Mining The 2QB Waiver Wire For Gold: Week 13

Mining The 2QB Waiver Wire For Gold: Week 13

Every week I break down the 2QB waiver wire landscape with updated information and developments from the previous weeks. All starting quarterbacks need to be rostered in 2QB/Superflex fantasy football leagues, especially this time of year with owners fighting for playoff spots. Let’s take a look at some players to pick up immediately and one more to monitor moving forward…

Teams on Bye: Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans

Matt Barkley – Chicago Bears

Matt Barkley showed me something on Sunday. He did throw two INTs, but he also added 316 yards and three TDs. If it weren’t for some late drops by his pass catchers, Barkley would’ve led a game-winning comeback against a good Titans team and finished with four TD passes. There’s a pretty good chance Jay Cutler misses at least one more game and the Bears are at home against San Francisco this week. The matchup is a good one, as the 49ers have given up the second-most pass TDs this season. Pick up Barkley and stream him if you’re in need of some QB help.

Cody Kessler/Robert Griffin III – Cleveland Browns

Unfortunately, the Cleveland Browns are on bye this week. However, Cody Kessler has been cleared from the concussion protocol and returned to practice. He will likely be the Browns starter in Week 14. However, also keep an eye on Robert Griffin III. It sounds like if he’s healthy he will see at least one more start this season.

Bryce Petty – New York Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick has already been named the starter for Week 13. However, the Jets are 3-8 and going absolutely nowhere this season. It would make no sense for head coach Todd Bowles to let Fitzpatrick play the season out. They’ll take another look at Bryce Petty this year and he could start again as early as Week 14. If he does get the start in two weeks, he will get to face a 49ers defense that has given up the second-most passing TDs this season. Plus, he will get to throw to Brandon Marshall.

Tom Savage – Houston Texans

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for Brock Osweiler, he goes and throws zero TDs and three INTs in Week 12. He now has only 12 TDs to 13 INTs on the entire season. Osweiler is not good at football, and it seems blatantly obvious at this point the Texans made a horrendous decision investing in him. Tom Savage is the backup in Houston and was a fourth-round pick by the Texans just two years ago. There’s a chance Savage starts a few games before the end of the year if the Texans decide to give Osweiler an early start to his off-season.

Paxton Lynch – Denver Broncos

Trevor Siemian has earned the right to continue on as the Broncos starting QB. Still, Paxton Lynch is worth keeping an eye on. He was the Broncos’ first round pick this offseason and that definitely counts for something. If he finds his way onto the field before the end of the season he will be very intriguing as the starter, as he possesses excellent physical tools, has rushing upside, and would be throwing to one of the best WR duos in the NFL.

Ben Cummins

Ben Cummins is very passionate about fantasy football. He combines film watching and statistical research to formulate his opinions on a number of different fantasy football topics. He is dedicated to supporting his beliefs with important and necessary data. In addition to contributing to, Ben is also a contributor for both The Fantasy Footballers and Rotoviz. You can find him on Twitter @BenCumminsFF

3 thoughts on “Mining The 2QB Waiver Wire For Gold: Week 13”

  • What are your thoughts on Goff? He looked good at points in an easy NO matchup, but I like what I saw out of Barkley. Would I be crazy to drop Goff for Barkley in a 2QB-league with no starting QBs available. I’m looking more towards week 15 & 16.

    • Hi Brad,

      I don’t think your thought process is crazy at all. Jared Goff has two solid matchups down the stretch: Week 14 at home against the Falcons and Week 16 at home against the 49ers. However, Matt Barkley’s schedule looks even more appetizing over his next four games. None of his matchups scare me and three of the four come at home. From that standpoint, I understand the thought process behind going with Barkley. The problem with all of this is we don’t know if Barkley is going to remain the starter for the rest of the season. You could pick up Barkley with that schedule in mind, and then have the Bears go back to Cutler when healthy or even have them give David Fales a start or two. On the flip side, now that Jared Goff has been named the starter, there is very little chance he loses his job barring injury. My advice would be to pick up Barkley and drop somebody else but I know how difficult it can be to do that this time of year. Overall though, as much as I want to, I can’t advocate dropping a starting QB with as much job security right now as Goff. If one of your other starting QBs gets injured in the next week or two, you’ll want that safe option on your bench you know you’ll be able to play if a worse case scenario comes to fruition.

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