Top-200 2QB Auction Values Cheat Sheet

Top-200 2QB Auction Values Cheat Sheet

Josh Berger laid out his blueprint for drafting in 2QB auction leagues and provided many helpful tips to formulate a strategy and dominant auctions. If you have an upcoming auction draft you can find our auction values $$$ cheat sheets for 10-team 2QB auction leagues and 12-team Superflex auction leagues leagues below. We have also included a downloadable PDF version you can print at home.

Click here to download a printable version of the Top-200 2QB Auction Values Cheat Sheet

Click here to download a printable version of the Top-200 Superflex Auction Values Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet auction values are based on a $200 budget. If you don’t see a player or team defense listed assume their value is zero dollars.

If you’ll recall from Berger’s auction strategy and tips article, he recommends you go into your auction draft with a set budget in place for each position. If you’re new to the 2QB auction format and are looking for a guiding hand, Berger’s position-specific budget is: $58 QB – $80 RB – $50 WR – $10 TE – $2 D/K.

10-team 2QB auction value $$$ cheat sheet

12-team Superflex auction values $$$ cheat sheet

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15 thoughts on “Top-200 2QB Auction Values Cheat Sheet”

  • Many thanks to you all for this resource; I believe that in 3-5 yrs. a 2QB wave will carry this site to new heights.

  • I am new to the auction draft and I’m am in a league with 2qbs, 2rb, 3wr,TE and 2 flex spots (wr,rb,te only). No kickers or defense. Cap money is 250$ with 10 teams. How does this change the values? thanks

    • @Bleezy: Adding $50 to each team’s budget will make all players more expensive, but not equally across the board. The elite players will likely go much higher in value and the lower-tier guys will bump up a little bit. Having more money to play with adds extra reward to the “Stars & Scrubs” strategy, where you can spend heavily on high-end talent and spend very little on most of your bench.

      If your opponents don’t adjust properly and stick to default auction values for a $200 cap, try to go over the top with your bids on the elite players. A 10-team league is shallow enough that you’ll easily be able to find cheap players with upside at the end of the auction and off the waiver wire, so don’t be afraid to overspend on the best players early.

  • You have an extra $50 to play around with so you can bump up the average spend across the board. The two flex spots means you’ll be spreading the money around on the RB/WR more so than your normally would. The $$$ values for each position will be higher just because there is more money to spend as a whole and per team.

  • This sheet is great! We’ve been doing the 10 team 2-qb league for 5 years now and this is the first cheat sheet that actually helps… Any chance these values will be updated for pre-season injuries and other news before the 1st game starts next week?

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