#SFB480 Interview with Dan Schneier

#SFB480 Interview with Dan Schneier

The Scott Fish Bowl commences on July 11th. We asked Zach Law to interview some of the participants about the experience. Today’s subject: Dan Schneier — Pro Football Focus Fantasy writer.

1. Can you give me a two-sentence introduction to your fantasy football “personna”? Include your Twitter handle.

Been around this for a while (four years) with the same group at PFF Fantasy. However, I wish I could have been more involved in #fantasytwitter and I have been working on changing that. My handle is @DanSchneierNFL and you will find mostly football-related tweets with an occasional pop culture reference or two. I have only gone political two times (ever).

2. Who in your division do you want to take down the most?

The player I want to beat is Davis Mattek. Our paths haven’t actually crossed via Fantasy Twitter or email, but he’s a pretty popular name on my timeline/the industry. How cool would it be to beat him with a taste of his own medicine (by of course drafting Jeff Janis)?

3. Do you have a strategy already set up for the draft or do you let the board fall to you?

Last season, I had the 1.09 and 2.02. So I told myself that based on ADP, I was going to get two running backs in rounds 1-2. I made this decision based on the SFB’s unique scoring system that allocates points for rushing attempts. This strategy was a total bust. This year I once again have my eye on a couple RBs I like for the format, but I am planning to do my best to go with a more balanced approach. The one obvious strategy (at least in my mind) will be to grab my third QB early. Last season, this worked when I snagged Marcus Mariota.

4. If you got to pick your draft slot, what would you take and why?

The one where I can get Jamaal Charles in round two. Seeing as this is Superflex, that means somewhere in the top-5.

5. If you could select four people in the Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB480) to have either a beer or dinner with, who would it be?

  • Sal Stefanile – The obvious kiss-ass choice, right? No, but in all seriousness, I had the luxury of spending one summer writing/video podcasting for Sal at Sportable and although that wasn’t a “full-time gig”, he was the best “boss” I’ve had in any walk of life.
  • TJ Hernandez – Does he really look like a life-like version of Stewie? I HAVE to find out. I miss talking football with TJ every Sunday.
  • Matt Harmon – Before he was Mr. #ReceptionPerception and writing for NFL.com, Matt and I co-hosted a Sunday morning fantasy football preview show. I always enjoyed our banter and back-and-forth about fantasy football and life in our respective areas of the country.
  • Pat Thorman – I’ve known Pat way back since I first started at PFF, but I still haven’t had an opportunity to meet him. He’s one of the best in the industry and also one of the nicest. To this day, he consistently RTs my content even though he has a day job that keeps him off of Twitter.

6. What’s one non-fantasy football related interest you have that would surprise the rest of the SFB?

With a recipe that of course is not my own (and instead was passed down through generations), I can cook the best Italian meatballs and gravy you’ll ever eat. I also love to cook a wide variety of meals and rarely settle for the easy take-out option.

Thanks to Dan for answering and Zach for hosting. You can find Zach on Twitter @zach_law and make sure you visit his website — Zachlawonline.com. You can catch him on Going for Two every week, talking football, beer, and just about anything else with co-host Sharona Stormborn.

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