TwoQBs Staff 14-team Superflex Draft

TwoQBs Staff 14-team Superflex Draft

The TwoQBs staff and friend of the site, Jeff Miller (me), are participating in a season-long 14-team Superflex league. The draft kicked off today. … and I’ll be recapping the festivities in this blog. Starting lineup requirements: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex (W/R/T), Flex (W/R/T), Superflex (Q/W/R/T), plus 7 bench spots. Scoring settings of note: .5 PPR, 4 points/passing touchdown.

Draft order and participants:

1.01 – James Simpson
1.02 – Dennis “Coach” Esser
1.03 – John Proctor
1.04 – Greg Smith (Draft Proxy: Pete Acquaviva)
1.05 – Joe Siniscalchi
1.06 – Jeff Dumont
1.07 – Joshua Lake
1.08 – Salvatore Stefanile
1.09 – Brian Malone
1.10 – TJ Calkins
1.11 – Ben Cummins
1.12 – Anthony Amico
1.13 – Josh Hornsby
1.14 – Jeff Miller

Round One

1. James Simpson – Odell Beckham, WR1
2. Esser – Antonio Brown, WR2
3. John Proctor – Julio Jones, WR3
4. Greg Smith (Draft Proxy: Pete Acquaviva) – David Johnson, RB1
5. Joe Siniscalchi – Cam Newton, QB1
6. Jeff Dumont – Aaron Rodgers, QB2
7. Joshua Lake – Russell Wilson, QB3
8. Salvatore Stefanile – AJ Green, WR4
9. Brian Malone – DeAndre Hopkins, WR5
10. TJ Calkins – Allen Robinson, WR6
11. Ben Cummins – Andrew Luck, QB4
12. Anthony Amico – Rob Gronkowski, TE1
13. Josh Hornsby – Mike Evans, WR7
14. Jeff Miller – Keenan Allen, WR8

Round One Recap: With a group of presumably sharp fantasy minds and Brian Malone, there wasn’t likely to be much in the way of surprises early on, and it didn’t disappoint. Hmmm, maybe it did disappoint? I mean, a surprise would be surprising and since there wasn’t one, isn’t that a disappointment? Maybe I could ask my dad since the only word he ever uses around me is, “disappointed.” SORRY DAD, BUT NOT EVERYBODY CAN BE A DOCTOR … As per the modern day standard, wide receivers ruled the day, comprising eight of the 14 picks. … In another expected development, there were four quarterbacks selected, with a mini-run started by Joe Siniscalchi (say his last name three times fast and a large pizza will be delivered to your doorstep within 30 minutes). I think they got the order more or less right, even if I would have taken Andrew Luck ahead of Russell Wilson. I guess I’m just not convinced Seattle continues to throw it with the volume they did in the second half of last season. … For my part, I was very happy to get my eighth-ranked player, Keenan Allen, at 14. He could catch 225 or more passes on 300 targets this year.

Round Two

15. Jeff Miller – Alshon Jeffery, WR9
16. Josh Hornsby – Ezekiel Elliot, RB2
17. Anthony Amico – Dez Bryant, WR10
18. Ben Cummins – Brandon Marshall, WR11
19. TJ Calkins – Drew Brees, QB5
20. Brian Malone – Todd Gurley, RB3
21. Salvatore Stefanile – Lamar Miller, RB4
22. Joshua Lake – Adrian Peterson, RB5
23. Jeff Dumont – Le’Veon Bell, RB6
24. Joe Siniscalchi – Jordy Nelson, WR12
25. Pete Acquaviva – Amari Cooper, WR13
26. John Proctor – Mark Ingram, RB7
27. Coach Esser – Brandin Cooks, WR14
28. James Simpson – Ben Roethlisberger, QB6

Round Two Recap: Picking at the turn, I started the second off with my seventh-ranked wide receiver, Alshon Jeffery. It would be disingenuous to pretend the recurring soft tissue injuries don’t worry me a bit, but of all the receivers available at this point, I feel like he has the best odds of finding himself in top-three at the position this year. … If round one was wide receiver central, round two saw a myriad of running backs fly off the board, starting with Zeke Elliot at 16. It is hard to argue with his volume based floor and situation and skill based ceiling, but I still like both Todd Gurley and Lamar Miller a tad more this season. That said, I certainly can’t argue with the pick. … It was interesting seeing Le’Veon Bell taken at 23. On one hand, it is good value according to the 2QB ADP, but on the other, I can’t see myself paying that much for 12 games (we don’t play Week 17) of a running back when Jordy Nelson, Brandin Cooks, and Sammy Watkins were available. … If Dak Prescott continues to prove he is the real deal, Dez Bryant could be a steal. If not, he is still a fine pick at 17th overall.

Round Three

29. James Simpson – Sammy Watkins, WR15
30. Coach Esser – Doug Martin, RB8
31. John Proctor – Demaryius Thomas, WR16
32. Pete Acquaviva – Jarvis Landry, WR17
33. Joe Siniscalchi – Eddie Lacy, RB9
34. Jeff Dumont – LeSean McCoy, RB10
35. Joshua Lake – Jamaal Charles, RB11
36. Salvatore Stefanile – Jeremy Maclin, WR18
37. Brian Malone – Devonta Freeman, RB12
38. TJ Calkins – TY Hilton, WR19
39. Ben Cummins – Golden Tate, WR20
40. Anthony Amico – Randall Cobb, WR21
41. Josh Hornsby – Eli Manning, QB7
42. Jeff Miller – Donte Moncrief, WR22

Round Three Recap: Sammy Watkins at 29 could prove to be a huge pick. James got him as the 15th overall wide receiver, three spots after where I have him ranked. You’d be hard-pressed to find a player taken after him with more upside. … I love Jarvis Landry at 32 for Greg Smith (via his proxy, Pete Acquaviva). I’m not buying the talk he will take a step back this year. Even if somebody else steps up in Miami, something the preseason has shown nobody is really ready to do save for maybe Kenny Stills, it should open up the field a bit for Landry, allowing for more room after the catch. … This is shaping up to be the round of steals. LeSean McCoy is my sixth-ranked running back, but lasted all the way to pick 34 as the 10th running back taken. Well done, other Jeff. … MORE STEALS!!!! T.J. taking T.Y. at 38 is a crazy value. He will be a fringe WR1. … I can’t quite get on the Golden Tate bandwagon. Sorry, Ben, but Marvin Jones is going to lead that team in receiving. … I was happy to get Donte Moncrief where I did. He appears locked-in to the Colts’ volume receiving roll and has the athleticism and upside to be this year’s surprise WR1.

Round Four

43. Jeff Miller – Eric Decker, WR23
44. Josh Hornsby – Marvin Jones, WR24
45. Anthony Amico – Jordan Matthews, WR25
46. Ben Cummins – Michael Floyd, WR26
47. TJ Calkins – CJ Anderson, RB13
48. Brian Malone – Blake Bortles, QB8
49. Salvatore Stefanile – Jordan Reed, TE2
50. Joshua Lake – Julian Edelman, WR27
51. Jeff Dumont – Carson Palmer, QB9
52. Joe  Siniscalchi – Philip Rivers, QB10
53. Pete Acquaviva – Tom Brady, QB11
54. John Proctor – Doug Baldwin, WR28
55. Coach Esser – Tyrod Taylor, QB12
56. James Simpson – Melvin Gordon, RB14

Round Four Recap: I led off round four in fine style with the third-most handsome man in the NFL (Tom Brady and Julian Edleman are basically gods). Decker was the last in a tier and rounds out my first four picks, all receivers, rather nicely. Will I regret not taking a QB until the fifth round or after? Only time will tell. … I love C.J. Anderson. Mr. Calkins did well to draft him as the 13th overall running back. I’m Jealous. … There was a bit of a QB run starting with Brian’s selection of Blake Bortles. All the QBs in this general area are very tightly bunched, with it coming down to personal preference who goes where. … I am not a Doug Baldwin fan, but John got him at a reasonable price. I’ve certainly seen him go much higher in many drafts. … Melvin Gordon likely would have been available in the sixth or later, but after his bookend picks, James has a long wait. If you like a guy and you pick at one of the ends, don’t worry about ADP, just go get him.

Round Five

57. James Simpson – Carlos Hyde, RB15
58. Coach Esser – Jameis Winston, QB13
59. John Proctor – Kirk Cousins, QB14
60. Pete Acquaviva – Derek Carr, QB15
61. Joe Siniscalchi – Thomas Rawls, RB16
62. Jeff Dumont – Larry Fitzgerald, WR29
63. Joshua Lake – Emmanuel Sanders, WR30
64. Salvatore Stefanile – Latavius Murray, RB17
65. Brian Malone – Matthew Stafford, QB16
66. TJ Calkins – Greg Olsen, TE3
67. Ben Cummins – Marcus Mariota, QB17
68. Anthony Amico – Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB18
69. Josh Hornsby – Andy Dalton, QB19
70. Jeff Miller – Ryan Tannehill, QB20

Round Five Recap: There were three running backs taken in round five. Each of them, especially Carlos Hyde and Thomas Rawls, could easily be a top- six or eight back if things go well. Even if they don’t, they are still almost assuredly going to be in the top-20 range. … We had our biggest run of quarterbacks yet. My favorite pick of the bunch is probably Matt Stafford as the QB16. He looked incredibly comfortable under Jim Bob Cooter last year, giving me faith he has a very real chance at top-10 status. … Jameis Winston as the QB13 would be on my naughty list if it wasn’t for our no negative points for interceptions format. (Editor’s Note: I’m bad and setting up fantasy leagues. QBs get a two-point deduction for interceptions, so you can put Winston on that naughty list, Jeff.) … I prefer to wait on tight ends, but considering he is 48th in our ADP, TJ got nice value at 66. … After drafting four wide receivers in four picks, I finally relented and took my first QB, Ryan Tannehill. Don’t scoff. My personal QB16 finished as the QB15 in 2015, the QB8 in 2014, and has Adam Gase calling the shots. Even if you are bad at real life football, you can still be useful in fantasy (see: Dalton, Andy).

Round Six

71. Jeff Miller – Matt Ryan, QB21
72. Josh Hornsby – DeSean Jackson, WR31
73. Anthony Amico – Dak Prescott, QB22
74. Ben Cummins – Matt Forte, RB18
75. TJ Calkins – Brock Osweiler, QB23
76. Brian Malone – Alex Smith, QB24
77. Salvatore Stefanile – Joe Flacco, QB25
78. Joshua Lake – Jay Cutler, QB26
79. Jeff Dumont – Travis Kelce, TE4
80. Joe  Siniscalchi – Kelvin Benjamin, WR32
81. Pete Acquaviva – Jonathan Stewart, RB19
82. John Proctor – Sam Bradford, QB27
83. Coach Esser – Allen Hurns, WR33
84. James Simpson – Carson Wentz, QB28

Round Six Recap: I would strongly prefer to wait for my second quarterback, but because I don’t pick again for 937 picks, I felt like I had to sew the position up. Matt Ryan isn’t the same guy who had a string of four seasons of 19-21 PPG, but he also isn’t the guy who posted only 17 PPG last year. That said, even if Ryan has regressed considerably, I drafted him at QB21 when he was the QB18 in 2015, his worst season in six years. … DeSean Jackson continues to be one of the best values in fantasy. I can’t find a way he doesn’t post WR2 numbers if healthy. … Our fearless leader, Sal, finally took a quarterback. It was Joe Flacco, so it barely counts, but he is a quarterback nonetheless. Does it seem odd to anybody else that the guy who runs a 2QB website hates QBs? (Unless you count Case Keenum. I don’t.) [Editor’s Note: I hate all QBs except Case Keenum, Austin Davis, and Alex Smith]. In all seriousness, Marc Trestman is always in the top-10 in passes attempted. Flacco could be in line for a top-15 type season on attrition alone. … A year ago Travis Kelce was the next Gronk. Now entering his third season off of a solid 2015, he has fallen to the sixth? Seems like a nice upside pick to me. … Sam Bradford is the best quarterback in the NFL. (Psssssst…is he still behind me? Please call 911. I think he is trying to kill me.) What? No, I wasn’t talking to anybody. I promise, Sam! Sam?!?!?

Round Seven

85. James Simpson – Jeremy Langford, RB20
86. Coach Esser – Jeremy Hill, RB21
87. John Proctor – Ryan Mathews, RB22
88. Pete Acquaviva – Tyler Locket, WR34
89. Joe Siniscalchi – Josh Gordon, WR35
90. Jeff Dumont – Giovani Bernard, RB23
91. Joshua Lake – Delanie Walker, TE5
92. Salvatore Stefanile – Robert Griffin III, QB29
93. Brian Malone – John Brown, WR36
94. TJ Calkins – Michael Crabtree, WR37
95. Ben Cummins – Stefon Diggs, WR38
96. Anthony Amico – Coby Fleener, TE6
97. Josh Hornsby – DeMarco Murray, RB24
98. Jeff Miller – Duke Johnson, RB25

Round Seven Recap: If Jeremy Hill can recapture his 2014 form, Coach Esser has a huge steal. Unfortunately, I just don’t think Hill is very good. … Speaking of steals, when healthy, few running backs are more productive than Ryan Mathews. But the only thing bigger than that “when,” are the medical bills that dude has racked up. … This is prime Josh Gordon territory. Joe was smart to snatch him up, because he wasn’t making it past me at 98. … Sal got Joe Flacco a running mate in the form of RG3. I’d expect the former superstar to mix plenty of 12 point games in with the occasional 30 point explosion. All-in-all, not bad for the QB29. … Stefon Diggs is an interesting guy who should vastly outplay his WR38 draft slot. Whether or not Sam Bradford can do anything to support that is another question all together. Either way, it was nice value for Ben. … I love Coby Fleener more than my own child, but he needs to get his act together or I will be spending a lot of time in the shower alone, crying rom com Meg Ryan style. Here is to hoping Anthony and I stay dry this year. … After addressing my lack of QBs with my last two picks, I figured I should deal with running back. I am not a huge Duke Johnson fan, but RB25 is his floor.

Round Eight

99. Jeff Miller – Danny Woodhead, RB26
100. Josh Hornsby – Ameer Abdullah, RB27
101. Anthony Amico – DeAngelo Williams, RB28
102. Ben Cummins – Derrick Henry, RB29
103. TJ Calkins – Matt Jones, RB30
104. Brian Malone – Sterling Sheppard, WR39
105. Salvatore Stefanile – Charles Sims, RB31
106. Joshua Lake – Frank Gore, RB32
107. Jeff Dumont – Willie Snead, WR40
108. Joe  Siniscalchi – Arian Foste, RB33
109. Pete Acquaviva – Kevin White, WR41
110. John Proctor – Gary Barnidge, TE7
111. Coach Esser – Rashad Jennings, RB34
112. James Simpson – Trevor Siemian, QB30

Round Eight Recap: I went back to the RB train with Danny Woodhead. Fresh off an overall RB3 season, he is a top-20 PPR back on a team that will play from behind plenty. Waiting on running back is the best thing since Rhea Perlman. … Derrick Henry is a nice pick at this point in the draft. Even if he doesn’t take over for DeMarco Murray, he still has flex value. If Henry does find himself as the starter, look out. … Matt Jones is bad at football. Not even replacement level. Just. Bad. But he is the starter and has almost nothing behind him, so it is hard to argue the value. … Brian probably found himself a solid WR3 at WR39. That alone is a victory, but factor in a heap of upside and you have a big win for my fellow DLF scribe. Who said dynasty guys couldn’t crush redraft? … Even if he isn’t the player he once was, Frank Gore can’t possibly underperform his draft slot. Josh Lake was lucky to get him six or eight spots below his floor. … Next to my Woodhead pick (hey, I am biased), Rashad Jennings was my favorite of the round. He is the unquestioned starter and goal line back in a high octane offense. Tremendous value, Coach Esser. … A simian throws poop better than Trevor Siemian throws footballs.

Round Nine

113. James Simpson – Tajae Sharp, WR42
114. Coach Esser – Zach Ertz, TE8
115. John Proctor – Tavon Austin, WR43
116. Pete Acquaviva – Blaine Gabbert, QB31
117. Joe Siniscalchi – Kamar Aiken, WR44
118. Jeff Dumont – Corey Coleman, WR45
119. Joshua Lake – Devin Funchess, WR46
120. Salvatore Stefanile – Isaiah Crowell, W35
121. Brian Malone – Travis Benjamin, WR47
122. TJ Calkins – TJ Yeldon, RB36
123. Ben Cummins – Spencer Ware, RB36
124. Anthony Amico – Torrey Smith, WR48
125. Josh Hornsby – Vincent Jackson, WR49
126. Jeff Miller – Theo Riddick, RB37

Round Nine Recap: James is treating these middle rounds like a dynasty draft by selecting Melvin Gordon, Cason Wentz, and Tajae Sharpe. There is risk in them thar hills, but I admire his spunk. … Kamar Aiken is going to lead Baltimore in targets and receptions. If Mike Wallace can’t get things going, Aiken could also top the team in yards and touchdowns. Yet here he was at WR44. Nice snag, Joe. … There has been a ton of hype on Devin Funchess among members of Football Twitter. Unfortunately, none of us coach the Panthers, so it looks like Funch is stuck behind Ted Ginn yet again. Despite that key fact, he is worth the gamble at this point in the draft. … Checking back in with our commander-in-chief, thanks to the selection of Isaiah Crowell, Sal’s Cleveland Browns’ player ownership total now stands at two. What could go wrong? … Following the drafting of Derrick Henry last round, Ben added another upside running back with a part-time job in Spencer Ware. Could Christine Michael be in his future? … In taking Theo Riddick, I drafted my third straight PPR specialist running back. If I lead the league in team receptions this year, that will be all the victory I need.

Round Ten

127. Jeff Miller – Markus Wheaton, WR50
128. Josh Hornsby – Paxton Lynch, QB32
129. Anthony Amico – DeVante Parker, WR51
130. Ben Cummins – Antonio Gates, TE9
131. TJ Calkins – Tyler Eifert, TE10
132. Brian Malone – Christine Michael, RB38
133. Salvatore Stefanile – Michael Thomas, WR52
134. Joshua Lake – Chris Ivory, RB39
135. Jeff Dumont – Mohamed Sanu, WR53
136. Joe  Siniscalchi – Julius Thomas, TE11
137. Pete Acquaviva – Bilal Powell, RB40
138. John Proctor – Dwayne Allen, TE12
139 Coach Esser – LeGarrette Blount, RB40
140. James Simpson – Martellus Bennett, TE13

Round Ten Recap: The Steelers threw the ball 590 times last year, 608 in 2014, and 584 in 2013. Antonio Brown is great, but he can’t catch 300 passes. With Ladarius Green hurt, Sammie Coats awful, and Eli Rodgers unproven, common sense would dictate that Markus Wheaton should see a pretty substantial target load. He could easily post WR2 numbers. … I am having trouble getting on board with Josh’s Paxton Lynch pick. I can’t see myself tying up a roster spot on a rookie backup QB (both to his NFL team and on Josh’s roster). … I hate to have two consecutive negative comments, but unless I can get him in the 15th, I’m not drafting DeVante Parker this year. Even if he manages to get healthy, Jarvis Landry is still the guy in Miami. (Save your hate mail. I won’t read it anyway.) … I was a little upset when I realized Tyler Eifter was still on the board. I may have taken him ahead of Wheaton. … Mohamed Sanu isn’t a great player, but is another attrition play that makes sense at this point in the draft. Other Jeff’s QB and RB heavy approach is being made easier by the availability of the likes of Sanu. … Bilal Powell started his career as a substandard back, but has had a truly remarkable turnaround; the difference on film is stark. Matt Forte is older and already dinged. With Khiry Robinson out of the picture, if Forte goes down, Powell will flirt with RB1 stats. Even with a healthy Forte, he is a flex type. Kudos to Pete for snagging him.

Round Eleven

141. James Simpson – Phillip Dorsett, WR54
142. Coach Esser – Will Fuller, WR55
143 John Proctor – Chris Hogan, WR56
144. Pete Acquaviva – Zach Miller, TE14
145. Joe Siniscalchi – Jared Cook, TE15
146. Jeff Dumont – Mike Wallace, WR57
147. Joshua Lake – Jay Ajayi, RB41
148. Salvatore Stefanile – Vance McDonald, TE15
149. Brian Malone – Tony Romo, QB33
150. TJ Calkins – Kenny Stills, WR58
151. Ben Cummins – Eric Ebron, TE16
152. Anthony Amico – James White, RB42
153. Josh Hornsby – Tevin Coleman, RB43
154. Jeff Miller – Jason Witten, TE17

Round Eleven Recap: Jared Cook is a fun pick. The upside is real for a guy who is big, fast, and finally has a quarterback who isn’t a sack of rotten potatoes. Maybe this is overly optimistic, but I think a top-eight season is well within reach. … Mike Wallace could very easily be a WR3. As I mentioned many rounds ago when taking about Joe Flacco, the Ravens are going to throw a ton this year and Wallace is primed to be their deep threat. … Jay Ajayi has looked awful this summer, but Arian Foster is made from tissue paper, chewing gum, and hope. Odds are good the former Bosie State standout makes starts. … If DeVante Parker continues to disappoint, Kenny Stills is likely to do the opposite. Taking him as the 58th wide receiver in this draft, TJ has nothing to lose. … James White is probably a tremendous value at this point. There is no guarantee Dion Lewis comes back healthy. … The only thing I dislike more than Canadians are tight ends (Editor’s Note: As a Canadian, I can attest to Jeff’s hatred of us). Hence waiting until pick 154 to take one. Jason Witten is older than the Louisiana Purchase, but he has finished as a TE1 every season since 2004.

Round Twelve

155. Jeff Miller – Tyler Boyd, WR59
156. Josh Hornsby – Dorial Green-Beckham, WR60
157. Anthony Amico – DeAndre Washington, RB43
158. Ben Cummins – Jerick McKinnon, RB44
159. TJ Calkins – Kenneth Dixon, RB45
160. Brian Malone – Dion Lewis, RB46
161. Salvatore Stefanile – Ted Ginn Jr., WR61
162. Joshua Lake – Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE18
163. Jeff Dumont – Rishard Matthews, WR62
164. Joe  Siniscalchi – Justin Forsett, RB47
165. Pete Acquaviva – Breshad Perriman, WR63
166. John Proctor – Jared Goff, QB34
167. Coach Esser – Jimmy Graham, TE19
168. James Simpson – Josh Doctson, WR64

Round Twelve Recap: Tyler Boyd is the slot receiver on a team that figures to run a ton this year, but if he can overtake Brandon LaFell, he will easily outperform his draft position. That’s a bet I’m happy to make. … This round ended up being all about upside. I kicked it off with Boyd and was followed by DGB, DeAndre Washington, Jerick McKinnon, and Kenneth Dixon. It is hard to fault any of the guys for taking shots at this point in the draft. … With Justin Forsett, Joe may have gotten a starting running back in the twelfth round. This is the pick I would have made if I didn’t hate running backs. … I haven’t picked on John Proctor yet. Thankfully his drafting of Jared Goff finally gives me a good reason. Even if he starts games this year, Goff is unplayable. I’d rather have early onset male pattern baldness caused by a chemical accident in a burning building filled with bats that ate burritos for lunch than own Goff.

Round Thirteen

169. James Simpson – Javorious Allen, RB48
170. Coach Esser – Case Keenum, QB35
171 John Proctor – Chris Thompson, RB49
172. Pete Acquaviva – Devontae Booker, RB50
173. Joe Siniscalchi – Darren Sproles, RB51
174. Jeff Dumont – Pierre Garcon, WR65
175. Joshua Lake – Steve Smith, WR66
176. Salvatore Stefanile – Jermaine Kearse, WR67
177. Brian Malone – Charles Clay, TE20
178. TJ Calkins – Jesse James, TE21
179. Ben Cummins – James Starks, RB52
180. Anthony Amico – Jimmy Garoppolo, QB36
181. Josh Hornsby – Virgil Green, TE22
182. Jeff Miller – Shane Vereen, RB53

Round Fourteen

183. Jeff Miller – Shaun Draughn, RB54
184. Josh Hornsby – Alfred Morris, RB55
185. Anthony Amico – CJ Spiller, RB56
186. Ben Cummins – Sammie Coates, WR68
187. TJ Calkins – Rob Kelley, RB57
188. Brian Malone – Clive Walford, TE23
189. Salvatore Stefanile – Terrelle Pryor, WR69
190. Joshua Lake – Colin Kaepernick, QB37
191. Jeff Dumont – Robert Woods, WR70
192. Joe  Siniscalchi – Charles Johnson, WR71
193. Pete Acquaviva – Laquon Treadwell, WR72
194. John Proctor – Jordan Howard, RB58
195. Coach Esser – Terrance West, RB59
196. James Simpson – Chris Johnson, RB60

Round Fifteen

197. James Simpson – Davante Adams, WR72
198. Coach Esser – Terrance Williams, WR73
199 John Proctor – Kyle Rudolph, TE24
200. Pete Acquaviva – C.J. Prosise, RB61
201. Joe Siniscalchi – Shaun Hill, QB38
202. Jeff Dumont – Cameron Artis-Payne, RB62
203. Joshua Lake – Anquan Boldin, WR74
204. Salvatore Stefanile – Tyler Earvin, RB63
205. Brian Malone – Tim Hightower, RB64
206. TJ Calkins – Kendall Weight, WR74
207. Ben Cummins – Macolm Mitchell, WR75
208. Anthony Amico – Jamison Croweder, WR76
209. Josh Hornsby – Zach Zenner, RB65
210. Jeff Miller – Crockett Gillmore, TE25

Round Sixteen

211. Jeff Miller – Eli Rogers, WR77
212. Josh Hornsby – Mike Gillislee, RB66
213. Anthony Amico – Benny Cunningham, RB67
214. Ben Cummins – Chris Conley, WR78
215. TJ Calkins – Jeremy Kerley, WR79
216. Brian Malone – Jonathan Williams, RB68
217. Salvatore Stefanile – Brian Hoyer, QB39
218. Joshua Lake – Victor Cruz, WR80
219. Jeff Dumont – Reggie Bush, RB69
220. Joe  Siniscalchi – Kenny Britt, WR81
221. Pete Acquaviva – Austin Hooper, TE26
222. John Proctor – Nelson Agholor, WR82
223. Coach Esser – Brandon LaFell, WR83
224. James Simpson – Maxx Williams, TE27


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