2QB Dynasty Top 200: February 2017 Edition

2QB Dynasty Top 200: February 2017 Edition

With the fantasy off-season entering one of it’s busiest times of the year, being able to compare the value of players is going to be important. To help you in your quest to make trades and other acquisitions to improve your 2QB dynasty teams, I put together a 2QB Dynasty Top-200 rankings list. Included in the ranks is the player name, position, and position rank.

RankPlayerPositionPosition Rank
1Mike EvansWR1
2Odell BeckhamWR2
3Antonio BrownWR3
4Amari CooperWR4
5Julio JonesWR5
6Ezekiel ElliottRB1
7David JohnsonRB2
8TY HiltonWR6
9Allen RobinsonWR7
10DeAndre HopkinsWR8
11Le'Veon BellRB3
12Brandin CooksWR9
13Keenan AllenWR10
14Sammy WatkinsWR11
15AJ GreenWR12
16Dez BryantWR13
17Stefon DiggsWR14
18Jarvis LandryWR15
19Michael ThomasWR16
20Jordy NelsonWR17
21Rob GronkowskiTE1
22Davante AdamsWR18
23Andrew LuckQB1
24Alshon JefferyWR19
25Doug BaldwinWR20
26Aaron RodgersQB2
27Demaryius ThomasWR21
28Todd GurleyRB4
29Melvin GordonRB5
30Devonta FreemanRB6
31Devante ParkerWR22
32Russell WilsonQB3
33Corey ColemanWR23
34Travis KelceTE2
35Lamar MillerRB7
36Golden TateWR24
37Cam NewtonQB4
38Drew BreesQB5
39Emmanuel SandersWR25
40Jordan MatthewsWR26
41Donte MoncriefWR27
42Jordan HowardRB8
43Terrelle PryorWR28
44DeMarco MurrayRB9
45Dak PrescottQB6
46Marcus MariotaQB7
47Jay AjayiRB10
48Jordan ReedTE3
49LeSean McCoyRB11
50Michael CrabtreeWR29
51Rishard MatthewsWR30
52Jamison CrowderWR31
53Tyrell WilliamsWR32
54Jameis WinstonQB8
55Derek CarrQB9
56Tyler EifertTE4
57Will FullerWR33
58Matt RyanQB10
59Kirk CousinsQB11
60Carlos HydeRB12
61CJ ProsiseRB13
62Julian EdelmanWR34
63Derrick HenryRB14
64Cameron MeredithWR35
65Tom BradyQB12
66Greg OlsenTE5
67Tyler LockettWR36
68Jeremy MaclinWR37
69Tyler BoydWR38
70Jerick McKinnonRB15
71Matthew StaffordQB13
72Randall CobbWR39
73Eric DeckerWR40
74Kelvin BenjaminWR41
75Breshad PerrimanWR42
76Sterling ShepardWR43
77Josh DoctsonWR44
78Blake BortlesQB14
79Spencer WareRB16
80Mark IngramRB17
81Tevin ColemanRB18
82CJ AndersonRB19
83Ty MontgomeryRB20
84Willie SneadWR45
85Marvin JonesWR46
86Malcolm MitchellWR47
87Hunter HenryTE6
88Tyrod TaylorQB15
89Jimmy GrahamTE7
90Andy DaltonQB16
91Martavis BryantWR48
92John BrownWR49
93Michael FloydWR50
94Dion LewisRB21
95Philip RiversQB17
96Ben RoethlisbergerQB18
97Duke JohnsonRB22
98Tony RomoQB19
99Giovani BernardRB23
100DeSean JacksonWR51
101Ameer AbdullahRB24
102Brandon MarshallWR52
103Eric EbronTE8
104Ryan TannehillQB20
105Marqise LeeWR53
106Eli ManningQB21
107Larry FitzgeraldWR54
108Thomas RawlsRB25
109JJ NelsonWR55
110Kenny BrittWR56
111Delanie WalkerTE9
112Jimmy GaroppoloQB22
113Kevin WhiteWR57
114Isaiah CrowellRB26
115Bilal PowellRB27
116Theo RiddickRB28
117LeGarrette BlountRB29
118Dorial Green-BeckhamWR58
119Devin FunchessWR59
120Leonte CarrooWR60
121Alex SmithQB23
122Quincy EnunwaWR61
123Adam ThielenWR62
124Ladarius GreenTE10
125Chris HoganWR63
126Robert WoodsWR64
127Tyreek HillWR65
128Eddie LacyRB30
129Jeremy HillRB31
130Kenneth DixonRB32
131Zach ErtzTE11
132Devontae BookerRB33
133DeAndre WashingtonRB34
134Charles SimsRB35
135Doug MartinRB36
136Paul PerkinsRB37
137Laquon TreadwellWR66
138Sammie CoatesWR67
139Carson WentzQB24
140Phillip DorsettWR68
141Joe FlaccoQB25
142Allen HurnsWR69
143Cole BeasleyWR70
144Latavius MurrayRB38
145Rob KelleyRB39
146Adrian PetersonRB40
147James WhiteRB41
148Paxton LynchQB26
149Ryan MathewsRB42
150Tavon AustinWR71
151Josh GordonWR72
152Jared GoffQB27
153Sam BradfordQB28
154Charcandrick WestRB43
155Taylor GabrielWR73
156Kenny StillsWR74
157Zach ZennerRB44
158Pharoh CooperWR75
159Tajae SharpeWR76
160Jamaal CharlesRB45
161Martellus BennettTE12
162Mohamed SanuWR77
163Jared CookTE13
164Eli RogersWR78
165Jonathan StewartRB46
166TJ YeldonRB47
167Kyle RudolphTE14
168Austin HooperTE15
169Robby AndersonWR79
170Jalen RichardRB48
171Wendell SmallwoodRB49
172Colin KaepernickQB29
173Mike GlennonQB30
174Matt ForteRB50
175Tyler HigbeeTE16
176Chris ConleyWR80
177Kenyan DrakeRB51
178Travis BenjaminWR81
179Coby FleenerTE17
180Paul RichardsonWR82
181Jeff JanisWR83
182Dwayne AllenTE18
183Alex CollinsRB52
184Cameron BrateTE19
185Christine MichaelRB53
186Mike WallaceWR84
187Rex BurkheadRB54
188Nelson AgholorWR85
189Dwayne WashingtonRB55
190Geronimo AllisonWR86
191Frank GoreRB56
192Terrance WestRB57
193Clive WalfordTE20
194Kendall WrightWR87
195Chris ThompsonRB58
196Cordarrelle PattersonWR88
197Roger LewisWR89
198Danny WoodheadRB59
199Darren SprolesRB60
200Seth RobertsWR90

A few notes on my ranks:

  • These rankings are based on PPR 2QB leagues.
  • Mike Evans is my top player overall and five receivers make up my top-five.
  • My first quarterback in the rankings is Andrew Luck, who comes in at 23. Why so low? Even in a 2QB league I think it’s important to consider the opportunity cost at the position. An elite skill player is still more valuable to me than a quarterback. What you will notice is that there is a significant overall bump in the value of the position, with my 12th ranked signal-caller coming in at 65th overall.
  • Things get ugly really quickly at running back. There are three of them in my top-11 and then just eight more in my top-60.
  • Overall, I ranked 30 quarterbacks, 60 running backs, 90 receivers, and 20 tight ends.
  • You won’t find any rookies in this initial set of rankings. It will be more beneficial to wait until after the NFL Draft to rank rookies, as landing spots will play a pivotal role in their rankings. In the meantime, catch up on my QB prospect profile series to prepare yourself for this year’s draft.

I will be updating these rankings once a month, so that they stay relevant to you as you make your 2QB dynasty decisions. If you have any comments or questions on my ranks, please reach out to me on Twitter or in the comments section. Enjoy!

Anthony Amico

Anthony is a former football coach and possesses two different mathematics degrees. He uses his combined knowledge in those two fields to dominate the fantasy landscape across a variety of formats, including daily fantasy, dynasty, and 2QB. Anthony is currently a contributor for RotoViz, Fantasy Insiders, and TwoQBs, and has a pure passion for the game, both in real life and fantasy. 

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