Week 2 Rankings & Game Flowbotics

Week 2 Rankings & Game Flowbotics

After waiting all offseason, we finally have a taste of real fantasy football input. But like Johnny 5, we need more. Opening weekend is an extension of the preseason for most NFL teams, so as much as we might want to consider everything we saw the new norm, we have to temper our reactions and hold onto our preseason analysis to some extent.

But the input! What about all that new input?! Yes, we should make use of the fresh data at our disposal. Some of the best stats we have are the DVOA efficiency metrics from Football Outsiders. For the past few years, I’ve been rearranging those DVOA numbers into my Game Flowbotics spreadsheet to help inform my weekly rankings. In case you missed it, I posted a tutorial for Game Flowbotics in last week’s rankings article.

The good news is Game Flowbotics is back for 2019. The bad news is FO’s stats for defense against different receiver types (WR1, WR2, WR3+, TE, etc.) have moved behind their paywall, and I can no longer show them in the spreadsheet. I will try to find another way to help analyze receiver matchups in future weeks, but for now, the Game Flowbotics page will only show the DVOA and O-line ratings that are publicly available.  Without further ado, here’s the simplified spreadsheet for Week 2:

Week 2 Game Flowbotics

Keep in mind the number crunchers at Football Outsiders are working with a limited sample of data, same as us fake footballers. Their evaluations will improve over the next few weeks as the sample size of NFL games grows. Until then, make sure to take these early-season DVOA numbers with a grain of salt before you dive into my Week 2 rankings below.

Week 2 Rankings

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