Post-Draft #SFB480 Interview With Salvatore Stefanile

Post-Draft #SFB480 Interview With Salvatore Stefanile

The 2016 Scott Fish Bowl aka the #SFB480 is reaching its conclusion. Most drafts are either complete or in the final stages of being done. … That’s a good thing considering all the unique scoring rules (0.25 points per carry, TE-premium) and roster requirements (superflex plus three additional flex spots) we had to decipher. Mr. Fish does not make things easy for us.

Like we did pre-#SFB480 with our Zach Law interview series, we’ve decided to ask participants about their experience now that the draft is over. Our own Ben Cummins came up with the questions.

Today’s interview subject is: Salvatore Stefanile — TwoQBs co-founder.

1. What was your draft strategy heading into the #SFB480 and were you able to execute it?

Sticking to a draft strategy for a league of this magnitude is tough, especially when drafting out of the 1.12 slot. Whatever plan I may of had going into the draft would be completely altered by the first 11 picks. I was really hoping at least one top-end RB1 would fall to me at 1.12 and was pretty ecstatic David Johnson was available. I knew I wanted to target rushing QBs to hit on the 0.25 points per carry bonus, with Russell Wilson, Tyrod Taylor, and Alex Smith being my top-three targets. I was able get Wilson.

In #SFB480 mock drafts I toyed around with TE-early strategies to see how a team full of TEs in a TE-premium league would work and while I didn’t devote my first five picks to the position, I feel I came away with a solid plan to dominate the superflex spot with a top-5 QB in Drew Brees and three useable TEs to fill out the other three flex spots.

#SFB480 scott fish bowl salvatore stefanile
Sal’s final #SFB480 roster.

2. What was your plan of attack for quarterbacks in this particular format, and do you think you will utilize a similar strategy in more traditional 2QB/Superflex leagues?

I mentioned earlier I was targeting rushing QBs because of the scoring bonus attached to carries. Normally I wouldn’t draft a QB early, like I did with Wilson at 2.01. Nor would I grab a second one so early (Drew Brees – 3.12). In traditional 2QB/superflex leagues I prefer to wait on the position and try to grab later round value picks, attacking the QB2 tier.

3. Did you prioritize one or more of the unique scoring settings/roster requirements in-draft?

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but the 0.25 carry bonus in regards to QBs and full-point PPR bonus for TEs were my main priorities. I knew doing so would probably decimate my RB depth, which was the focus of many drafters, but with 479 teams to beat, I was playing for broke. Our draft was very RB-dominant in the early goings and that also played into focusing on other positions, as I didn’t want to draft RBs just because everyone else was. In the end I drafted a top-two QB in this format, and five of the top TEs. We’ll see how it works out in the end.

4. How balanced do you feel your team is? Is there one position you have an advantage at, and if so, did it come at the expense of weakening another position?

My team is very top and bottom heavy at QB and TE, with a multitude of anything can happen at RB and WR. It’s not very balanced. Luckily I have David Johnson to solidify my RB depth, but outside of him and Eric Decker, my RBs and WRs are a weekly crap-shoot. Hopefully my TEs get all the PPR bonus points to even things out. But I could easily see this team going 0-12.

5. What pick do you feel gave you the most value?

I would say the duo of David Johnson and Russell Wilson as my first two picks. They’re both players who could have been taken with the first overall pick, and Johnson was the 1.01 in two drafts.

6. Do you have any picks you regret and wish you could do over?

Russell Wilson at 2.01. You never know how your draft will unfold and picking in the 12 hole puts you at the mercy of the rest of your league when you’re not on the clock. I had debated between him and Lamar Miller, and if I knew how heavy RBs were going to be drafted and how late quarterbacks were going to go, I would have rather started with a Johnson-Miller duo instead of a Johnson-Wilson combination.

7. This is a safe space, vent all you want on this one: What’s your snipe horror story?

LeSean McCoy is a running back I feel has been undervalued this drafting season and was really hoping he was going to be on the board when I picked at 3.12. Pairing him with David Johnson at RB would have set me up at RB. Alas, he was sniped one pick ahead of me by Andrew Chander at 3.11.

8. Even though the #SFB480 is unique in its scoring and roster settings, did you learn anything during the #SFB480 you can utilize in future drafts?

Be prepared for anything and everything. No matter how prepared you are for a draft, one wrong move and it can all blow up in your face. Also, I may have a TE-drafting problem.

9. If you have any other thoughts regarding the #SFB480 that my questions didn’t address, go ahead and spill the beans now…

I’ll echo the sentiment most have shared in this space, which is to thank Scott Fish for setting this up. The #SFB480 has become the superflex draft event of the year, bringing together a community of writers and fans who may not all interact with each other. In this setting, we’re one big group of 480 friends. Scott puts in a lot of work making this happen so we can have some fun. He deserves all the credit he gets, and a nap. He definitely deserves a nap.

Thanks to Sal for answering the questions and Ben for asking them. You can find Sal on twitter @2QBFFB and Ben @BenCumminsFF. Also be sure to send thanks Scott Fish’s way @ScottFish24 for putting on such an awesome event and don’t forget to donate to the Toys for Tots drive at

Ben Cummins

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