC or BAL dropping them?
        3) Hauschka or Prater or Santos this week?

          • 12 Team 1 PPR 0.3 PPC 5-7
            QB: Winston
            WR: Julio, M Thomas, A Robinson
            RB: R Kelley, J Starks
            TE: C J Fiedorowickz
            W/R/T: D Lewis
            DST: SDC
            K: Santos

            AJ Green, Alshon, M Wilson
            Walker (Bye)
            MIN DST

            1) Added M Wilson, Santos, SDC dropping J Cook, Mckinnon, Hauschka. All Free!
            2) Keep MIN D for next weeks? OR Drop to add one from {V McDonald, V Davis}, {Burkhead, Sims}, {M Sanu, T Gabriel, M Mitchell} ?
            3) Like Gostowski or Prater over Santos?
            4) Any changes to the lineup?

            THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • 2 QB 10 Team 1 PPR: (7-5)

    QB: Stafford, Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    WR: Evans, Moncrief, Snead
    TE: Eifert
    DST: SDC
    K: Tucker

    Rishard (Bye), AJ Green, Parker
    Starks, A Peterson

    1) Dropped Lafell to add AP. Is AP worth rostering? (Sorry Lafell will be safe in FA)
    2) Shall I drop AP / Parker to add {Barkley}, {Smallwood, T West, Burkhead}, {K Britt, T Gabriel, M Mitchell, M Lee} , {ARZ, GBP, LAR}

  • Alshon Jeffrey:

    2 QB 10 Team 1 PPR: (7-5)

    QB: Stafford, Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    WR: Evans, Moncrief, Snead
    TE: Eifert
    DST: TEN
    K: Tucker

    Rishard (Bye), AJ Green, Parker
    Starks, AP

    Alshon is dropped into waivers. Is it worth dropping AP or Parker to add him?

  • 2 QB 10 Team 1 PPR: (8-5)
    QB: Stafford, Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    WR: Evans, Moncrief, Rishard Mathews
    TE: Eifert
    DST: SDC
    K: Tucker

    Snead, Alshon, AJ Green
    Starks, Smallwood

    Made it to playoffs! Unless another team outscores me by 100 this week!!

    RB: AP, T West, C Sims, Yeldon, Mckinnon, Ryan Mathews, A Morris, DeAngelo, C Thompson
    WR: Parker, K Britt, Lafell
    TE: L Green, Pitta

    Playoffs start next week. This week is not a must win for me. Most likely will enter as No.4.

    • Congrats on making the playoffs! I know things were bumpy here and there, but you made it count when it matters.

      That’s a really solid lineup. With Melvin and Hyde you might have one of the best 1-2 punches at RB in the league. Agreed the depth after that is kind of scary.

      I would add Charles Sims and Ryan Mathews (Apparently, he’s back this week). I would drop Starks and Smallwood to add them. I would use as much FAAB as you think, they’ll be good playoff stashes. Don’t be afraid to spend high, you have the funds to do so.

      I would also drop SD DST and add ATL.

  • Thank you. I owe lot of the credit to you for helping me out. This is the only league where I made it to playoff. Feels good to get there despite losing K Allen/AJ Green. It won’t be easy since I am running into playoff teams with DJ/Bell , Zeke/McCoy.

    1) PHI back field is hard to predict. Any reason you like Ryan Mathews (in a 3 way share) over T West (in a 2 way share)?

    2) Also, Snead is testing my patience and hard to trust him unless I am desperate. I am thinking Alshon or Rishard might be better start as WR3 in Week 15 over Snead. (Assuming Evans/Moncrief are WR1/WR2). Keep Snead or dump him for Parker or Britt?

    • We just make helpful suggestions; you’re the one that submits the lineup and does the heavy lifting. Nice to make it despite those major losses. Some strong teams to go up against. Hopefully you can slay the giants.

      1. I feel the Eagles want Mathews to be the guy and if he’s healthy enough he’s shown he’s better than Sproles and Smallwood. While I like West, I think Dixon is a bigger concern to his workload than the backup Eagles backs are to Mathews, which is why I picked him out of the bunch.

      2. Yeah, when Jeffery is back you’ll start him over Snead. His upside is great than Parker/Britt, but the consistency isn’t there. I wouldn’t mind Britt but Snead in an offense quarterbacked by Brees has the higher ceiling. However, with Evans, Moncrief, Jeffery, Matthews, Snead is more of a WR5 for you so Britt might be the better option. Or could could drop Snead and add West, strengthening your RB depth.

      • Thank you sir. Dropped Starks, Smallwood, SDC for T West ($3), Sims ($1), DET ($1). Ryan Mathews, Gillislee, Britt/Parker are all in FA. Will think about them through the week.

  • Locked up a playoff spot and got decimated by injuries late in the season. Lost AJ Green – so now playing WR roulette. Was able to lock up the 3rd seed.

    Non-PPR (Pick 3 out of the 4 WR’s):
    Smith Sr. , Will Fuller, Malcolm Mitchell, Corey Coleman.

    I have Smith and Mitchell locked in – and going with Fuller just because that Indy defense is awful. Should I switch in Coleman for Fuller?

    • I can see the dilmenna. I like both options in Fuller and Coleman, but would give Coleman the bump as I think he’s more of an integral part of that offense. His targets have been higher than Fuller the past two weeks and if RG3 is healhty, a big if, he could have a big game.

  • 2 QB 10 Team 1 PPR: (9-5)
    QB: Mariota, Rivers
    RB: Melvin, Hyde
    WR: Evans, Alshon, Rishard Mathews
    TE: Eifert
    DST: DET
    K: Tucker

    Snead, Moncrief, AJ Green
    T West, Gillislee

    Injuries are killing me. Now Melvin and Stafford are hurt. Wish I handcuffed M Gordon.

    RB: K Farrow, Ty Montgomery, C Sims, Yeldon, Mckinnon, Ryan Mathews

    $48 of $150 Left. Dropping West, Gillislee, SDC for sure. Who can I add , drop and FAAB please. Yahoo allows Montgomery at WR/RB.

  • Added both Montgomery and K Farrow. Spent $40 on them and $3 on ATL. Funny part is nobody bid even a single $ on any of them!

  • 2 QB 10 Team 1 PPR: (9-5)
    QB: Mariota, Rivers
    RB: Hyde, K Farrow
    WR: Evans, Alshon, Rishard Mathews
    TE: Eifert
    DST: ATL
    K: Tucker

    QB: Stafford
    WR: Snead, Moncrief, AJ Green
    RB: Melvin
    Montgomery (WR/RB)

    My opponent started Graham which brought his projections to 153 against my 146.

    1) Shall I wait for one more day before deciding on my RB2, WR2, WR3?

    2) Mariota or Stafford.

    3) Mckinnon, Ryan Mathews, Sims, AP, DeAngelo, Gillislee
    JJ Nelson, Robby Anderson
    SDC (vs CLE Week 16)
    Drop Moncrief or anyone to add anyone from above?

    Thank you again.

    • I like Montgomery over Farrow at RB2, but wouldn’t fault you for sticking with Farrow, as he should have a decent workload. I’m not into Stafford this week, so Mariota. I would drop Moncrief and add Robby Anderson.

  • Thank you. AJ Green is now ruled out. Fortunately Montgomery has dual status in our league. I will roll with Mariota this week.

    Which two WRs shall I start from Alshon, Snead, Rishard Mathews, *Montgomery*? And which RB to start from K Farrow or *Montgomery*?

  • Yes that is what I am thinking as well. Especially if Starks is out and C Michael is ill, that gives an uptick for Montgomery. (HOPE!)

    M Wilson is going to IR. That will probably make my decision easier to go to Alshon.

    1) Also, I am hearing Asiata is ill. Any thoughts on adding Mckinnon (dropping Moncrief) who could feast (HOPE!) against IND?

    2) Will you start Mckinnon over K Farrow (or Montgomery) if Asiata is OUT?

    3) Alshon > Montgomery > Rishard Mathews > Snead. Right ranking? PPR

    4) Mckinnon , K Farrow , Montgomery. Can you rank them please if Asiata is out?

    • I would not bother adding AP and would avoid the Vikings run game. McKinnon is fine in a PPR setting because he has been more involved in the passing game lately.

      Right ranking on the WRs.

      Farrow, Montgomery, McKinnon.

  • AP just said he is playing Sunday. So there goes the Mckinnon bubble. HA HA. Will you add AP dropping Moncrief…No I think.

  • In two week super bowl these next two weeks. Matt Ryan. Check. But…Alex Smith? Rather have Adam Smith and Wealth of Nations. Any of the new guys? Barkley-Moore-Savage-Griffin-Mannion. I’d love a two week solution.

    • @Billybeeeen: I think you can throw out Griffin (could re-lose his job to Kessler) and Mannion (too much uncertainty with him and his team). Barkley is probably out too, unless you want to carry him for Week 16 and keep Smith for Week 17. If you want to settle on just one guy, I think it comes down to Moore and Savage.

      I don’t trust Moore against Buffalo this week. He’s a warm weather QB traveling to cold weather stadium, and the Bills tend to limit opposing offenses volume with ball control. Despite his big finish in Week 15, Moore only threw the ball 18 times. It’s unlikely he’ll have another multi-TD explosion on that kind of volume.

      That leaves us with Savage. It’s kind of crazy, but I think he has the best combination of match-ups, home for CIN then on the road for TEN’s generous pass defense. In Bill O’Brien’s offense, we don’t need to fear a lack of volume. Savage threw 36 times in Week 15’s relief of Brock Osweiler. I think he’s your guy if you only want to carry one QB besides Matt Ryan.

      If you’re willing to platoon, you could use Barkely + Savage or Barkley + Smith.

  • I am in a 2 QB 2RB 2 WR 1 RB/WR 1 TE. Pass TD- 6 PTS.

    I’ve read the majority of the posted content. Adding an extra 2 points to passing TD’s, how would recommend I draft first 5 picks? Thanks.

    • @RMWBAILEY: I wouldn’t change the values of QBs much for scoring settings with 6 per pass TD. The rushing QBs like Tyrod Taylor and Cam Newton would lose value, and the pure pocket passers would gain a little value, but it would all balance out within the QB postion. The values for RBs, WRs, and TEs wouldn’t change in a significant way, if at all because the 6/TD setting affects all QBs equally and has no bearing on RB/WR/TE scoring.

      For the first five picks, I’d still look to David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, and the top three wideouts (Brown/Beckham/Jones).

  • Hey guys, I have been doing a ton of 2 QB mock drafts through FantasyPros. My main question/concern is the fact that the rating is based on your teams overall projected scoring for the year. So I find myself when I draft 4 QBs onto my team that my projections sky rocket compared to the other teams. What are your thoughts on drafting and have 4 QBs on your team in a 2 QB league? Is it a wasted spot where you could slip in another RB or WR or does it make sense to have an extra for a bye week or possibly for a trade later on in the year?

    • Hi Leonard,

      Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of doing 2QB mocks on FantasyPros, as I don’t find their algorithm to line up with traditional 2QB leagues. Others don’t feel the same way as me though. I generally would limit myself to a max of three QBs. That does depend on league size. If you had a large number of bench spots, I would be okay with a 4th QB. They do hold trade value.

      But in short-bench leagues, say 3/4 or less, I would rather use that pick on another RB/WR-type, who could help me team as say a flex option.

  • 16 team Non PPR league where we start two QB’s

    I have the 13th pick. I’m planning to go WR/QB or QB/WR the first two rounds depending on who is there. Is it worth getting someone like Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham at the expense of possibly having a Jets/Bears/Browns/Texans QB situation as my QB2?

    • Hi Michael,

      In a 16-team league I would want to get at least one quarterback. The top options tend to go pretty quick in a 16-team league, and I would want to know I have at least one top-12 option. Depending on how the first 12 picks go, going QB/QB is a viable strategy, because you will find the position to dry up pretty quickly. If someone like Brown or Beckham does fall, it’s hard to say no to that. Easier in a non-PPR league, but they are still top options.

      The question you have to ask yourself, is the one you posed: Do you want to take a Brown/Beckham and risk Tom Savage being your QB2. The answer will depend on your comfort level at the position.

      I have a comfort level, where I’d be okay with the top 30 QBs (according to our ADP: https://twoqbs.com/adp/redraft-adp/ ) five or take a few. What’s the worst starting QB2 you can live with? Once you have that answer, you’ll know if you should go with just one QB to start or two.

  • Commish transitioned us to a 2QB+superflex redraft league, 14 teams, with 3RB/3WR/Flex/2DST starters, and a huge bench. I’m excited about it, but seems like draft will be crazy. Under these conditions (3 possible starting QBs and 14 teams), advice about waiting for a QB goes out the window–right?

    • Hi David Alan,

      Man, that does sound like an insane draft. Will probably be a lot of fun though. Yeah, you’re going to want to get at least one QB early, possible two, seeing how you can start up to three. There are no general rules to follow for a draft like this. Depending on your draft slot, you might even consider going QB/QB. Or grabbing one QB early and trying to wait as long as you can and filling out the QB2 and Superflex spot with a couple of mid-tier QBs ala Tyrod, Dalton, Bradford, etc. There are going to be a variety of ways to fill this roster, and I imagine you will have a lot of tough decisions to make. Kudos to your commisioner for the insane draft he came up with. We might rename our site to ThreeQBs.com in honor of him.


    10 TEAM 2 QB 1 PPR:
    QB: Wilson, Winston
    RB: Hunt, Quizz Rodgers
    WR: OBJ, AJ, Garcon
    TE: Bennett
    FLEX: Crowell
    DEF: NEP

    Wentz, {Parker, J Matthews}, {D Henry, Abdullah, Burkhead}

    $100 FAAB:
    Snead, Golladay, Cupp, Agholor, Amendola
    Cohen, J Allen, K Williams, Gio, Vereen, Prosise, Forte
    Witten, Ebron, Fleener, A Hooper, C Clay

    Add any from the above list? How much FAAB please? Drop Burkhead and J Matthews?


    12 TEAM 1 PPR, 0.2 PPC

    QB: Dalton
    RB: Hunt, Quizz Rodgers
    WR: AB, Evans, Crowder
    TE: Olsen
    W/R/T: C Hogan
    W/R/T: C Coleman
    DEF: CAR

    Mixon, Sproles, Kamara
    B Marshall, Ginn Jr

    Waiver: $100 FAAB
    QB: Alex Smith, Bradford, Wentz
    J Allen, K Williams, C Carson, M Mack, Jamaal Williams
    Golladay, Tyrell Williams, Agholor, Amendola, Amendola, JJ Nelson
    A Hooper

    Drop anyone to add any one from above please? How much FAAB? Who can I drop?

      • 1) Thank you. If I cannot get Buck Allen or Golladay, do you like anyone else? Tyrell Williams?

        2) Wilson owner comes back and offers him for Coleman + Tyrell Williams (Who I have dropped). I don’t think he realized I dropped Tyrell already. Offer Coleman + Marshall (OR) pick up Tyrell and offer Coleman+Tyrell? (OR) Just stream the QB and don’t worry about Wilson? I like Coleman especially because of the targets he gets.

        • Still like Cupp, if he’s available.

          If you’re willing to invest in streaming, that’s the most cost-effective course of action to take. You can come back with Williams (after you pick him up) and Marshall, if you want to keep Coleman.


    12 Team 2 QB 1 Point/1st Down League:

    QB: Brees, Carr
    RB: Montgomery, Gillislee
    WR: Amari, Maclin, C Davis
    TE: Rudolph
    W/R/T: Mixon
    DEF: LAR

    A Robinson (Sad)
    David Johnson (Tears), AP, Jamaal Williams, Kamara

    Got a W but lost both A Robs and DJ.

    Waiver: $100 FAAB
    T Cohen, J Allen, K Williams, Burkhead
    Cupp, Agholor, Hurns, K Wright
    JAX, BAL

    Add any from this list please?
    Who to drop? Need to replace DJ and A Robs here.
    I will drop A Robinson. Not sure about DJ or Jamaal (Handcuff) or Kamara.

  • My RB situation is this: Jonathan Stewart, Forte, Sproles, Smallwood, Woodhead
    My WR situation is : Julio, Nelson, Crabtree, Ginn Jr.

    People have been offering me CJ Anderson and Abdullah for Crabtree…do I accept the offer and take a slight upgrade…or roll with 3 top 20 WR’s every week and just mix and match RB’s this season?

    • If this is a PPR league and you can start 3 WRs plus a WR in the flex, I would stick with Crabtree. If you can only start up to three and it’s a standard league, would take the deal, becasue you are kinda thin at RB after Stewart following the Woodhead injury. League settings would play a big role in whether to accept or deny this trade.

  • 10 team 2 qb league. Standard positions and settings except only 2 wr slots and op instead of flex and it has deep benches. What do you think of this trade? I give Big Ben and Golloday I get m Thomas? Seems like a win but do I need another wr and is my qb situation strong enough without Ben?

    My team

    Qb Brady
    RB Zeke, Freeman
    Wr Dez, Crabtree
    Te kelce
    Op c Palmer
    D chiefs
    Bench Eli, roethlisber, t Coleman, d Henry, k Williams, m Bryant, Ginn, golloday, Crowder, eagles d

    • If you lose Roethlisberger, you still have Brady at QB1 and can play matchups with Palmer/Eli at QB2. That’s still solid quarterback depth. Thomas would be an upgrade at WR over Golladay. I would be fine making this trade and taking the upgrade at WR. WHile it is a downgrade at QB, you have depth at the position that allows you to make the trade.

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