#SFB480 Interview with @TheStreetFA

#SFB480 Interview with @TheStreetFA

The Scott Fish Bowl commences on July 11th. We asked Zach Law to interview some of the participants about the experience. Today’s subject: @TheStreetFA

1. Can you give me a two-sentence introduction to your fantasy football “personna”? Include your Twitter handle.

A. Fuck You. This is my second sentence.

2. Who in your division do you want to take down the most?

  1. The dynasty guys because fuck them, this isn’t dynasty, so what do they know?
  2. The rest of the expert analysts, because I love fucking with people who put hours of work into something only to have them lose to a guy whose only real strategy is: Get drunk and draft, get drunk and watch games, get drunk and crush the waiver wire.
  3. Whoever is still standing.

3. Do you have a strategy already set up for the draft or do you let the board fall to you?

My strategy, as stated above, is to get drunk and draft, but of course that was the short answer. Never mind, that really is the answer.

4. If you got to pick your draft slot, what would you take and why?

I got nine, so I guess that’s the right answer. The truth is I don’t really care where I draft as long as I’m not first or last, I hate drafting on the turn.

5. If you could select four people in the Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB480) to have either a beer or dinner with, who would it be?

Tough question as there’s a lot of good people entered.

@GSkora – I’ve been playing fantasy football in leagues with Greg for over a decade. Greg is just a good dude, also happens to be a pretty smart fantasy football player.

@RumfordJohnny – I’ve been talking to Rummy for years now and even though he’s a fucking Patriots fan I still like the guy. Plus he appreciates good booze and food. Also, for those that don’t know he’s the mastermind behind my AVI.

@fantasytaz and @AndrewMiley – These guys were like my two dads when I stepped into the fantasy football world of twitter.

Jim is a fucking legend who manages to know his shit without being a boring bastard about it. (Note to some of you, stop writing textbook type articles and fuck your formulas).

I’m still in a few dynasty leagues with Andy; he’s one of the best league commissioners I’ve been around. A straight shooter with strong opinions and the balls to express them without caring if it pisses other people off.

@4for4Josh – Great beard, loves beer, pretty fucking good at player rankings and shit like that. I finished top 10 last year and was able to choose a free subscription to several fantasy sites, I chose 4for4.com for what that’s worth and it should be worth something since I curb stomped 350+ people last year in this league using their rankings.

@zach_law – Someone is going to have to write about what happens at dinner, as I sure as fuck wont remember. Also, I’d like to get him drunk enough to admit that the Music City Miracle was complete bullshit. Fuck Frank Wycheck.

@ScottFish24 – Because he deserves a steak and booze for putting all this shit together.

To those I left out, don’t be titty babies about it.

6. What’s one non-fantasy football related interest you have that would surprise the rest of the SFB?

I enjoy skinny skiing and going to bull fights on acid.

Thanks to @TheStreetFA for answering and Zach for hosting. You can find Zach on Twitter @zach_law and make sure you visit his website — Zachlawonline.com. You can catch him on Going for Two every week, talking football, beer, and just about anything else with co-host Sharona Stormborn.

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