2017 Quarterback Big Board

2017 Quarterback Big Board

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We’re in the home stretch of our fantasy seasons. Playoffs are just a couple weeks away, trade deadlines are approaching and the league-wide quarterback carousel continues. All of this makes framing our view of the available fantasy quarterbacks more important than ever. We begin the last quarter of the NFL season with Thanksgiving and a Sunday-esque slate of games. So before we get to the big board update, I thought I’d share a few fantasy-relevant items that I am thankful for in 2017.

1. Tom Brady… that is all.
2. Literally any NFL team whose starting quarterback is still playing football.
3. Jay Cutler in Week 9 (just imagine if he could do that more than once a season).
4. Tyrod Taylor, even if the Bills front office isn’t.
5. Tony Romo in the broadcast booth.
6. Deshaun Watson’s abbreviated rookie campaign.
7. Jared effing Goff.
8. TwoQBs.com and all those who have been checking in on this big board throughout the season.

That appears to be it for now. Enjoy the rest of the season, everyone, and good luck in the playoffs.

2017 Quarterback Big Board – Week 12, 2017

Elite QB1Tom BradyNESome things just don't change. There's really not a lot to unpack here, as Brady continues to be his dominant self. He currently resides as the overall QB3 and finds himself in what I believe to be a two-man MVP race with Carson Wentz.
Elite QB1Drew BreesNOI'm willing to admit that I'm keeping Brees as an elite QB1 a bit out of reputation. The Saints running game has been quite alive, which has impacted Brees' output but you can never discount his blow-up potential. Like Brady, there isn't a ton a logic and research here, but I think we all understand why.
Elite QB1Russell WilsonSEAWilson seems to be taking a very quiet, calm approach to fulfilling his top-5 destiny. Heading into the last quarter of the season, Wilson is the overall QB1, despite playing behind a non-existent offensive line and having no consistent support from the running back position. Russell Wilson is magic and he's proving it once again in 2017.
Elite QB1Carson WentzPHIWentz is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. Through 10 starts he's notched 25 TDs and 2,430 passing yards on just 318 attempts (15th). Wentz is our overall QB2 heading into Week 12 and could very well end up as fantasy's QB1 when it's all said and done. If you drafted Wentz as your QB1, congrats on the foresight. And if you drafted him to be your QB2, congrats on winning your league.
High-end QB1Kirk CousinsWASCousins is our fifth-ranked QB on the year and continues to wow following his slow start. He kicks off the final stretch of the season against a week Giants secondary, which only adds to his top-flight status. I see Cousins as a top-7 QB for the near future and a staple QB1 for any roster he's on.
High-end QB1Cam NewtonCARCam has turned things around in recent weeks thanks to solid performances facing the Falcons and Dolphins. The positive regression train is in motion following poors games against the Bears and Bucs. Newton is currently ranked as QB6 in his up-and-down 2017. If he can maintain more consistent production he should easily finish in the top-seven or top-eight for QBs this season.
Solid QB1Alex Smith KCDespite a clunker of an outing in Week 11, Alex Smith remains our QB4 on the season. Smith is playing at such a high level that I don't see any reason he finishes outside of the top-5, assuming he maintians his 33 pass attempts per game average.
Solid QB1Matthew StaffordDETMatthew Stafford has been the picture of QB1 consistency on the season. He ranks fourth in pass attempts (360) and 11th in fantasy PPG (17.7.) And without the threat of a consistent run game to eat away at his passing volume, Stafford is a strong contender to finish in the top-5 for quarterbacks at season's end.
Solid QB1Matt RyanATLSince Week 6, Ryan has shown a lot more consistency in his fantasy production. His passing yardage leaves much to be desired, but he continues to throw TDs (even if they're not to Julio Jones). Ryan has been good-but-not-great this season, but he's trending in the right direction in recent weeks which makes me optimistic for the remiander of the 2017 season.
High-end QB2Deshaun WatsonHOUR.I.P. Deshaun Watson's rookie season. I'll rank Watson as a high-end QB2 heading into 2018 based on the spectacular rookie season he was giving us until his season-ending ACL injury. Through three-quarters of the NFL season, Watson still ranks higher than QBs like Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Marcus Mariota, despite not starting a game since his Week 7 shootout against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. It just goes to show you how great of a season Watson was having, and how much hype he'll carry into 2018.
High-end QB2Jared GoffLARForgive me for doubting Jared Goff... As strange as it felt to type that, it's something I can no longer avoid. The second year QB, who once looked like he didn't belong on an NFL roster, has continued to prove his doubters wrong. Goff is seventh in passing yardage (2,610) and averaging a cool 17 PPG through 10 starts. Goff and the Rams are legit. Kudos to those of you who saw it coming and were able to nab him cheap. Jared Goff may just be this year's "league-winner".
Solid QB2Dak PrescottDALA depleted O-line and a suspended Zeke Elliott will undoubtedly impact Dak's fantasy value going forward. We've already witnessed some of this decline by way of a miserable performance against the Eagles and his inability to eclipse 200 passing yards in three of his past four contests. Dak is still an easy QB2 with blow-up potential for 2017 with limitless potential in 2018.
Solid QB2Ben RoethlisbergerPITUndoubtedly my biggest disapointment up to now. He's certainly been a reliable QB2, however, my current ranking of Ben is on the conservative side and I'm slightly dissapointed to not feel considerably better about his performance than his other QB2 peers.
Solid QB2Aaron RodgersGBThere seems to be a chance that Rodgers could return for Week 15, pending Green Bay's position in the NFC playoff picture. Assuming the best case scenario in which he does return for the fantasy playoffs, he is an instant start. Unless you own Brady and Wilson in your six-team league, Rodgers' ranking in this tier does not matter. If he's there for your fantasy championship game, start him.
Solid QB2Andrew Luck INDHere's to 2018.
Solid QB2Tyrod TaylorBUFAfter being inexplicably benched in Week 10, Taylor is set to return for a Week 12 matchup against the Chiefs. He managed to rack up 18 garbage-time points after rookie Nathan Peterman was mercifully benched in the second half. Tyrod is currently this season's QB12 and remains a very formidable QB2 for our format. Whether it's trades or a random benching, the Bills seem to be down on Tyrod for reasons we may never fully know. Taylor is a free agent after this season and I could not be more thankful. Taylor should be a trade target as he is already a reliable QB2, with sneaky QB1 upside. Him joining virtually any other team in 2018 will only add to his value.
Solid QB2Philip RiversLACRivers has been a very sneaky QB13. Still a little behind statistically from what we're used to, but it appears to be in favor of a more managerial approach to quarterbacking. I don't expect big numbers the rest of way, like I once did, but I would feel great about having him as my second QB on my Superflex and 2QB teams.
Solid QB2Andy DaltonCINDalton has been one of the more frustrating QBs to watch this season. His per-game points output has been the definition of a roller coaster ride and, just when you think you can count on a poor performance against the Broncos defense, Dalton throws for three scores on only 25 attempts. Dalton is posting the best TD% of his career (8.4) but his worst completion percentage since his rookie year (61.8) and is also suffering from an 8.4% sack rate. Dalton's 2017 stat line is bizarre when compared to his career averages, and in order to maintain or improve upon his QB22 ranking, he'll need to maintain his TD rate, but improve a little on his 218 yards/game average.
Solid QB2Case KeenumMINIt's hard to get too down on Keenum's production in his time as the starting QB for the Bradford-less Vikings. He's been a great QB2 option in recent weeks, and has been averaging a respectable 14.9 PPG this season. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen have both remained plus options at their positions, which is testament alone at how well Keenum has been playing in place of Bradford this season. With Bridgwater now activated, it will be interesting to see if Keenum remains the team's starter if the Vikings slip up and fall out of playoff contention. Until or unless that happens, feel safe plugging Keenum in as your QB2 going forward.
Solid QB2Josh McCownNYJJosh McCown as the current QB14 is still puzzling to me. I still have him as nothing more than a reliable QB2 because, even with career bests in every notable statistical area, he's still middle of the road. The Jets still lack weapons and still lack a defense that's going to give McCown additional posessions in which to score fantasy points. If you've benefited from the "steal" that has been Josh McCown this season, then good for you. Unless you're contending for a championship, I'd consider selling McCown for whatever you can get in order to help your team in the future. The 2017 version of Josh McCown has been interesting, however, I wish it amounted to something more than mid-range QB2 production.
Low-end QB2Marcus MariotaTENMariota continues to have a so-so season, however, his upcoming schedule of Colts, Texans, Cardinals, and Niners seems to be promising. Mariota still owns a terrible TD% and an 8:10 TD to INT ratio. He has a lot of room to improve, so let's hope things begin to change with this soft spot in his schedule.
Low-end QB2Derek CarrOAKI'm still waiting to see the Derek Carr that had everyone excited this offseason. Until now he's been the September Heisman of the NFL. Carr currently ranks behind the likes of Manning, Bortles, and Brissett. Playing him as a QB2 sounds fine, as he is increasingly becoming a highly volatile play, but not in the exciting way.
Low-end QB2Jameis WinstonTBWinston's good looking season took a sharp nose dive in recent weeks. Winston is no lock to be around for the fantasy playoffs. Winston was on pace for career-highs in most passing categories, but it looks like his QB2 days are numbered for the 2017 season. There's a lot to look forward to in 2018, however, and owners may find themselves as the targets of trade talks for teams looking to reload for the upcoming fantasy season.
Low-end QB2Eli ManningNYGCurrently our QB19, I have a hard time seeing Manning remain in the top-20 by season's end. Remarkably, Manning has only surpassed 300 passing yards in a game one time this season, despite attempting an average of 36.8 passes per game. For my taste, he's been too inefficient to be relied upon as anything more than a low-end QB2 for the remainder of the season.
Low-end QB2Brett HundleyGBHundley has been the definition of mediocre in his four starts this season, averaging only 8.7 PPG since taking over starting duties for the Packers. Hundley is an emergency-only QB2 going forward.
Low-end QB2DeShone KizerCLEThe best news for Kizer owners came in the form of Browns coach Hue Jackson stating that he's committed to Kizer for the remainder of the season. After being benched twice this year and missing time due to injury, it wouldn't be unreasonable to want to scrap Kizer's fantasy value all together in 2017. But, even after a bad outing against the Jags, it doesn't look like the rookie's going anywhere. Fantasy football is about opportunity and exsposure, and if you're in need of a weekly QB2, DeShone Kizer might just be your guy.
Low-end QB2Brock OsweilerDENIt was nice of Osweiler to come back for three starts to remind us all of how bad he is. He's been, once again, benched—this time in favor of Paxton Lynch. No Broncos QB should be trusted or started at this point in the season.
Low-end QB2Trevor SiemianDENSiemian has been named the Broncos' backup QB, behind Paxton Lynch. This likely means that if Paxton Lynch fails to perform we could see Siemian back in the driver's seat. No Broncos quarterback excites me right now and none of them are truly fantasy relevant at the moment.
Low-end QB2Paxton LynchDENThe quarterback carousel continues in Denver as Paxton Lynch has been named the team's starter. Don't expect much from Lynch as there is a reason Denver went to Brock Osweiler before him. Lynch is a desperation streaming play only, and probably should not be rostered outside of dynasty formats.
Low-end QB2Mitch TrubiskyCHITrubisky produced two respectable outings in Weeks 10 and 11, averaging just over 15 points in those starts. More importantly, Trubisky has attempted 97 passing attempts in his past three starts, compared to just 48 in his first three. The increased workload is a good sign for the rookie, which makes him an interesting future option in leagues where you can stash and keep players. I'm not ready to rely on Trubisky as my every-week QB2 quite yet, but there are far worse options this late in the season.
Low-end QB2Jacoby BrissettINDBrissett continues to straddle the line between the lower tier of QB2's and the more automatic, every week starters at the QB2 slot. He's quietly outscored the likes of Andy Dalton, Blake Bortles, Eli Manning, and Joe Flacco on a PPG basis (14.2). Though the QBs just mentioned aren't having great years, it's worth noting that Brissett is outperforming them while on a new team. Brissett is a stash candidate for me and could be had from a team that's a little QB-heavy and in need of depth at another skill position. For me, Brissett has volatile QB2 value similar to players like Tyrod Taylor and Blake Bortles. I don't think adding him will help win many leagues this year, but could be a very interesting player to have at your disposal this offseason in dynasty formats.
Low-end QB2Ryan FitzpatrickTBFitzpatrick has looked good in his two starts in place of the injured Jameis Winston, throwing for three TDs, one INT, and 462 yards in starts against the Dolphins and Jets. Fitzpatrick and the Bucs face off against weaker secondaries in the coming weeks, which should help the veteran QB remain fantasy relevant as a low-to-mid-range QB2.
Low-end QB2Teddy BridgewaterMINMy irrational love for Tyrod Taylor is rivaled only by a similar affinity for Teddy B. The consesus seems to be Teddy is the QB of the future for the Vikes but, as long as Case Keenum continues to perform at this more-than-serviceable pace, the coaching and managerial staff are in no rush to re-insert Teddy. If Bridgwater happens to see action this season, it will be hard to count on him as more than a low-end QB2. He's been without action for nearly two full seasons, so his value may be more rooted in 2018 and beyond. Stash him in your dynasty leagues if you can.
Low-end QB2Jay CutlerMIAA concussion paved the way for fantasy owners to see some Matt Moore action in Week 11. Cutler has been atrocious with Miami, but Adam Gase will likely stick it out with him once cleared from concussion protocol. Cutler remains a poor QB2 play. If forced to use him, just pray for a performance similar to his Week 9 outing—three scores and 311 yards against Oakland.
Low-end QB2Matt MooreMIAMoore's Week 11 performance in relief of Jay Cutler was admirable but we cannot forget his Week 8 start where he only managed 176 yards and two picks against the Ravens. Fantasy owners may be inclined to prefer Moore over Cutler, but it's important to remember that Adam Gase had the chance to go with Moore as his starter following Tannehill's offseason injury, but instead pulled Cutler out of retirement. Moore may produce more than Cutler if given the chance to start again, but that isn't really saying much. I advise you avoid the Miami QB situation, if possible.
Low-end QB2Drew StantonARIStanton is only valuable to us if Blaine Gabbert goes down with an injury. And even if that happens, Stanton is an emergency-only starter at the QB2 spot. Avoid at all costs.
Low-end QB2Blaine GabbertARIGabbert had a nice outing against Houston in Week 11, but it's difficult to get truly excited about him. It wouldn't be surprising to see Stanton reclaim the starting job if Gabbert falters a bit. If possible, I wouldn't use either Arizona QB unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Stanton and Gabbert feel like two sides to the same coin and it's not really a good thing for owners in need of QB2 support.
Low-end QB2Joe FlaccoBALReal life Joe Flacco may be good enough for some, but fantasy Joe Flacco is the equivilant of stale bread. There's nothing here to get excited about or look forward to. I understand if you're starting him as your QB2, but applaud you for finding alternatives for the remainder of the season.
Low-end QB2Blake BortlesJAXBlake Bortles' pedestrian season may be enough for some owners to keep starting him in their QB2 slot, but I view him the same way I view guys like Manning, Flacco, McCown, and Palmer: expendable. Depending on your league format, I would consider moving Bortles to a team in need of a second QB and try and get the absolute most you can. In dynasty formats, this may mean a draft pick or two you can hopefully use on a rookie QB. Bortles isn't likely doing you many favors on your roster now and he likely won't in the future. Consider moving him while you can.
Low-end QB2C.J. BeathardSFBeathard has played reasonably well in his five starts this season, posting a 13.4 PPG average. With Jimmy Garoppolo waiting in the wings, the leash figures to be short for Beathard for the remainder of the season. Because of this, I don't view Beathard as much more than a low-end QB2
Low-end QB2Jimmy GaroppoloSFIt seems Jimmy Garoppolo is destined to ride the bench in 2017. Following his trade to San Francisco, all signs seemed to point to Garoppolo seeing his first, real action as an NFL starting QB. However, C.J. Beathard has proved to be more than capable of holding down the fort in recent weeks, which has been reason enough to keep Garoppolo on the bench. I'm interested to see if it will last following the 49ers' Week 11 bye and, in the event it does, Jimmy will likely be a major source of speculation in the offseason. His value does go up in San Fran now that he's out of Brady's shadow, but until he sees a start or two he's a low-end QB2 to me.
Low-end QB2Nathan PetermanBUFPeterman got his chance to start following the benching of Tyrod Taylor, and fell flat on his face. Following his five-interception performance it's clear Peterman is not currently suited to be an NFL QB. He's a dynasty stash option at this point with more upside if Taylor finds a new home in 2018.

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