Dynamic Dynasty Duos

Dynamic Dynasty Duos


It’s Superheros Week at TwoQBs. Bobby Koch kicked things off yesterday, comparing AFC quarterbacks to their superhero counterparts. Later in the week, we’ll have the NFC and Free Agent/Rookie editions of the series, plus more superhero related content.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest comic book geek in the world, but I do enjoy losing myself in a great graphic novel — I highly recommend Blankets by Craig Thompson. However, in an attempt to contribute to Superheros Week, I perused our recently updated 2QB Dynasty ADP data to come up with QB duos you can target in your upcoming dynasty drafts and named them after superhero duos.

These duos will be tied to the three main 2QB draft strategies featured on our site: Early-Round QBs, Studs and Streaming QBs, and Late-Round QBs.

Early-Round QB Duo: Batman and Robin

Is there a more iconic superhero duo than Batman and Robin? If you were to participate in a superhero duo mock draft they would undeniably be the 1.01. In order to acquire the Batman and Robin of QB duos in your 2QB dynasty league you’re going to have to pay up. According to ADP, the signal-callers with a first- or second-round ADP are: Aaron Rodgers (1.06), Russell Wilson (1.11), Deshaun Watson (2.01), Carson Wentz (2.03), Jared Goff (2.06), Andrew Luck (2.08), and Marcus Mariota (2.11).

It’ll be difficult to pull off a QB-QB draft strategy with only seven signal-callers with an ADP in the first two rounds, but it’s doable. I’ll admit drafting two QBs in the first two rounds isn’t my ideal draft strategy since it means missing out on top WRs and RBs, but I have come around to at least entertaining the thought after reading this article by Nathan Powell.

Having experienced how difficult and costly it can be to trade for QBs in two-quarterback dynasty leagues, especially the elites ones, I have come to realize the most cost-effective time to acquire high-end QB1s is during a startup draft, and Nathan does a great job of stressing this point in his article. It’s not out of the question to see a signal-caller like Russell Wilson fetch multiple first rounders in a trade, compared to being able to acquire him for just one pick during the draft.

Going QB-QB means bypassing the likes of Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham at WR, or Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson at RB, but if the QBs you select early hit, you’ll have trade assets to bolster the rest of your squad. Don’t forget to target later-round rookie QBs or cheap vets (Ryan Tannehill – ADP of 145 overall) you can slide into your QB2 spot if/when you trade away one of your elite QBs.

Studs and Streaming QB Duo Trio: Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, and Big Daddy

Okay, so I’m cheating with this tier by going with a trio, but you need (at least) three quarterbacks for this strategy to work: one for your QB1 slot and two you can stream during the season as your QB2. I was a little stumped on superhero trios, so thank Bobby Koch for this tier’s inspiration.

When utilizing a studs and streaming approach to 2QB drafts, you’re looking to secure your QB1 within the first four rounds — Matthew Stafford with an ADP of 33 overall is the QB12 — and then you can can focus on selecting a pair of streaming QB2 signal-callers in the mid-to-late rounds. This strategy allows you to still roster an early-round QB1, while not having to use early-round draft capital on your second signal-caller.

One of the reasons to implement this strategy is so you can use your early-round draft picks on other skill positions players while still coming away with a high-end fantasy quarterback. Based on ADP, Kirk Cousins at 40 overall (QB13) would be an ideal QB1 to target.

Since becoming the full-time starting quarterback in Washington, Cousins has finished as the fantasy QB10, QB4, and QB4 (when you exclude Week 17 of each season). He’s averaged 4,392 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions over that three-year span. Of course, the caveat being he played in a passer-friendly system under Jay Gruden, and we’re unsure where he will ply his trade in 2018. There has been talk of Minnesota landing Cousins, and if that pairing were to come to fruition, an ADP of 40 overall feels like a bargain.

Which QBs to pair with Cousins will depend on your draft mentality and how much you want to spend on the position. Based on cost and draft position, the below tier seems like a solid one to target:

• You can go young/old — Mitch Trubisky/Alex Smith
• You can go vet/vet — Drew Brees/Philip Rivers/Blake Bortles
• You can go young/young — Mitch Trubisky/Baker Mayfield

Derrik Klassen’s breakdown of Mitch Trubisky’s potential in Matt Nagy’s offense has the feel of a second-year fantasy boom ala Carson Wentz and Jared Goff last season. While Alex Smith won’t replicate his fantasy QB2 campaign of a year ago, he should still produce as a solid QB2 in Jay Gruden’s system — and at QB22, the price is right. Brees and Rivers are dependable veterans who may not have many years of high-end fantasy production left, but that is baked-in with their cost. Mayfield is being hyped up as the best of the rookie QB tier, but you can substitute his name for any other incoming rookie quarterback you feel comfortable with.

Late-Round QB Duos: Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Waiting until the very late rounds of your draft to grab your two starting quarterbacks can be risky. It can also be fun. Risky and fun are the defining features of Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

In a dynasty setting, waiting until the later rounds to draft your quarterback depth chart can be dangerous. Most of the startable signal-callers will most likely be long gone so you might have to pounce earlier than the end of your draft. However, this strategy allows you the opportunity to stock up on all the high-end WR, RB, and TE talent as your league-mates use early draft capital on the QB position.

Let’s pretend you’re in a 12-team 2QB startup draft and you decide not to select a quarterback until every other team has at least both their passers. That would potentially leave you with the following tier of QBs to choose from:

The best plan of attack would be to go youth heavy, with a dose of cheap veterans. Which rookies to target will depend on their April landing spots, but it’s become clear Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen are the top tier of rookie QBs.

The vets shown above may not instill the greatest of confidence, but Andy Dalton has finished no worse than QB19 (excluding Week 17s) in his seven-year career, and that includes two top-12 finishes, and Blake Bortles has three straight top-12 fantasy finishes and is one of 11 quarterbacks to throw for 90 touchdowns in their first four seasons. Based on ADP, you could pair them together and add a rookie to complete your depth chart.

If all goes according to plan with a late-round QB strategy, the early part of your draft could look like this based on current ADP: Antonio Brown, Alvin Kamara, Amari Cooper, Derrick Henry, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Evan Engram, Andy Dalton, Robert Woods, and Blake Bortles.

Of course, you could find yourself in a QB-heavy draft and be left with Eli Manning and Josh McCown as your starting QBs. And that would be a scary scenario in which you’d be pleading for Batman and Robin to save you.

*Stats used in this article courtesy of Pro Football Focus and Pro-Football-Reference

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