Utilizing DLF’s Trade Finder to Mine 2QB/Superflex Value

Utilizing DLF’s Trade Finder to Mine 2QB/Superflex Value

If you haven’t checked out Dynasty League Football‘s newest addition — their Dynasty Trade Finder — I implore you to check it out immediately. Now. …

When I’m about to make a trade in a dynasty league, there are a few steps I take before blindly accepting. I like to start by searching Twitter for “#DynastyTrades Player Name” to see what the current market is dictating for said player. I’ll also check out some valuable resources like the RotoViz Dynasty ADP App and DynastyTradeCalculator’s Calculator tool. I’ve found them to be useful ways to cross reference the current market and perceived value. Creating your own set of rankings is another great exercise you can do to help differentiate how you personally value players. By no means are these hard guidelines I follow — there’s a ton of other factors to account for — but it helps for quick red flags if I’m giving away an asset 50 cents on the dollar.

That being said, I cannot wait to start adding DLF’s Trade Finder to my current process in the hopes of mining some real value in my dynasty leagues. After just releasing the Trade Finder a few weeks ago, it’s something I’ve found myself checking out on a near-daily basis.

How can we use it for our 2QB/Superflex leagues? The search engine’s flexibility allows us to find a trade with any particular player and/or draft pick through MyFantasyLeague by searching every league in their database. It also has several settings we can modify to narrow down our search even further to mimic a specific league and settings.

For the purpose of this study, I adjusted the Dynasty Trade Finder with the following settings:

  • 12 teams
  • 2QB or Superflex
  • Full PPR Scoring

The DLF Trade Finder is a fantastic tool that will become even more useful as leagues begin to transition to 2017 and more activity occurs in the dynasty world. For now, I wanted to find some potential great buys and sells at the quarterback position to help the readers of TwoQBs. Hopefully we can find potential steals that may spark a potential trade negotiation in your own league with a winning edge already in your favor.

Let’s check out some recent deals that have gone down across dynasty leagues:

Great Buys

Cam Newton

Side ASide B
Cam Newton, QBC.J. Fiedorowicz, TE
2017 2.09

If this is all it takes to buy Cam Newton, I’m going to have a ton of shares heading into 2017. Newton is coming off a roller coaster of three-year finishes as the QB17, QB1, and QB17. However, he also finished as the QB3, QB4, and QB3 prior to that. C.J. Fiedorowicz experienced a breakout year in 2016, but even with the tight end position in a state of massive fluctuation, he isn’t anywhere near Newton’s level as far as value. I’ll be buying a ton of Cam this offseason if this is the current cost.

Kirk Cousins

Side ASide B
Ameer Abdullah, RBKirk Cousins, QB

This is a one-for-one trade I’d make every day of the week. Ameer Abdullah has played 11-of-32 possible games in his first two years and we’ve seen Kirk Cousins put up back-to-back QB8 and QB5 seasons. Give me the sure commodity.

Side ASide B
Kirk Cousins, QBCam Newton, QB
2017 1.10

Even after I just clamored for buying Newton, it’s hard to ignore this type of return for the guy. Both quarterbacks put up four weeks of high-end, top-6 QB production, but Cousins outnumbered Newton’s top-12 weeks nine to five. That week-after-week steady production supplemented with a late 2017 first is more than enough to move the needle in Cousins’ direction.

Aaron Rodgers

Side ASide B
Andy Dalton, QBAaron Rodgers, QB
Tyler Boyd, WRDeAngelo Williams, RB
Eli Rogers, WR
Julius Thomas, TE
2017 4.12

This trade featured two teams at opposite ends of the spectrum, with one contending for a championship and the other in the midst of a heavy rebuild. Aaron Rodgers has finished as the overall QB1 or QB2 in seven of the last eight full seasons he played. He just finished 2016 leading all quarterbacks with 11 top-12 weeks. Andy Dalton, Tyler Boyd, and some players with several question marks aren’t enough to make this one close. This feels like a home run for the Rodgers side.

Great Sells

Blake Bortles

Side ASide B
Blake Bortles, QBJordan Matthews, WR
2017 1.032017 1.01
2017 2.03

While neither Blake Bortles nor Jordan Matthews had spectacular years, trading up for the overall 1.01 and grabbing a wide receiver that has finished WR25 and WR17 his first two seasons (before injuries limited him last year) makes this a terrific sell for the Bortles owner. The 2.03 is just icing.

Side ASide B
Keenan Allen, WRBlake Bortles, QB
Allen Robinson, WRTorrey Smith, WR
2018 1st (Proj Late)2017 1.10

In this superflex league, there seemed to be a clear winner. I’ll let you decide which side that is.

My biggest takeaway from these recent trades is that there’s a massive disproportion in how people are evaluating Bortles. If you’re not a believer, there’s time to get a nice return in exchange for the young signal caller. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, you could buy Bortles at a significant discount and may not need to give up top-shelf assets.

Ben Roethlisberger

Side ASide B
Ben Roethlisberger, QBAndy Dalton, QB
Derrick Henry, RB

In a 2QB league, is it that much of a drop-off from Ben Roethlisberger to Andy Dalton? I’m not so sure given that Dalton is five years younger and finished last year (a down year for Dalton) with seven top-12 QB1 weeks compared to Roethlisberger’s eight. Adding Derrick Henry to the equation makes this a great sell for me.

Side ASide B
Ben Roethlisberger, QBC.J. Prosise, RB
Brandin Cooks, WR

This trade looks a little more even at face-value, but with Side A finishing in last place and already owning both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, selling Big Ben here makes a ton of sense. Brandin Cooks has finished as the WR13 and WR10 the last two seasons and will be entering his age-24 season. C.J. Prosise was a draft-darling of many this past year and showed promise finishing with two 100-yard games in just six games played as a rookie.

Jared Goff

Side ASide B
2017 1.06Jared Goff, QB
2017 2.042017 4.02
2017 2.07
2017 2nd Rd Devy

Last year Jared Goff was typically being drafted at the beginning of the second round in the majority of superflex rookie drafts. This looks like a great sell for Goff, who has nearly just as many questions entering Year Two as he did last year.

While the offseason is just beginning, shrewd dynasty owners are constantly finding ways to build their roster into better contenders.

DLF’s new Trade Finder is a great new tool to add to the toolbox.

Tyler Buecher

Tyler is a graduate from Drexel University who grew up in Central Pennsylvania and is an avid fan of all Philadelphia sports teams. He's heavily involved with DFS, Dynasty, MFL10s, and Redraft fantasy football content. In his free time, Tyler enjoys going to sports games, beerfests, country concerts, and long walks on the beach. You can find Tyler on Twitter @TylerBuecher‬

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