Post-Draft #SFB480 Interview With Joe Siniscalchi

Post-Draft #SFB480 Interview With Joe Siniscalchi

The 2016 Scott Fish Bowl aka the #SFB480 is reaching its conclusion. Most drafts are either complete or in the final stages of being done. … That’s a good thing considering all the unique scoring rules (0.25 points per carry, TE-premium) and roster requirements (superflex plus three additional flex spots) we had to decipher. Mr. Fish does not make things easy for us.

Like we did pre-#SFB480 with our Zach Law interview series, we’ve decided to ask participants about their experience now that the draft is over. Our own Ben Cummins came up with the questions.

Today’s interview subject is: Joe Siniscalchi – Contributor at TwoQBs.

1. What was your draft strategy heading into the #SFB480 and were you able to execute it?

My strategy was to draft a balanced team where each player at each position was able to maximize the scoring settings (if that makes sense). I’d say for the most part I was able to do so.

2. What was your plan of attack for quarterbacks in this particular format, and do you think you will utilize a similar strategy in more traditional 2QB/Superflex leagues?

In this format, given the fact that quarterbacks received 4 points for passing scores and 6 for rushing, as well as .25 points per rushing attempt, I wanted high upside QBs with a rushing floor. I took Russell Wilson with my first pick, targeted Tyrod Taylor in the middle rounds, and took RGIII as my QB3. In normal 2QB/Superflex leagues, I don’t think I’d do this. I’m not sold on Taylor or RGIII, and I normally wait to snatch QBs who represent a value.

3. Did you prioritize one or more of the unique scoring settings/roster requirements in-draft?

Absolutely. I prioritized the .25 points per rushing attempt, superflex format, and full point PPR for tight ends. I wanted players who can do it all. Rushing QBs, workhorse/receiving RBs, and tight ends who I think can catch a lot of passes.


4. How balanced do you feel your team is? Is there one position you have an advantage at, and if so, did it come at the expense of weakening another position?

I think my team is balanced for the most part. I think I have a strong advantage at QB and RB. I was able to get players in the mold I wanted, but it came at the expense of WR. Luckily, they’re not the highest scoring players in this format, which is why I knew going into this that my WRs would most likely suffer.

5. What pick do you feel gave you the most value?

Probably DeSean Jackson as the WR38. He’s the perfect type of player for this format: someone who can explode in any given week. I can create enough of a floor from my RBs and QBs to cover the weeks where he busts.

6. Do you have any picks you regret and wish you could do over?

Probably Melvin Gordon in the eighth as my RB 4 because…

7. This is a safe space, vent all you want on this one: What’s your snipe horror story?

DeVante Parker fell all the way to the ninth round to one pick before me. I wanted to take him in the eighth when I picked Gordon, but only when he got picked here did I realize I should’ve taken him as my WR3 over Gordon. Parker is another WR I liked in this format and that value is unreal.

8. Even though the #SFB480 is unique in its scoring and roster settings, did you learn anything during the #SFB480 you can utilize in future drafts?

I think this was a good lesson for me in draft prep. It’s important for every league, but after doing my research for a format totally unknown to me, I was pleased with my team and didn’t get caught off guard much during the draft. I didn’t “learn” anything per se, but this was a reminder for me how critical draft prep can be.

9. If you have any other thoughts regarding the #SFB480 that my questions didn’t address, go ahead and spill the beans now…

This was the first year I participated in the Scott Fish Bowl, so I had no idea what to expect. I felt I was prepared and loved my draft, which means my team will probably stink!

Thanks to Joe for answering the questions and Ben for asking them. You can find Joe on twitter @Joe_Siniscalchi and Ben @BenCumminsFF. Also be sure to send thanks Scott Fish’s way @ScottFish24 for putting on such an awesome event and don’t forget to donate to the Toys for Tots drive at

Ben Cummins

Ben Cummins is very passionate about fantasy football. He combines film watching and statistical research to formulate his opinions on a number of different fantasy football topics. He is dedicated to supporting his beliefs with important and necessary data. In addition to contributing to, Ben is also a contributor for both The Fantasy Footballers and Rotoviz. You can find him on Twitter @BenCumminsFF

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