2017 Fantasy Football Quarterback Awards

2017 Fantasy Football Quarterback Awards

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Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the 2017 TwoQBs.com Award Ceremony. I am your host, Anthony Spangler, and tonight we’re honoring everyone’s favorite fantasy football position: Quarterback.

Before we get started, I’d like to thank everyone who visited TwoQBs this past season and helped to grow this amazing fantasy football format. I’d also like to thank all the little quarterbacks out there. All you QB3s and practice squad quarterbacks helped make these awards possible for the real winners — this night’s for you, too, I guess.

In the interest of time, and because I’ve taken too long to introduce myself, we’ll forego the originally planned musical numbers, skits, and award speeches. Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the show.

The envelopes please…

Biggest Tease Award – Andy Dalton

While Andy Dalton’s 2018 finish as QB17 could be generally accepted as a respectable QB2 performance, I felt there was so much more left to be desired. Dalton’s season began with an abysmal, four-interception game against Baltimore and things never really got better from there.

Perhaps the biggest reason Andy Dalton is the recipient of this year’s Biggest Tease Award is that his season was very typical. In short, the seven-year veteran doesn’t appear to have the ability to break out of the QB2 tier. Another injury-riddled season for TE Tyler Eifert didn’t help Dalton, however, I’d still like to see him finally ascend to the level of a Matthew Stafford or, dare I say, Blake Bortles.

Overachiever Award – Alex Smith

Heading into the 2017 season, Alex Smith figured to be the quintessential QB2. After all, he’s basically this website’s mascot. However, with Patrick Mahomes fever reaching levels rivaling Andy Reid’s love for terrible clock management, many of us were anxiously awaiting Smith’s benching in favor of Mahomes. Smith, however, had other plans. Aided by weapons such as Travis Kelce and rookie standout Kareem Hunt, the mayor of 2QBVille snatched QB1 status and didn’t look back. Posting career-highs in areas like TDs (26), TD% (5.1) and AY/A (8.6), Smith finished 2017 as fantasy’s QB2 (if you exclude Week 17).

Say what you want about Alex Smith’s past, or his future in Washington, but no one could have predicted his outstanding 2017 effort.

Hero Ball Award – Russell Wilson

The TwoQBs Hero Ball Award goes to the fantasy quarterback, who, despite a mountain of football-adversity, was able to perform at the highest of levels all season long. While this description could apply to many quarterbacks in the 2017 season, there was one QB who stood out above the rest following our painstaking, ultra-scientific, and rigorous assessment: Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks signal-caller ended the 2017 fantasy season as our QB1 (348 points), posting a league-high in passing TDs (34) and he maintained 21.7 points per game on 16 starts. Wilson was the clear backbone to his squad and it was evident, in a season where QB injuries ran rampant, that Wilson was irreplaceable.

While Wilson’s numbers show he didn’t break or surpass any personal milestones in 2017, there’s little arguing he was one of the top-three most important fantasy QBs.

John Mox Relief QB of the Year – Case Keenum

Named after the Venerable Jonathan Mox — who, in the face of great adversity, came off the bench to navigate the West Canaan Coyotes through a regular season that culminated in the victory of the team’s 23rd division title — Case Keenum used 2017 to show us why expectations and depth charts mean nothing in football.

Keenum had never been a full-time starter in his career until taking over in place of Sam Bradford in Week 3. On 14 starts, Keenum posted 22 TDs, just seven interceptions, and a completion percentage of 67.6 — good enough for a QB14 finish. This waiver wire goldmine led the Viking to this year’s NFC championship game right after leading, undoubtedly, many fantasy owners to a glory of their own.

Rookie QB of the Year – Deshaun Watson

In a season where quarterbacks league-wide seemed to have their injury ratings turned down to zero, no QB loss hurt more than Deshaun Watson’s. Prior to his ACL tear, Watson’s six starts were must-watch football. Highlighted by a five-touchdown game against Kansas City and a four-touchdown game against Seattle, Deshaun Watson had the fantasy community (and assuredly DeAndre Hopkins) thankful for his work on the field.

It’s hard to say where his season would have ended had he not been injured, but Deshaun Watson was clearly the most impressive rookie QB in 2017.

Comeback QB of the Year – Jared Goff

In 2016, Jared Goff posted passing numbers similar to a drunk toddler playing Madden for the first time. Luckily for us, Jared Goff and the Rams seemed to figure things out in 2017. The contrast between Goff’s rookie and sophomore campaigns cannot be understated, and are highlighted by an interception percentage that was cut in half (3.4 down to 1.5) and an almost doubling of his AY/A (4.3 up to 8.5).

I’m excited to see where Goff’s future takes him. We can only hope his future fantasy value is a little more 2017 than 2016.

Performance of the Year – Deshaun Watson (week 8 @ Seattle)

Before a season-ending ACL tear disrupted a phenomenal rookie season, Deshaun Watson put on one of the greatest fantasy-QB performances in 2017. In his Week 8 tilt with Seattle, Watson posted 402 yards passing, four TDs, and an additional 67 rushing yards. Was Watson’s 32.78 points a perfect game? Absolutely not. In fact, he threw three picks in the contest and his counterpart that game, Russell Wilson, actually outscored him that day.

Despite the blemishes, I’m still giving the nod to Deshaun Watson for the Performance of the Year Award. A rookie QB with a huge fantasy day, on the road, against Seattle? Yeah, that’s enough to impress me for a one-week award.

Before we announce the night’s highest honor, I’d like to take a moment to remember all the fantasy quarterbacks whose performances were missed due to injury….

Carson Wentz (Weeks 1-13), Deshaun Watson (Weeks 1-7), Aaron Rodgers (Weeks 1-6 and Week 15), Sam Bradford (Week 1), Carson Palmer (Weeks 1-7)

Wow, powerful stuff…..

TwoQBs MVP Award – Carson Wentz

The prestigious TwoQBs MVP Award goes to the fantasy quarterback who displayed the greatest level of dominance at the position without purely relying on statistical anecdotes or year-end totals. The TwoQBs MVP for 2017 is awarded to none other than Eagles QB Carson Wentz.

While Wentz’s season was cut short at 13 games, he still finished the season as our QB5 and averaged 21.7 points per game (matched only by Hero Ball Award winner Russell Wilson). In 2016, Wentz finished as the QB24, with 16 passing TDs and looked like a solid NFL rookie QB, with some strong QB2 potential — for fantasy purposes. However, this year, Wentz took only seven starts to eclipse his rookie TD total and ended 2017 with 33 passing TDs.

What impressed me most about Wentz was how he completely shattered the expectations of his fantasy owners by producing elite-QB1 numbers while most anticipated solid QB2-level results (I personally had him as a “Solid QB2” to kickoff our big board ranking this past offseason). This kind of projection blowout is the stuff that won a lot of people their 2QB/Superflex leagues in 2017 — even if his injury prevented him from participating during the fantasy playoffs.

All that said, it would’ve been hard for me to justify picking any other quarterback as the 2017 TwoQBs MVP. Here’s to a healthy 2018, Mr. Wentz.

That’s all we have for tonight, folks! Thanks again to all of you who spent the 2017 with us. Check back for our offseason articles, rankings, scouting reports and more. But until then…

Anthony Spangler

Anthony Spangler is a fantasy football veteran of eight years, but is new to the 2QB world. Season-long and DFS are both in play for Anthony, and his long-winded text messages to fellow league members is what sparked his interest in writing about fantasy football. In addition to his work for TwoQBs, Anthony is the founding editor of the literary and visual arts site, It Must Be Heartbreaking. You can follow him on Twitter at @AnthonySpang

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