#SFB480 Interview with Scott Smith

#SFB480 Interview with Scott Smith

The Scott Fish Bowl commences on July 11th. We asked Zach Law to interview some of the participants about the experience. Today’s subject: Scott Smith – RotoViz writer.

1. Can you give me a two-sentence introduction to your fantasy football “personna”? Include your Twitter handle.

I would say that I am a numbers guy more so than film. I believe in searching for trends and and using numbers to game any fantasy format. My twitter handle is @ScottSmith610

2. Who in your division do you want to take down the most?

I want to beat everyone in my division equally. I am an equal opportunity destroyer of dreams.

3. Do you have a strategy already set up for the draft or do you let the board fall to you?

This is my first year in the SFB so I am still kind of feeling out this format and scoring system. No matter the format I try to be contrarian and and find value while others are chasing.

4. If you got to pick your draft slot, what would you take and why?

I generally prefer to have a later draft slot to get a feel for what the drafters in front of me are doing. I pulled #10 so I am happy with that.

5. If you could select four people in the Scott Fish Bowl (SFB) to have either a beer or dinner with, who would it be?

That’s a tough question but I would probably pick the people whose work I most enjoy reading… Jacob Rickrode, Shawn Siegele, Rich Hribar and Graham Barfield.

6. What’s one non-fantasy football related interest you have that would surprise the rest of the SFB?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Fantasy Football are my two loves so when I’m not being a fantasy degenerate, I am on the mats trying to break ankles and destroy knee ligaments. Life is good when your best friends are trying to choke you unconscious.

Thanks to Scott for answering and Zach for hosting. You can find Zach on Twitter @zach_law and make sure you visit his website — Zachlawonline.com. You can catch him on Going for Two every week, talking football, beer, and just about anything else with co-host Sharona Stormborn.

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