2QB Rookie Draft Dynasty Mock

2QB Rookie Draft Dynasty Mock

To get a sense of how the incoming rookies are valued regardless of situation in 2QB dynasty leagues, I assembled a rookie mock draft. Participants include the TwoQBs.com staff. … and some other two-quarterback enthusiasts from Twitter for a 2QB rookie draft mock prior to this weekend’s NFL draft.

The Drafters:

  1. John Orr (@DFF_JohnIDP)
  2. Greg Smith (@gregsauce)
  3. Brian Malone (@BrianMaloneFF)
  4. Anthony Amico (@amicsta)
  5. Chris Cheung (@FFDynasty101)
  6. Jeff Miller (@FFJeffM)
  7. Joe Siniscalchi (@Joe_Siniscalchi)
  8. Drew Dodson (@DrewDodsonNFL)
  9. Joshua Berger (@BergerTwoQBs)
  10. Salvatore Stefanile (@2QBFFB)
  11. James Simpson (@JS_football)
  12. Joshua Lake (@LakeTwoQBs)

Our mock draft mirrored the NFL draft in that the pick order did not snake between rounds.  John had the first pick of every round, Greg had the second pick of every round, and so on.


The Picks:

1.01: Ezekiel Elliott, RB – Ohio State

My thoughts: For now, this is about as cut and dry as you can get. Elliott is the unquestioned 1.01, even given the format. The gap between him and the field is staggering.

1.02: Josh Doctson, WR – TCU 

Greg’s thoughts: At 1.02, I knew I’d have my pick of the wide receiver litter and I opted for Josh Doctson. He may not be as polished as Laquon Treadwell, but Doctson’s advantage in the speed department coupled with his phenomenal ball skills could offer greater upside.  The age difference between Doctson & Treadwell is another strike against my pick, but I’m hoping the extra experience for Doctson has better primed him for immediate contribution in the NFL.

My thoughts: Although unlikely, I wouldn’t be shocked if once situations play out, Jared Goff or Carson Wentz go this high given the format. I’m not the biggest Docston fan, but I certainly understand/could get behind this pick if I was.

1.03: Laquon Treadwell, WR – Mississippi

Brian’s thoughts: I wouldn’t have thought hard before taking Treadwell at 1.02, so at 1.03 he was an insta-pick.  I don’t care about the stopwatch: the guy can play WR.

1.04: Corey Coleman, WR – Baylor

Anthony’s thoughts: Corey Coleman is my top overall player in this draft class, so I was very pleased to get him at 1.04.

1.05: Leonte Carroo, WR – Rutgers

My thoughts: After the big three at wideout, Carroo is the top of that second tier based on talent. I have a feeling if he goes on Day Three of the draft (due to character concerns), he will fall out of the first round of rookie drafts.

1.06: Michael Thomas, WR – Ohio State

My thoughts: We’re six picks in and the top QBs plus Derrick Henry are all on the board. Are these selections the product of a weak draft pool, the general trend of waiting on quarterback, the devaluation of running backs, or all of the above?

1.07: Derrick Henry, RB – Alabama

My thoughts: I have Henry as my 2b in this draft (Treadwell is 2a), so I was ecstatic to land him here. In a class where there’s such a talent drop between the tiers at skill positions, I’d argue Henry should be at least a no brainer top five pick.

1.08: Tyler Boyd, WR- Pitt

Drew’s thoughts: #1 WR in this class.

1.09: Sterling Shepard, WR – Oklahoma

My thoughts: Nine picks in, zero QBs taken. Now I’m shocked.

1.10: Will Fuller, WR – Notre Dame

Sal’s thoughts: I don’t see much separating the Josh Doctson/Laquon Treadwell/Corey Coleman/Leonte Carroo/Sterling Shepard/Will Fuller tier at wideout. I’d be happy with any one of them and it so happened Fuller was the last available when it was my turn to pick. If you’re comfortable with a number of wideouts yourself and have an early pick, trading down and picking the last man standing could be a way to stockpile assets.

My thoughts: I couldn’t agree more with Sal’s last note. The only issue is, I fear other owners will think the same way, causing the market to be flooded with sellers, not buyers.

1.11: Kenneth Dixon, RB – Louisiana Tech

James’ thoughts: I do see him as someone who can be a FF starter, and the lack/unpredictability of top RBs may put him straight into the RB1 tier in a good spot. With hindsight, I would have probably gone with one of the QBs because of how valuable they will be in 2QB leagues, but the way I would generally build a 2QB team lends to drafting RBs and picking up solid vet QBs.

My thoughts: Dixon’s situation reminds me somewhat of Bishop Sankey’s two years ago in the sense that his ranking/draft status isn’t based on talent, but rather the premise that he simply is the next best RB. I think both are/were overrated prospects, but had their draft stock inflated due to scarcity. Sankey wasn’t a great prospect, but the class was perceived as so poor coming in that he was the number one back, and teams reached for the need. Someone has to lead that tier behind Elliott and Henry, but that doesn’t mean Dixon is worth a first round pick in my opinion.

1.12 Carson Wentz, QB – North Dakota State Goff

Joshua’s thoughts: I was shocked both QBs were on the board at 12th overall. Draft spot and order will tell us more later, but for now I’m chasing upside with Wentz over Goff.

My thoughts: I’m also shocked we only saw one QB go in the first round and even more so that it was the last pick. Right now, I would take both top QBs in the middle of round one. If the market suppresses their value this much post-draft, then those who pick late in round one are in for potential steals.

2.01: Jared Goff, QB – California

Greg’s thoughts: Waiting to draft passers is more in vogue than ever, but the payoff is huge in dynasty when you can lock up a usable fantasy quarterback from the outset of that player’s career.

My thoughts: After getting Zeke at the 1.01, this is a coup for John. It seems the consensus around Goff and Wentz is that they aren’t as good of prospects as some of the others in recent years. In a generally weak class, I still don’t think they warrant falling this far. I couldn’t agree more with Greg.

2.02: Braxton Miller, WR- Ohio State

2.03: Alex Collins, RB – Arkansas

Brian’s thoughts: Rookie RB roulette has pretty good odds.

My thoughts: Of the third tier RBs, I was surprised to see Collins go first over CJ Prosise and Devontae Booker, two prospects with much higher ceilings.

2.04: CJ Prosise, RB – Notre Dame

Anthony’s thoughts: A first-round player that fell to round two, Prosise should be at the least a nice passing game complement and at best a three-down running back.

2.05: Devontae Booker, RB – Utah

My thoughts: Booker was a workhorse in his time at Utah. A knock on him is his age, but in all honesty, running backs have such a short shelf life to begin with. I’d gladly take someone who can immediately contribute for the next 4-5 years.

2.06: Tajae Sharpe, WR – UMass

2.07: Paxton Lynch, QB – Memphis

My thoughts: Given the format, this pick was a no-brainer. I’m not overly bullish on Lynch as a prospect, but at the end of round two, he’s certainly worth the risk in a sea of “meh” talent.

2.08: Jordan Howard, RB – Indiana

Drew’s thoughts: This guy is my number three RB pushing to be my number two.

2.09: Pharoh Cooper, WR – South Carolina

2.10: Dak Prescott, QB – Mississippi State

Sal’s thoughts: I had two players earmarked for this pick: CJ Prosise and Prescott. I was excited at the prospect of pairing up the Notre Dame grads, Fuller and Prosise, but Anthony Amico beat me to the punch. I knew I wanted at least one quarterback from this draft class, and Prescott is right up there with Wentz and Goff in a tier of their own. I didn’t think Prescott would be on the board with my third-round pick so I secured his talents in the second.

2.11: Jonathan Williams, RB –Arkansas

James’ thoughts: When I get into the second round of rookie drafts and beyond, I really just bank on talent. In this case, Williams seems like a forgotten man after not doing anything in 2015. I optimistically think he can get back to his best, and his best is better than most of the other backs in the class.

2.12: Rashard Higgins, WR – Colorado State

My thoughts: It’s tough to get a read on the second round until we see landing spots. Based on talent alone, it’s very hard to differentiate the value from the mid to end of the second round. Higgins is essentially a dart throw.

3.01: Paul Perkins, RB – UCLA

3.02: Christian Hackenberg, QB – Penn State

Greg’s thoughts: After just missing on Wentz & Goff at 2.02, I knew I’d need to prioritize QB with one of my final picks.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Hack available in the third round.  In his Armchair Scouting Reports series, Anthony Amico compared Hackenberg to Eli Manning  — a serviceable real-life quarterback with the tools to be great for fantasy within the proper context.  In a 2QB format, I will gladly reach for that sort of ceiling with a 3rd-round rookie pick.

My thoughts: I can see Hackenberg climbing as high as the mid-first depending on his landing spot and the capital used on him in the NFL draft. This feels right for me, and I have him ranked as the fourth-best QB in the class.

3.03: Vernon Adams, QB – Oregon

Brian’s thoughts: Vernon Adams is so enticing in Superflex. He seems pretty likely to fetch a rookie 1st at some point in his career. Probably a reach here, but I didn’t think I’d get him at 4.03.

3.04: Tyler Ervin, RB – San Jose State

3.05: Mike Thomas, WR – Southern Miss

3.06: De’Runnya Wilson, WR – Mississippi State

3.07: Kenyan Drake, RB – Alabama

3.08: Connor Cook, QB – Michigan State

My thoughts: The third seems to be the sweet spot for the last tier of quarterbacks. I don’t anticipate them all holding this value after the draft simply due to a limited number of real opportunities for them.

3.09: Malcolm Mitchell, WR – Georgia

3.10: Keyarris Garrett, WR – Tulsa

Sal’s thoughts: Garrett’s college production for a receiver of his height and weight, according to RotoViz, puts him a group with the likes of Calvin Johnson, Michael Floyd, Brian Quick, Jordy Nelson, Eric Decker, Alshon Jefferey, and Jeff Janis, to cherry pick a few names. At a third-round draft pick cost, Garrett feels like a worthy flier with upside to take late.

3.11: Charone Peake, WR – Clemson

James’ thoughts: Peake has the physical capabilities needed to be a WR1 and might have been overshadowed by great talent at Clemson.

3.12: Keith Marshall, RB – Georgia

4.01: Hunter Henry, TE – Arkansas

4.02: Roger Lewis, WR – Bowling Green

4.03: Jordan Payton, WR – UCLA

Brian’s thoughts: I could see him in the late second round by May. Not exciting, but a potential fantasy WR3 in the right offense.

4.04 Byron Marshall, WR – Oregon

Anthony’s thoughts: With my last pick I was able to take my beloved Byron Marshall, who I think is criminally undervalued at this stage of the draft process.

4.05: Daniel Lasco, RB – California

4.06: Kenny Lawler, WR – California

4.07: Cardale Jones, QB – Ohio State

My thoughts: The guy was once hyped as a first-round prospect. This is a steal in my opinion.

Sal’s thoughts: Cardale Jones at 4.07 seems like the highest quarterback upside pick and one we could be looking back on years from now wondering how he went so low.

4.08: Josh Ferguson, RB – Illinoise

4.09: Demarcus Ayers, WR – Houston

4.10: Blake Frohnapfel, QB – Massachusetts

Sal’s thoughts: Was hoping Cardale Jones would have slid to me there, but Joe Siniscalchi selected him just a few picks before me. Frohnapfel was the pick mainly because his name makes me laugh.

4.11: Marquez North, WR – Tennessee

4.12: Devon Cajuste, WR – Stanford


2QB Rookie Draft Wrap-Up

There you have it folks. In general, the drafters were surprised at how far the quarterbacks fell. If this info holds true and the quarterbacks are seen as lower talents than the rest of the draft class, unfavorable destinations may push them even further down the board. Not much can be done with these results at the moment, but it will be interesting to see in a follow-up mock how much landing spots shake up the draft landscape.

Joe Siniscalchi

I currently reside in New York, and always enjoy looking for new challenges which led me to playing in 2QB leagues. I immediately got hooked on starting the likes of Gus Frerotte and Byron Leftwich and have been playing in 2QB leagues now for over 11 years. I've previously written for TheFakeFootball.com and Football.com. In my spare time I enjoy craft beer, chipwiches, and rooting for sports teams that ultimately wind up breaking my heart.

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