#SFB480 Interview with Regan Yant

#SFB480 Interview with Regan Yant

The Scott Fish Bowl commences on July 11th. We asked Zach Law to interview some of the participants about the experience. Today’s subject: Regan Yant – Fakepigskin Co-Owner.

1. Can you give me a two-sentence introduction to your fantasy football “personna”? Include your Twitter handle.

@ReganFP — You either love me or hate me, there’s no gray area. I’ll take “my guys” when I damn well please and I’m not influenced by the “mob mentality” of Twitter.

2. Who in your division do you want to take down the most?

Since I already made Brian Dezelske tuck tail and quit after last year I’ll go with Ty Miller, since he’s actually won this league, unlike these other losers.

3. Do you have a strategy already set up for the draft or do you let the board fall to you?

I’ll let the board fall to me and draft my value picks based on my own rankings.

4. If you got to pick your draft slot, what would you take and why?

My draft slot really doesn’t matter to me. A portion of first rounders will bust and a portion of late rounders will surprise, just like every other year.

5. If you could select four people in the Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB480) to have either a beer or dinner with, who would it be? 

Three of them write for me, as we’ve always planned a UK meet with my guys Luke O’Neill, Matt Lane, and Ben Rolfe, who all reside in Ireland or England. I’d also eventually like to have a beer with Sal Stefanile, Scott [Fish] himself when I get back home to Minnesota one day, and I’d love to go hunt with Ty [Miller].

6. What’s one non-fantasy football related interest you have that would surprise the rest of the SFB?

I don’t really think it’s much of a surprise anymore but my love of ATV/off-roading trumps all, except my wife and kids.

Thanks to Regan for answering and Zach for hosting. You can find Zach on Twitter @zach_law and make sure you visit his website — Zachlawonline.com. You can catch him on Going for Two every week, talking football, beer, and just about anything else with co-host Sharona Stormborn.

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