Live #SFB480 ADP

Live #SFB480 ADP

We here at TwoQBs have spent a good portion of our time lately dedicated to providing you with as much useful #SFB480 content as possible. … The 2016 Scott Fish Bowl is ‘The Super flex Draft Event of the Year’ and we wanted to make sure you felt as prepared as you possibly could be heading into the big day (July 11, 2016 at Noon Eastern).

A sampling of our #SFB480 work…


One of the biggest resources we were happy to present you with was ADP data tailored specifically for the #SFB480. Thanks to the hard work of Robert Marino and TJ Hernandez, who teamed up to create #SFB480 mock drafts, we were fortunate enough to share with you #SFB480 ADP based on 21 completed mock drafts. The ADP data has become a useful tool in the 2QB/Superflex/SFB community when it comes to preparing for the #SFB480.

Thanks to Rob, again, we will have a resource for live, updated #SFB480 Invitational ADP as the Pro-Am tournament unfolds. Below is a link that will take you to updated #SFB480 Invitational ADP for each of the 40 divisions. We believe it will be updated automatically but you might need to hit the refresh button upon clicking the link (shout out to Mike Plis for creating the ADP tool). The ADP link might take a few moments to load so please be patient. Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter if you’re having issues. Good luck and happy #SFB480 drafting!

*We may have reached the limit of how much data the ADP app can handle. If you can’t get it to load, please follow @FantasyADHD and check out his #SFB480 ADP tweets.

Click Here for Live and Updated #SFB480 Invitational ADP

You can also filter the #SFB480 ADP data by conference:

Funny Men

Funny Women

Bad Ass Women

Bad Ass Men

Leading Women

Leading Men

Classically Great

Ass Kickers

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