TwoQBs Staff 10-Team 2QB Draft Recap

TwoQBs Staff 10-Team 2QB Draft Recap

To mark the start of 2QB redraft season we rounded up the TwoQBs staff and two special guests to take part in a staff  draft. …

Here’s a list of our 2QB draft participants and their draft slot:

1.01 – Anthony Amico (@amicsta)
1.02 – Josh Berger (@BergerTwoQBs)
1.03 – Jeff Dumont (@jeffd119)
1.04 – Salvatore Stefanile (@2QBFFB)
1.05 – Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF)
1.06 – Joe Siniscalchi (Joe_Siniscalchi)
1.07 – Pat Thorman (@Pat_Thorman) of PFF Fantasy
1.08 – Brian Malone (@BrianMaloneFF) of DLF
1.09 – Greg Smith (@gregsauce)
1.10 – Joshua Lake (@LakeTwoQBs)

The Starting Roster settings consisted of: 2QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1Flex (W/R/T) plus 7 bench spots.

The Scoring Settings of note: .5 PPR, 4 points/passing touchdown.

You can view the full draft results here.

When recapping a 2QB draft, readers are usually interested in learning about draft strategies and where quarterbacks are selected. The requirement of starting two quarterbacks instead of one might seem small, but it makes a world of difference, as quarterbacks go off the board faster and with more frequency than in your standard start-one only fantasy leagues.

Draft strategy and quarterback selection will be the focus of this 2QB 10-team draft recap, with some thoughts from the drafters regarding specific picks and their strategies sprinkled in. We’ll break it down round-by-round, with a graph showing where each quarterback was selected at the end of the recap.

Round 1

1.011@amicstaNewton, Cam CAR QB
1.022@BergerTwoQBsRodgers, Aaron GBP QB
1.033@jeffd119Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB
1.044@2QBFFBBeckham, Odell NYG WR
1.055@ben155390 Brown, Antonio PIT WR
1.066@Joe_SiniscalchiJones, Julio ATL WR
1.077@Pat_ThormanGreen, A.J. CIN WR
1.088@BrianMaloneFFLuck, Andrew IND QB
1.099@gregsauceGurley, Todd RAM RB
1.1010@LakeTwoQBsElliott, Ezekiel DAL RB

This draft started out on a familiar note for 2QBers: back-to-back signal callers selected with the first two picks. We’ve seen plenty of 2QB mock drafts this offseason push the elite tier of quarterbacks to the end of the first round/beginning of the second in favor of flashier RBs and WRs. In a world where LRQB has become en vogue, even in 2QB formats, it was a refreshing change to see Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers go 1-2.

Anthony Amico on siding with Newton over the rest of the elite QB1 tier at 1.01

With respect to Cam in particular, my mindset was to take the quarterback who possessed the most upside. All of the top signal callers (Cam, Luck, Wilson) are great players, but what Newton did last year was special. He recorded one of the four best fantasy seasons since 2000, and is the only player of that group to not throw at least 45 touchdowns while doing it. Cam’s rushing ability keeps him firmly planted in the elite tier, and if he throws more touchdowns this season, there is a chance he scores even more points than he did last year. At a position where the top players are so tightly clustered, I will always chase that kind of upside.

QBs drafted this round: 3
QBs drafted in total: 3

Round 2

2.0111@LakeTwoQBsHopkins, DeAndre HOU WR
2.0212@gregsauceJohnson, David ARI RB
2.0313@BrianMaloneFFMiller, Lamar HOU RB
2.0414@Pat_ThormanWilson, Russell SEA QB
2.0515@Joe_SiniscalchiGronkowski, Rob NEP TE
2.0616@ben155390 Bryant, Dez DAL WR
2.0717@2QBFFBRobinson, Allen JAC WR
2.0818@jeffd119Peterson, Adrian MIN RB
2.0919@BergerTwoQBsEvans, Mike TBB WR
2.1020@amicstaBrees, Drew NOS QB

The second round was a continuation of the first, with two quarterbacks drafted alongside a mix of wide receivers and running backs. Excuse me if I don’t spend too much time analyzing each pick, but the first few rounds makes it hard to quibble as most skilled players selected are of the high-end talent variety.

The one pick that did stand out in round two was Rob Gronkowksi by Joe Siniscalchi at 2.05. In full-point PPR leagues, Gronk usually goes off the board in round one, but in 2QB leagues he gets pushed down because of the quarterbacks that shoot up the draft board. Each year the “Gronk versus the World” (all other tight ends) debate emerges, but it has become more common practice to see the Patriots tight end drafted in round one than not. If you want to celebrate #GronkSpikes (he’s scored 10 or more times in five of his six seasons) be prepared to draft him within the first two rounds.

Joe Siniscalchi on drafting Rob Gronkowski in Round Two:

While I’m not a Gronk early drafter, I thought landing him in the mid second was a real value. Since TE is a onesie position, I had the luxury of not only getting far and away the best talent, but the ability to focus on the more important positions for the remainder of the draft. Normally in 2QB drafts I’ll either wait on TE until I see one that is a better draft value relative to the top players at other positions on the board, or I’ll wait until later and scoop up two or three that have a mix of floor/upside that I can stream.

QBs drafted this round: 2
QBs drafted in total: 5

Round 3

3.0121@amicstaFreeman, Devonta ATL RB
3.0222@BergerTwoQBsCooper, Amari OAK WR
3.0323@jeffd119Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
3.0424@2QBFFBJeffery, Alshon CHI WR
3.0525@ben155390 Allen, Keenan SDC WR
3.0626@Joe_SiniscalchiNelson, Jordy GBP WR
3.0727@Pat_ThormanMarshall, Brandon NYJ WR
3.0828@BrianMaloneFFCharles, Jamaal KCC RB
3.0929@gregsauceThomas, Demaryius DEN WR
3.1030@LakeTwoQBsBrady, Tom NEP QB

What stood out to me the most in round three was the selection of Devonta Freeman at 3.01 by Amico. The Falcons’ running back was an unexpected fantasy football league winner last year. His 2015 2QB ADP was 95.7 (RB35), where he was drafted behind the likes of Joseph Randle and C.J. Spiller. All he did was go on to score the most fantasy football points at the position in both standard and PPR leagues.

In leagues where you only start one quarterback, Freeman is usually a first or second round draft pick. With quarterbacks such a premium in 2QB leagues, skill players at other positions will fall, which is what happened with Freeman here. Not only did Anthony land himself a pair of QB1s in Newton and Drew Brees with his first two picks, he also acquired a RB1 in round three. If you hold the 1.01 pick in 2QB redraft leagues this year, you could do worse than to follow his early round draft strategy.

One other pick I wanted to touch on was made by our site’s co-founder, Joshua Lake, where he grabbed his first quarterback of the draft in the form of Tom Brady at 3.10 (QB7). Last year’s four-game suspension loomed over Brady throughout the off-season, providing 2QBers a discount amid the Deflategate scandal. He was drafted as the QB13 last year with an overall ADP of 49.7.

Tom Brady 2QBWe haven’t seen as steep of a discount this year, but Brady’s 2016 2QB redraft ADP has him going off the board at pick 35.6 (QB7). Brady finished last season as the second-highest scoring fantasy QB, behind only Cam Newton, and had the most Top-12 weekly fantasy finishes with 11. We’re probably a long way off from knowing whether Brady will serve his four game suspension this year, but it’s hard not to love the value you get drafting him in the third round. You can always pair him up late with Jimmy Garoppolo if you’re looking for insurance.

Joshua Lake on drafting Tom Brady:

Brady was an elite fantasy producer last year and should be again this year, so the only concern is lost games. Taking him early forces me to consider a QB3 earlier, but I play for the late season anyway. I want an elite QB for the fantasy playoffs.

QBs drafted this round: 2
QBs drafted in total: 7

Round 4

4.0131@LakeTwoQBsLacy, Eddie GBP RB
4.0232@gregsauceHilton, T.Y. IND WR
4.0333@BrianMaloneFFCooks, Brandin NOS WR
4.0434@Pat_ThormanReed, Jordan WAS TE
4.0535@Joe_SiniscalchiEdelman, Julian NEP WR
4.0636@ben155390 Ingram, Mark NOS RB
4.0737@2QBFFBWatkins, Sammy BUF WR
4.0838@jeffd119Martin, Doug TBB RB
4.0939@BergerTwoQBsManning, Eli NYG QB
4.1040@amicstaHyde, Carlos SFO RB

The fourth round marked the first time only one quarterback was selected (Eli Manning – 4.09/QB8). If you’re a wait-on-quarterback drafter, keeping tabs on how many quarterbacks have been selected and by whom will play a part in your later round strategy. In this draft, only eight signal callers had gone off the board by the end of the fourth round, with four teams yet to select one and two teams drafting two. Store that information in your notebook as you draft so you can feel more confident deciding if you should tap into the QB1 well early or keep playing the waiting game.

While Gronk is considered to be the clear TE1, Jordan Reed does not lag far behind and has cemented himself as the TE2 this drafting season. If you prefer to grab an elite TE early, but not in the first two rounds, Reed is the next player up. In leagues where you can start a TE in the flex, a Gronk/Reed 1-2 punch is something to consider, as it provides you with overwhelming strength at the position.

To learn more about Reed, here’s Pat Thorman discussing his selection of the Washington TE:

While I don’t think Reed will match his per-game production from last year, he should come close given health (which we can say for anyone, but Reed’s earned that caveat more than most). The two round difference definitely makes me prefer Reed to Gronk, especially in this format. Not being able to grab Russell Wilson, my second rated QB this year, would have been an opportunity cost too high even for Gronk.

QBs drafted this round: 1
QBs drafted in total: 8

Round 5

5.0141@amicstaLewis, Dion NEP RB
5.0242@BergerTwoQBsMcCoy, LeSean BUF RB
5.0343@jeffd119Palmer, Carson ARI QB
5.0444@2QBFFBMaclin, Jeremy KCC WR
5.0545@ben155390 Tate, Golden DET WR
5.0646@Joe_SiniscalchiRivers, Philip SDC QB
5.0747@Pat_ThormanCobb, Randall GBP WR
5.0848@BrianMaloneFFForte, Matt NYJ RB
5.0949@gregsauceBenjamin, Kelvin CAR WR
5.1050@LakeTwoQBsDalton, Andy CIN QB

Remember when I just said to keep track of the quarterback position during your 2QB draft? In our draft, the QB1 well was quickly depleted by the end of round five, with an additional three drafted. That brought the total number of quarterbacks drafted to 11, meaning in a 10-team league, we are now officially in the QB2 tier.

The QB2 zone is one you want to be cognizant of in 2QB leagues because if you’re waiting on the position you don’t want to wait too long and be left in the dust having to reach for the likes of Brock Osweiler or Teddy Bridgewater. You want to circle rounds six to ten as potential areas to dig into this tier. Looking at our redraft ADP, Tony Romo (75.8), Tyrod Taylor (79), Jameis Winston (82), Marcus Mariota (84.8), Matt Ryan (97.8), Jay Cutler (104.8), Joe Flacco (106.8), and Alex Smith (110.8) are a bevy of value picks to target.

I would be remiss to not discuss my draft strategy through five rounds before moving onto recapping round six. My first five picks consisted of five wide receivers: Odell Beckham, Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffery, Sammy Watkins, Jeremy Maclin. Health issues aside for Jeffery and Watkins, I believe you can make the case for the first four names as WR1s and Maclin is very close as a high-end WR2. The format we were drafting for requires three starting wide receivers in the lineup, and you can start a fourth in the flex spot. In a PPR setting (ours was 0.5), making the wide receiver a position of strength and trotting out at 3-4 WR1s each week provides you with a strong floor.

Going Zero-RB and Zero-QB afforded me the luxury of stockpiling talent at one position and hopefully still finding talent at RB and QB later. If all hell breaks loose and you completely mess up your draft, you can always trade your area of strength (in my case, WR) to improve a weak spot (most likely RB for my squad).

A great Zero-RB target this year is Dion Lewis. Who, Amico drafted at the start of round (5.01/RB13). LeSean McCoy, who averaged the seventh-most points per game (12.2) in PPR leagues of backs who started 12 or more games last year, also seems to be going later than he should. He was selected by Josh Berger at 5.02 (RB14) in this draft and is worth selecting if you wait on the running back position.

QBs drafted this round: 3
QBs drafted in total: 11

Round 6

6.0151@LakeTwoQBsLandry, Jarvis MIA WR
6.0252@gregsauceAnderson, C.J. DEN RB
6.0353@BrianMaloneFFDecker, Eric NYJ WR
6.0454@Pat_ThormanMoncrief, Donte IND WR
6.0555@Joe_SiniscalchiMurray, Latavius OAK RB
6.0656@ben155390 Mathews, Ryan PHI RB
6.0757@2QBFFBKelce, Travis KCC TE
6.0858@jeffd119Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR
6.0959@BergerTwoQBsOlsen, Greg CAR TE
6.1060@amicstaMatthews, Jordan PHI WR

Our first round without a quarterback selected was coupled with the RB2 tier getting picked apart, as well as a couple of more tight ends (Greg Olsen and Travis Kelce) going off the board. Ryan Mathews, who has become the poster boy of sorts for Zero-RB this year, was drafted by Ben Cummins at 6.06 (RB18).

Through six rounds, three drafters (myself, Ben, and site co-founder, Greg Smith) had gone quarterback-less. If you want to look at how waiting on both your quarterback slots look in 2QB leagues you’ll want to check out these three teams. There’s a nice contrast in strategies, as Ben and myself went WR heavy to start, while Greg loaded up on RBs. You can view our starts below:

1(4 - WR1) Beckham, O(5 - WR2) Brown, A(9 - RB2) Gurley, T
2(7 - WR7) Robinson, A(6 - WR6) Bryant, D(2 - RB4) Johnson, D
3(4 - WR10) Jeffery, A(5 - WR11) Allen, K(9 - WR14) Thomas, D
4(7 - WR18) Watkins, S(6 - RB10) Ingram, M(2 - WR15) Hilton, T
5(4 - WR19) Maclin, J(5 - WR20) Tate, G(9 - WR22) Benjamin, K
6(7 - TE3) Kelce, T(6 - RB18) Mathews, R(2 - RB16) Anderson, C

QBs drafted this round: 0
QBs drafted in total: 11

Round 7

7.0161@amicstaParker, DeVante MIA WR
7.0262@BergerTwoQBsColeman, Corey CLE WR
7.0363@jeffd119Baldwin, Doug SEA WR
7.0464@2QBFFBCousins, Kirk WAS QB
7.0565@ben155390 Johnson, Duke CLE RB
7.0666@Joe_SiniscalchiMurray, DeMarco TEN RB
7.0767@Pat_ThormanAjayi, Jay MIA RB
7.0868@BrianMaloneFFBortles, Blake JAC QB
7.0969@gregsauceCrabtree, Michael OAK WR
7.1070@LakeTwoQBsRomo, Tony DAL QB

One of the three Zero-QB teams (me) decided to take the plunge and selected their first quarterback. I wanted to ensure I walked away with at least one signal caller I consider a QB1 and felt like I did with Kirk Cousins. The Washington franchise quarterback was the QB12 off the board, and it feels like he can not only continue his QB1 ways from last season (overall fantasy QB9, 7 weekly top-12 finishes), but perhaps even surpass them.

The addition of rookie wide out Josh Doctson to DeSean Jackson, Jamison Crowder, and Jordan Reed improves his surrounding cast. The running game has questions marks. And he’s the bonafide QB1 entering the offseason. All those factors combined forced me to reassess my position on Cousins this offseason, and he has slowly creeped up my draft board.

Most know I’m a sucker for mobile quarterbacks ala Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith, but you might be surprised to know Cousins accomplished a feat last season that has been exclusive only to the elusive signal callers. According to C.D. Carter, Cousins registered a fantasy points per drop back mark of 0.66 in the final nine weeks of last season, which Carter noted is usually achieved by the “mobile, multi-threat quarterbacks.”

With a current ADP of 65.2, my selection of him at 64 overall is in line with how the 2QB community values him.

QBs drafted this round: 3
QBs drafted in total: 14

Round 8

8.0171@LakeTwoQBsFitzgerald, Larry ARI WR
8.0272@gregsauceWinston, Jameis TBB QB
8.0373@BrianMaloneFFWhite, Kevin CHI WR
8.0474@Pat_ThormanMariota, Marcus TEN QB
8.0575@Joe_SiniscalchiJones, Matt WAS RB
8.0676@ben155390 Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB
8.0777@2QBFFBWoodhead, Danny SDC RB
8.0878@jeffd119Rawls, Thomas SEA RB
8.0979@BergerTwoQBsHill, Jeremy CIN RB
8.1080@amicstaEifert, Tyler CIN TE

One of the final holdouts of the Zero-QB trio, Mr. Smith, finally broke down and joined in on the fun of drafting quarterbacks, taking his QB1, Jameis Winston, with the second pick of the eighth round. When you wait this long to take your QB1, your squad should be strong everywhere else, allowing you the freedom to draft two or three quarterbacks in quick succession to make up for lost time. And that’s what Smith did in his late round quarterback strategy that began with Winston and continued with Matthew Stafford (10.02/QB20) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (12.02/QB25). Jameis Winston 2QB

Greg Smith on his draft strategy and waiting so long to take his first signal caller:

Waiting to draft quarterbacks is my default strategy and I wanted to follow it in this mock. In hindsight, I believe I waited one round (only three picks) too long for my QB1. I passed on Tony Romo in Round 7, thinking Josh wouldn’t take him at the 7/8 turn because he already had two QBs. I should have considered Josh’s earlier selection of Tom Brady before assuming Romo would come back. Brady’s suspension gave Josh incentive to lock up a quality QB3. As it turned out, I had to take the less proven Winston after Romo was sniped.

QBs drafted this round: 3
QBs drafted in total: 17

Round 9

9.0181@amicstaJackson, DeSean WAS WR
9.0282@BergerTwoQBsBrown, John ARI WR
9.0383@jeffd119Floyd, Michael ARI WR
9.0484@2QBFFBSmith, Alex KCC QB
9.0585@ben155390 Bernard, Giovani CIN RB
9.0686@Joe_SiniscalchiRyan, Matt ATL QB
9.0787@Pat_ThormanGore, Frank IND RB
9.0888@BrianMaloneFFHurns, Allen JAC WR
9.0989@gregsauceLockett, Tyler SEA WR
9.1090@LakeTwoQBsWalker, Delanie TEN TE

The ninth round was full of value picks at wide receiver, with DeSean Jackson, John Brown, Allen Hurns, and Tyler Lockett each going off the board. Each of those four wide outs have quite the boom/bust potential and can slot easily into a team’s WR2/WR3 role. If you’re adverse to drafting WRs early, drafting from this tier can make up for lost time.

So… I think I have an Alex Smith problem (h/t to Brian Malone for pointing it out). While I do think he’s quite the screaming value with his 2QB ADP of 110.8 (QB25), I feel as though my judgement has been cloudy when it comes to drafting him. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly do believe Smith should be on all your 2QB teams this year if you can select him as your QB3. Smith’s error-free/mobile-sneaky game lends itself to a safe floor (81.3 percent of his games last season saw him finish as a top-20 scorer), but also a higher ceiling than you would imagine.

But what is that worth? QB25? Sign me up every time. But at the draft slot I took him, 9.04 (QB18)? Maybe not so much. Especially when options such as Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Ryan Tannehill, Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler, and Ryan Fitzpatrick could have been had a round or three later.

However, I felt more comfortable post-draft knowing if I hadn’t taken Smith, he would have went off the board soon after…

Joe took Matt Ryan two picks after Smith. If you believe in a player strongly enough you have to feel comfortable with the thought of “reaching” for him a round or two early, especially if you play in a league that tends to know your draft tendencies and who you like.

QBs drafted this round: 2
QBs drafted in total: 19

Round 10

10.0191@LakeTwoQBsJones, Marvin DET WR
10.0292@gregsauceStafford, Matthew DET QB
10.0393@BrianMaloneFFPerriman, Breshad BAL WR
10.0494@Pat_ThormanTannehill, Ryan MIA QB
10.0595@Joe_SiniscalchiGreen-Beckham, Dorial TEN WR
10.0696@ben155390 Carr, Derek OAK QB
10.0797@2QBFFBLangford, Jeremy CHI RB
10.0898@jeffd119Austin, Tavon RAM WR
10.0999@BergerTwoQBsFlacco, Joe BAL QB
10.10100@amicstaSmith, Torrey SFO WR

With four quarterbacks taken in round ten, we are now officially into the QB3 tier territory of the draft. By the time round 11 rolls around, 23 signal callers will have been drafted. I warned earlier how if you wait on the position, you don’t want too wait too long and miss out on the QB2 tier. If you do, you’re looking at pinning your hopes on the shoulders of Robert Griffin III or Jared Goff. Be aware of your draft surroundings and don’t find yourself in a scenario where you have to reach for QB2/QB3 types to fill your QB1 slot.

I’m not sure how or why it happened, but it seems Ryan Tannehill has a bus full of truthers singing his praises. I first noticed it when Lake posted his quarterback rankings on Twitter and his mentions became a safe haven for people to cape up for Tannehill. Ryan Tannehill 2QB

Tannehill went off the board this round to Thorman with pick 10.04 (QB21) as his QB3, and there are few people whose fantasy opinion I trust more than his. This is what he had to say about the Miami Dolphins passer:

I’ve got hope for Tannehill, although I’ve said that twice before and ate my words. In the 10th round of a 2QB league, the price is more than palatable to find out if a third time is a charm. I’m a sucker for hints that an offense’s pace will pick up, and [Adam] Gase is reason for optimism in general. Although it has to be cautious optimism when talking Tanny.

Matthew Stafford is another name in fantasy circles where you either love him or hate him. He went two picks before Tannehill to Smith and I wanted to know how he projects Stafford in a Calvin Johnson-less offense:

The loss of Calvin Johnson is significant, but Stafford should still deliver serviceable QB2 production. Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, & Eric Ebron should be capable of picking up Megatron’s slack to a large degree. Those weapons are on par with those of the other middle-class fantasy QBs. Nevertheless, I acknowledge the risk associated with Stafford, so I made sure to draft two other quarterbacks, Ryan Fitzpatrick & Blaine Gabbert, for a quantity-over-quality approach.

QBs drafted this round: 4
QBs drafted in total: 23

Round 11

11.01101@amicstaProsise, C.J. SEA RB
11.02102@BergerTwoQBsWheaton, Markus PIT WR
11.03103@jeffd119Smith, Steve BAL WR
11.04104@2QBFFBFleener, Coby NOS TE
11.05105@ben155390 Cutler, Jay CHI QB
11.06106@Joe_SiniscalchiStewart, Jonathan CAR RB
11.07107@Pat_ThormanAbdullah, Ameer DET RB
11.08108@BrianMaloneFFHenry, Derrick TEN RB
11.09109@gregsauceYeldon, T.J. JAC RB
11.10110@LakeTwoQBsGordon, Melvin SDC RB

Jay Cutler was the 24th quarterback drafted, putting him in the QB3 tier of this draft. If we were playing in a league of 12 teams he would have been a low-end QB2. Cutler is a great example of how deep the quarterback position is this year. His 2QB ADP last season was 86 (QB22) and this year it’s 104.8 (QB23). He’s going almost a full three rounds later than last year. He might not have Martellus Bennett or Matt Forte to throw to, but a returning Alshon Jeffery provides him with a fantasy boost, as Cutler has scored 3.09 fantasy points more/game with Jeffery in the lineup than without since 2012. That’s according to the fantastic RotoViz Game Splits App.

Cutler went to Cummins as his third QB, following the earlier selections of Tyrod Taylor (8.06/QB17) and Derek Carr (10.06/QB22). I asked Ben to espouse on his quarterback drafting philosophy:

With so many relevant QBs available these days, I’m okay waiting on taking them, even in 2QB leagues. The opportunity cost of taking QBs early is bypassing WRs and RBs with guaranteed roles. I don’t feel as comfortable projecting out roles for some of the middle round WRs and RBs, especially this early in the year. I was able to still draft three QBs that I know, barring injury, are going to start all 16 games in 2016, even though I waited to take my first one in the eighth round. There is definitely some risk involved in waiting that long, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in this case.

I’d be lying to you if I told you that I’m completely comfortable with Tyrod Taylor being my QB1. With Sammy Watkins’ timetable to return looking very iffy right now, Tyrod doesn’t have much to throw to. However, Tyrod’s value increases in a 4 point per passing TD league, which was one of the rules of this mock. Tyrod’s rushing yards and rushing TDs should mitigate some of the advantage the other owners will have on me with their starting QBs throwing for more yards and more passing TDs. I’m banking on my advantage at WR, and to some extent RB, being more valuable over the course of the season than the advantage some of the other owners have on me at the QB position. Getting Derek Carr in the 10th and Jay Cutler in the 11th helped as well.

QBs drafted this round: 1
QBs drafted in total: 24

Round 12

12.01111@LakeTwoQBsEbron, Eric DET TE
12.02112@gregsauceFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB
12.03113@BrianMaloneFFGoff, Jared RAM QB
12.04114@Pat_ThormanGreen, Ladarius PIT TE
12.05115@Joe_SiniscalchiOsweiler, Brock HOU QB
12.06116@ben155390 Shepard, Sterling NYG WR
12.07117@2QBFFBBlount, LeGarrette NEP RB
12.08118@jeffd119Jackson, Vincent TBB WR
12.09119@BergerTwoQBsMiller, Braxton HOU WR
12.10120@amicstaGriffin III, Robert CLE QB

We’re getting to the point of the draft where the quarterback position has been picked bone dry. One name that stood out to me was Jared Goff. The real life 1.01 overall pick was the first rookie quarterback taken in this draft, going to Brian Malone at 12.03 (QB26). Jared Goff 2QB

Here’s what Brian had to say in regards to drafting Goff:

I was bummed that I missed on some of the guys in the QB21-25 range, but I didn’t consider any QBs other than Goff at this pick. For a QB3, my top priority is getting someone who’s cemented as the starter. Goff doesn’t have Paxton Lynch’s upside, but he was one of the few guys left on the board who should start 16 games.

QBs drafted this round: 4
QBs drafted in total: 28

Round 13

13.01121@amicstaWashington, DeAndre OAK RB
13.02122@BergerTwoQBsJennings, Rashad NYG RB
13.03123@jeffd119Ertz, Zach PHI TE
13.04124@2QBFFBWilliams, DeAngelo PIT RB
13.05125@ben155390 Bennett, Martellus NEP TE
13.06126@Joe_SiniscalchiTreadwell, Laquon MIN WR
13.07127@Pat_ThormanSims, Charles TBB RB
13.08128@BrianMaloneFFGates, Antonio SDC TE
13.09129@gregsauceRiddick, Theo DET RB
13.10130@LakeTwoQBsBenjamin, Travis SDC WR

If you don’t want to draft a tight end early (Gronk/Reed) or in the mid-rounds (Greg Olsen/Travis Kelce), you’re going to have numerous appealing options late. Round 13 provides a few examples of the type of tight end you can draft if you wait on the position: Zach Ertz, Martellus Bennett, Antonio Gates.

QBs drafted this round: 0
QBs drafted in total: 28

Round 14

14.01131@LakeTwoQBsAiken, Kamar BAL WR
14.02132@gregsauceBarnidge, Gary CLE TE
14.03133@BrianMaloneFFColeman, Tevin ATL RB
14.04134@Pat_ThormanSnead, Willie NOS WR
14.05135@Joe_SiniscalchiThomas, Julius JAC TE
14.06136@ben155390 Allen, Dwayne IND TE
14.07137@2QBFFBSanchez, Mark DEN QB
14.08138@jeffd119Bridgewater, Teddy MIN QB
14.09139@BergerTwoQBsThomas, Michael NOS WR
14.10140@amicstaSeferian-Jenkins, Austin TBB TE

Last offseason was full of optimism for Teddy Bridgewater. He was viewed as a high-end QB2 option, with a 2QB ADP of 59.8. He was going just ten picks after Tom Brady. Let that sink in for a moment. This year the wagon has turned around, been burnt to the ground, and the carriage horses sold off for whatever they can fetch.

Bridgewater’s 2QB ADP this year is 125.3 (QB29), where he is sandwiched between Jared Goff and Blaine Gabbert. Whew. Bridgewater was the 30th signal caller selected, going to Jeff Dumont with pick 14.08. I asked him if envisions a bounce back season for the Vikings signal caller:

I believe we will see the true Teddy Throwsevelt this season. Trying to throw the ball to Cordarrelle Patterson as a rookie in frigid temperatures playing outdoors at the University of Minnesota’s stadium is less than ideal. The brand new US Bank Stadium will be a boon to the entire Vikings passing offense. Rookie first round pick Laquon Treadwell was the most polished, NFL-ready receiver in the draft this year. He will make an impact from Day 1 as a security blanket type of possession receiver with sure hands Bridgewater desperately needed. Add in Stefon Diggs, Charles Johnson, and Jarius Wright with ole’ reliable Kyle Rudolph and we will see the Vikings light up the scoreboard this season.

QBs drafted this round: 2
QBs drafted in total: 30

Round 15

15.01141@amicstaDiggs, Stefon MIN WR
15.02142@BergerTwoQBsGinn Jr., Ted CAR WR
15.03143@jeffd119Graham, Jimmy SEA TE
15.04144@2QBFFBLynch, Paxton DEN QB
15.05145@ben155390 Doctson, Josh WAS WR
15.06146@Joe_SiniscalchiIvory, Chris JAC RB
15.07147@Pat_ThormanCoates, Sammie PIT WR
15.08148@BrianMaloneFFGordon, Josh CLE WR
15.09149@gregsauceMcKinnon, Jerick MIN RB
15.10150@LakeTwoQBsJohnson, Chris ARI RB

With Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith taking up residency as my starting quarterbacks, my QB3 slot became a crowded affair. First there was Mark Sanchez (14.07/QB29) and then came along Paxton Lynch (15.04/QB31).

Whoever starts at quarterback for the Broncos this year will be an upgrade over last year’s options and will slide into an offense with Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas to throw to. Being able to draft a quarterback late who is tied to an elite WR (or two) is a cheap way to latch onto fantasy production, and Sanchez/Lynch fit the bill.

Of course both of these picks could become moot if Trevor ‘Airman’ Siemian winds up the QB1.

QBs drafted this round: 1
QBs drafted in total: 31

Round 16

16.01151@LakeTwoQBsGarcon, Pierre WAS WR
16.02152@gregsauceGabbert, Blaine SFO QB
16.03153@BrianMaloneFFWilliams, Karlos BUF RB
16.04154@Pat_ThormanBradford, Sam PHI QB
16.05155@Joe_SiniscalchiCrowell, Isaiah CLE RB
16.06156@ben155390 Foster, Arian FA* RB
16.07157@2QBFFBDraughn, Shaun SFO RB
16.08158@jeffd119Hogan, Chris NEP WR
16.09159@BergerTwoQBsCruz, Victor NYG WR
16.10160@amicstaFuller, Will HOU WR

Blaine Gabbert might be the starting quarterback in San Francisco. Don’t laugh. In seven of his eight games last season he finished as a top-20 fantasy quarterback. As a late-round burner pick, it’s hard to find that type of floor in your QB3/4.

Blaine Gabbert QB Stat Card

Quarterbacking a Chip Kelly offense could see Gabbert flirt once again with QB2 type numbers, which would be a nice return on your investment if you draft the former Jags quarterback in the last round or pick him up as an undrafted free agent.

QBs drafted this round: 2
QBs drafted in total: 33

10-Team 2QB Draft Final Rosters

2QB Draft Rosters

TwoQBs Draft Roster

TwoQBs Staff Draft Roster

Snapshot of All Quarterbacks Drafted

PickOverallTeamQB Drafted
1.011@amicstaNewton, Cam CAR QB
1.022@BergerTwoQBsRodgers, Aaron GBP QB
1.088@BrianMaloneFFLuck, Andrew IND QB
2.0414@Pat_ThormanWilson, Russell SEA QB
2.1020@amicstaBrees, Drew NOS QB
3.0323@jeffd119Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
3.1030@LakeTwoQBsBrady, Tom NEP QB
4.0939@BergerTwoQBsManning, Eli NYG QB
5.0343@jeffd119Palmer, Carson ARI QB
5.0646@Joe_SiniscalchiRivers, Philip SDC QB
5.1050@LakeTwoQBsDalton, Andy CIN QB
7.0464@2QBFFBCousins, Kirk WAS QB
7.0868@BrianMaloneFFBortles, Blake JAC QB
7.1070@LakeTwoQBsRomo, Tony DAL QB
8.0272@gregsauceWinston, Jameis TBB QB
8.0474@Pat_ThormanMariota, Marcus TEN QB
8.0676@ben155390 Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB
9.0484@2QBFFBSmith, Alex KCC QB
9.0686@Joe_SiniscalchiRyan, Matt ATL QB
10.0292@gregsauceStafford, Matthew DET QB
10.0494@Pat_ThormanTannehill, Ryan MIA QB
10.0696@ben155390 Carr, Derek OAK QB
10.0999@BergerTwoQBsFlacco, Joe BAL QB
11.05105@ben155390 Cutler, Jay CHI QB
12.02112@gregsauceFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB
12.03113@BrianMaloneFFGoff, Jared RAM QB
12.05115@Joe_SiniscalchiOsweiler, Brock HOU QB
12.10120@amicstaGriffin III, Robert CLE QB
14.07137@2QBFFBSanchez, Mark DEN QB
14.08138@jeffd119Bridgewater, Teddy MIN QB
15.04144@2QBFFBLynch, Paxton DEN QB
16.02152@gregsauceGabbert, Blaine SFO QB
16.04154@Pat_ThormanBradford, Sam PHI QB

Final 2QB Parting Thoughts

By the end of the draft, 33 quarterbacks were drafted, with every team selecting at least three quarterbacks and few even walking away with a foursome at the position. We saw a wide array of strategies from Amico’s QB/QB start out of the 1.01 slot to Berger going Stud (Aaron Rodgers) and Streaming (Eli Manning/Joe Flacco) to Smith playing the late round QB game (Jameis Winston/Matthew Stafford/Ryan Fitzpatrick/Blaine Gabbert).

It’s still hard for me to take a quarterback early in 2QB leagues, but Amico provided you with a blueprint on how to make it work. Yet, my preference is to wait on the position and attack it in the mid-rounds while building a hopeful juggernaut of a roster elsewhere. I’ll let Thorman close out the show with his parting comment on the quarterback position…

I’m not sure if it was due to it being an industry mock or a 10 team league or just good depth at the position, but securing QBs was not hard for a 2QB format. Probably it’s some combination of all three factors. Whatever the reason, building depth there if you don’t have to force the issue and reach for QBs would put a roster in a good in-season trading position when injuries and bye weeks crop up.

*2QB Redraft ADP for 2016 referenced in this article can be found on our Redraft ADP page.

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