Week 12 DraftKings Quarterback Plays

Week 12 DraftKings Quarterback Plays

CASH GAMES – Russell Wilson ($7,000) – The Stuffing

Russell Wilson is the stuffing of your DFS lineup. It always meets expectations and will never let you down. Nobody really wants to admit it, but the stuffing is the best part of the Thanksgiving meal. While everybody is talking about Wentz vs. Brady for MVP, Wilson is truly the best QB in the NFL right now. You just can’t go wrong with Captain America as hot as he is right now, scoring over 25 fantasy points in four of his past five games. The 49ers have an absolutely horrific pass defense right now with Jaquiski Tartt, Jimmie Ward, and Asa Jackson on injured reserve. Wilson scored 32.92 last week but his price stayed at $7K, assuring him of being one of, if not the highest-owned QB on DraftKings this week. Because of this, he is strictly a cash game play. There’s really no downside in Wilson this week.

CASH GAMES Part 2 – Andy Dalton ($6,000) – The Turkey

It’s got a red head, it’s awkward, and nobody really takes it seriously. Dalton is the ultimate turkey. A home matchup against the Browns (eighth in QB fantasy points against) at a cheap $6K price tag will be the gravy that makes this a juicy turkey. Dalton had his best fantasy day of 2017 in Week 4 againt Cleveland (29.34 fantasy points). Choosing the turkey will never be exciting and it will make you sleepy, but it’s a necessity.

GPP – Paxton Lynch ($4,400) – The Pie

Paxton Lynch could give you the sweet taste of a tournament cash or he could spontaneously combust and burn your house down this weekend. Either way, it’s more exciting than Brock Osweiler. Lynch has always had the excellent pedigree and skill set that made John Elway hand pick him. Elway likely saw a lot of himself in Lynch, but he likely was also drunk when he traded up and made that selection. Still, when your other options are Trevor Airman and wannabe Robert Pattinson, Lynch might as well be Bizarro John Elway. He’s got talent, he’s athletic enough to get a handful of fantasy points on the ground, has great receivers, and it’s the damn Raiders. Lynch could be that delicious pumpkin pie with cool whip (if you use Reddi-wip you should seriously question all your life choices) or he could be one of those pies in Sweeney Todd. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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