Your June QB Rankings – June 2016

Your June QB Rankings – June 2016

Throughout June, we’re running a series of Twitter polls (through our site account @TwoQBs), asking you to rank every starting quarterback for the 2016 season. … Each poll lasts one day and features a head-to-head matchup between two QBs. We start with our TwoQBs redraft QB rankings, but each poll dictates where we go next.

This month, we started at the bottom and are going up. So each time a QB wins a poll, he moves up to battle the next highest player in our rankings.

We thought you might benefit from seeing the specific results of each poll, including the percentage of votes cast for each side. Additionally, if you click on the poll images, you will be taken directly to the poll on Twitter, where you can see more information and reader responses to the polls.

We will keep updating this page throughout June, so that you can check back and keep up with the voting. Without further ado, here are your June QB rankings:

QB34: Paxton Lynch vs. Sam Bradford

QB32Each time we see a quarterback last for several rounds, it says you the public are much higher on him than we are. Sam Bradford is the first in that category, as our readers seem to have a lot more faith in him — and his starting role — than we do. Here, he beats an intriguing rookie without a guaranteed job.

QB33: Sam Bradford vs. Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez Sam Bradford 2QB


QB32: Sam Bradford vs. Colin Kaepernick


QB31: Sam Bradford vs. Blaine Gabbert


The voters certainly feel safer about Bradford’s job security than a lot of other similarly-valued players, but all the votes were close, so maybe we just have a disproportionate number of voters from Pennsylvania and New Jersey (or vice versa, considering the cynicism that plagues most of the Philly sports fans I know).  I think these results actually say more about the public’s perception of Carson Wentz.  The bloom seems to be coming off his rose since the draft, so people are talking themselves into Bradford as the guy.  These folks perceive Bradford as the starter moreso than other camp-battle QBs like Sanchez/Lynch and Gabbert/Kaepernick.  I’m not sure that perception matches reality.  My gut says that Gabbert, not Bradford, is the “safest” of all those QBs to begin the season as a starter and hold the job.  Even still, I don’t feel confident to push him that much further ahead of the others in this tier of misfit QBs. (Greg)

QB30: Sam Bradford vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick


Here begins another run, showing that our readers place a lot more faith in Ryan Fitzpatrick than we do. Our polls are phrased to ask who you would pick if you had to draft today, but few voters seem worried that Ryan Fitzpatrick is unsigned and not on an NFL team. From here, he goes on to win several votes in a row, often by wide margins.

QB29: Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Jared Goff


QB28: Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Brock Osweiler


Somehow, the Brock Ness Monster came closest to beating Fitzpatrick without actually doing so (although, Bridgewater was close).  Going by the voting percentages, one might infer that Osweiler would rank right behind Fitzpatrick and ahead of Bridgewater, RGIII, & Goff.  Is Osweiler actually less risky than those other QBs?  Bridgewater represents the safe/boring play, so I get why he was close, but just behind Brock.  Drafters are talking themselves into the upside of throwing to DeAndre Hopkins & Co. with Osweiler, versus Teddy and his array of weapons.  I tend to agree with this sentiment, as I have Brock one spot ahead of Teddy in my rankings, but I think they both land in the same tier in terms of talent.  Furthermore, there will be some drafts, where drafters should prefer the safer floor of Bridgewater based on the other players they’ve selected previously.  This is a case where it’s important to look past the rankings and determine what type of passing commodity best fits your roster going forward in the draft. (Greg)

QB27: Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Teddy Bridgewater


I generally agree with the voters on the great bearded one, but I’m starting to wonder if our faith him him becoming the Jets’ starter is misguided.  Maybe it was the combination of our Geno Smith podcast and Joe Siniscalchi’s recent piece on the Jets’ QB battle, but I’m talking myself into Geno more and more as the season approaches.  If I put myself in the shoes of the Jets’ front office personnel, I don’t see a good reason to pay Fitzpatrick if I can get by with Geno.  Training camp and preseason games will give us more insight into this situation.  If Geno struggles, that will put more pressure on the Jets to bring back Fitzpatrick.  If Geno holds his own and lets his talented receivers elevate his play, then there’s no real impetus to resign Fitzpatrick.  If that happens, all of us with Harvard QB fantasy shares might need to scramble for a new QB3.  Fitzpatrick could sign elsewhere, of course, but it’s the Jets’ situation that we like about Fitzy, not necessarily his talent. (Greg)

QB26: Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Robert Griffin III


QB25: Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Ryan Tannehill


QB24: Ryan Tannehill vs. Jay Cutler


QB23: Ryan Tannehill vs. Alex Smith

Alex Smith Ryan Tannehill 2QB


QB22: Ryan Tannehill vs. Matthew Stafford


QB21: Matthew Stafford vs. Joe Flacco


QB20: Matthew Stafford vs. Matt Ryan


QB19: Matt Ryan vs. Derek Carr

Derek Carr Matt Ryan 2QB


We’re going to talk about this on tonight’s podcast, but this really feels like the who-the-hell-knows tier of quarterbacks (Tannehill vs. Cutler vs Smith vs. Stafford vs. Flacco vs. Ryan vs. Carr). Choosing between these guys is going to be a constant struggle in the middle rounds of 2QB drafts because none of them stand out enough in terms of talent, track record, or situation to elevate above the others.  I have my own rankings for each guy, of course, but it’s hard to find fault in disagreements from other rankers.  To decide between these quarterbacks, this might be a rare situation where it’s worth considering perceived strength of schedule or at least bye weeks relative to your other QBs before making a choice.  Overall, though, I prefer to just wait on all of them and draft one of the last remaining guys if I need someone from this tier. (Greg)

QB18: Derek Carr vs. Jameis Winston


QB17: Jameis Winston vs. Blake Bortles


Bortles is our final runaway QB, who wins several rounds in a row because the public likes him more than we do. Here, Bortles handily defeats another young favorite, Jameis Winston.

QB16: Blake Bortles vs. Andy Dalton


QB15: Blake Bortles vs. Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins Blake Bortles 2QB


QB14: Blake Bortles vs. Tyrod Taylor


I don’t believe Bortles’ actual football talent lines up with last season’s production.  Meanwhile, his production was based in large part on volume, not efficiency.  Based on skill level and usage, he should throw for fewer TDs, fewer yards, and more INTs.  That regression isn’t built into his price, so you’re essentially paying market value for what might have been Bortles’ career year.  No thanks.  He’s my QB16.  One can argue that I’m assuming improvement or positive regression for many of the quarterbacks I have ranked ahead of Bortles (like Winston, Mariota, Taylor, etc.).  I’ll admit to that.  It’s easier for me to assume those sorts of improvements in players with better pedigrees.  I have witnessed their talents and football acumen more easily when I’ve watched them play, so it’s easier for me to embrace expected-improvement narratives with them.  Bortles, on the other hand, has always seemed like a shaky QB to me, so there’s no way I can justify drafting him as his current price.  Beyond those younger guys, there are a lot of more proven veterans that definitely deserve more consideration over Bortles, including Romo, Dalton, Matt Ryan, and Stafford. (Greg)

QB13: Blake Bortles vs. Marcus Mariota


QB12: Blake Bortles vs. Tony Romo


QB11: Blake Bortles vs. Philip Rivers


QB10: Philip Rivers vs. Eli Manning


QB9: Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady


QB8: Tom Brady vs. Carson Palmer


QB7: Carson Palmer vs. Ben Roethlisberger


QB6: Ben Roethlisberger vs. Drew Brees


QB5: Drew Brees vs. Russell Wilson


QB4: Russell Wilson vs. Andrew Luck

QB Polls Andrew Luck Russell Wilson

QB3: Andrew Luck vs. Aaron Rodgers

QB Polls Aaron Rodgers Andrew Luck

QB2 and QB1: Aaron Rodgers vs. Cam Newton

QB Polls Aaron Rodgers Cam Newton

To recap, here’s how the final results of our June Reader Rankings:

QB1: Aaron Rodgers
QB2: Cam Newton
QB3: Andrew Luck
QB4: Russell Wilson
QB5: Drew Brees
QB6: Ben Roethlisberger
QB7: Carson Palmer
QB8: Tom Brady
QB9: Eli Manning
QB10: Blake Bortles
QB12: Tony Romo
QB13: Marcus Mariota
QB14: Tyrod Taylor
QB15: Kirk Cousins
QB16: Andy Dalton
QB17: Jameis Winston
QB18: Derek Carr
QB19: Matt Ryan
QB20: Matthew Stafford
QB21: Joe Flacco
QB22: Ryan Tannehill
QB23: Alex Smith
QB24: Jay Cutler
QB25: Ryan Fitzpatrick
QB26: Robert Griffin III
QB27: Teddy Bridgewater
QB28: Brock Osweiler
QB29: Jared Goff
QB30: Sam Bradford
QB31: Blaine Gabbert
QB32: Colin Kaepernick
QB33:Mark Sanchez
QB34: Paxton Lynch

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