#SFB480 Interview with Jon Nelson

#SFB480 Interview with Jon Nelson

The Scott Fish Bowl commences on July 11th. We asked Zach Law to interview some of the participants about the experience. Today’s subject: Jon Nelson.

1. Can you give me a two-sentence introduction to your fantasy football “personna”? Include your Twitter handle.

I’m a pretty new to fantasy, having only gotten into football six years ago, and fantasy four years ago, so am just enjoying learning more and getting into new and interesting leagues like #SFB480. I commission a couple of leagues with friends here in England, including @yorkshireDLF, and my tweets from @jonnyboyrev are increasingly fantasy dominated.

2. Who in your division do you want to take down the most?

The biggest name in my league is Marcas Grant from NFL.com, so would have to be him so I can shout at the screen midseason whilst watching NFL network and say ‘don’t listen to this guy, even I took him down’.

3. Do you have a strategy already set up for the draft or do you let the board fall to you?

I think with the heavy number of dynasty players involved I think WR will be overvalued, and with the scoring, I will probably look to load up on other positions first.

4. If you got to pick your draft slot, what would you take and why?

I think in this league it is so hard to predict where players and runs of positions will go, so it is hard to say. I’m picking at No. 2, which is fine, as it will probably force me to take some risks which might give my team a higher ceiling.

5. If you could select four people in the Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB480) to have either a beer or dinner with, who would it be?

If I could find anyone else playing from England, then maybe I could actually have a beer with them, so whoever they are they will be my first. I’ll go with the consensus on my second and have a drink with Scott Fish to thank him for all the leagues and other work he does like fantasy cares, but I’ll bring along a new whisky he hasn’t tried, like the Kilkerran sherry cask single malt a buddy got for me from Scotland recently. Then it would have to be @FF_Hep who started a bestball dynasty league that was a spin off from Scott’s King of the Hill league with the same scoring as the #SFB480 that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of. Finally, Matt Williamson as I’ve listen to him on pods since my love for football started.

6. What’s one non-fantasy football related interest you have that would surprise the rest of the SFB?

Not so much of an interest, but my ‘day job’ is as a medical doctor. However, it is isn’t in something that might give me an edge in fantasy football, like sports medicine, as I am an OBGYN doctor, so of no use at all. I did take my family to Uganda last year to do some voluntary medical work, so at one time I was the only official listener to the DLF podcast in that whole country.

Thanks to Jon for answering and Zach for hosting. You can find Zach on Twitter @zach_law and make sure you visit his website — Zachlawonline.com. You can catch him on Going for Two every week, talking football, beer, and just about anything else with co-host Sharona Stormborn.

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