FREE 2016 2QB Draft Strategies eBook

FREE 2016 2QB Draft Strategies eBook is proud to present a FREE downloadable PDF eBook copy of Salvatore Stefanile’s updated 2016 2QB draft strategy articles for 2QB fantasy football leagues. …

Draft day is simultaneously the most fun and nerve-racking day of the year in fantasy football leagues. Months spent researching players, play-calling tendencies, and ADP data all come to a head the moment you are on the clock.

We at TwoQBs have done our best to prepare you for draft day and our very own Salvatore Stefanile has updated the three elemental 2QB draft strategies for 2016. We have compiled each of the three draft strategies into an easy-to-digest eBook for your reading pleasure.

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Salvatore Stefanile

Salvatore Stefanile is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) and has been playing fantasy football since his high school days. He is a proponent of 2QB fantasy football leagues and his work has been featured on XN Sports, RotoViz, and Rotoworld. His writing on 2QB fantasy football leagues earned him the FSWA award for 'Best Fantasy Football On-Going Series' in 2013. He earned a second FSWA nomination in 2015. You can follow him on Twitter @2QBFFB

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