The Derek Carr Experience

The Derek Carr Experience

The 2QB Experience Podcast

Episode 33 – The Derek Carr Experience

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Hosted by Greg Smith (@gregsauce) & Joshua Lake (@LakeTwoQBs). …

Your hosts touch on Jeff Fisher’s firing before moving on to their Week 14 recap.  In case you missed it, quarterbacks were absolutely dreadful in Week 14, and Greg has some crazy stats to illustrate just how bad passers performed.  They also discuss the Atlanta defense, Matt Moore replacing Ryan Tannehill, the disappointing match-up of Drew Brees vs. Jameis Winston, Ben Roethlisberger pulling a Matt Barkley, the relative success of rushing quarterbacks, and Trevor Siemian’s showing against Tennessee.  Derek Carr is the episode’s spotlight QB, and your hosts speculate about his man-crush on Seth Roberts, the health of his passing hand, his outlook over the rest of the season, and his suddenly dubious taste in friends.  The show winds down with a look to Week 15, including notes on setting lineups for two pre-Sunday games, Matt Barkely’s prospects against the Packers, elite quarterbacks in difficult match-ups, the horror of Bortles vs. Osweiler, and Dak Prescott’s deceivingly difficult date with Tampa Bay.

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Greg Smith

Greg Smith is an engineer, co-founder of, and enthusiast for the strategy and design of variance-based games.  When he started playing fantasy football in 2001, his home league's small number of teams necessitated starting two quarterbacks.  That necessity has since grown into obsession, making Greg one of the preeminent champions of 2QB and Superflex formats.

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