Moving Targets: Week 11

Moving Targets: Week 11

Moving Targets is a weekly column focused on tidbits and trends from target data, with an eye toward forecasting future value spikes for fantasy players. … My focus will be on the target numbers themselves, highlighting a few I find interesting. Each section will include a short blurb of analysis, but mostly I will allow you — the wise reader — to draw the conclusions you wish from the data.

Note: Target data comes from the 4for4 Player Targets App.

Carolina Panthers

Week 11 Targets Previous Avg +/-
Devin Funchess 7 3.6 3.4
Greg Olsen 7 8.7 -1.7
Ted Ginn 4 5.2 -1.2
Kelvin Benjamin 4 8.4 -4.4

Kelvin Benjamin’s first couple weeks seem so far away now. He is a hot-and-cold fantasy asset who is largely disappointing those who paid a high draft price for him. You can’t sit him, but his role is inconsistent in an offense that has its own struggles. Devin Funchess remains a sneaky option, and his dynasty stock continues to rise. Ted Ginn is someone I would rather leave on waivers; I added him to the chart only to show just how far Kelvin Benjamin can fall in any given week. This week, he tied Ginn for targets.

Cincinnati Bengals

Week 11 Targets Previous Avg +/-
Brandon LaFell 9 5.1 3.9
Tyler Boyd 8 4.7 3.3
Tyler Eifert 6 6.3 -0.3

Here is what the Bengals look like without A.J. Green, and it isn’t pretty. Many are targeting Tyler Boyd, and rightfully so, but Brandon LaFell likely remains the best option among the wide receivers. I also expect Cincinnati to target Tyler Eifert more heavily when they have a full week to gameplan as an offense without their WR1. Remember, this team also lost Giovani Bernard this week, so there are quite a few targets to go around.

Detroit Lions

Week 11 Targets Previous Avg +/-
Theo Riddick 10 6.6 3.4
Anquan Boldin 9 5.3 3.7
Eric Ebron 5 7.2 -2.2
Golden Tate 4 8.2 -4.2
Marvin Jones 2 7.1 -5.1

Ugh. Anquan Boldin had more targets than Golden Tate and Marvin Jones combined. Fantasy owners everywhere cringe. Detroit throws a ton, and the fantasy assets benefit. The trouble is knowing which ones will benefit week-to-week. Golden Tate is the best PPR option, and Eric Ebron is a fine TE1. Marvin Jones, however, appears hard to trust.

Los Angeles Rams

Week 11 Targets Previous Avg +/-
Kenny Britt 7 7.1 -0.1
Lance Kendricks 7 6 1
Brian Quick 5 4.7 0.3

For the little it’s worth, we have hit the point in the season where I am now properly attributing the Rams to Los Angeles instead of St. Louis. Unfortunately, we have not hit the point in the franchise history where they fire Jeff Fisher. Fisher caps this offense’s potential, but the same targets remain focal points even under Jared Goff. Kenny Britt is the lead dog, with Lance Kendricks close behind. Brian Quick was a surprise at WR2 in targets, leaving Tavon Austin in the dust. That’s arguably Goff’s biggest selling point after his first week as a starter — he recognized that targeting Tavon is a losing proposition.

Miami Dolphins

Week 11 Targets Previous Avg +/-
DeVante Parker 10 6 4
Kenny Stills 9 3.9 5.1
Jarvis Landry 5 8.6 -3.6

Wow. At least A.J. Green disappeared because of injury. Jarvis Landry was doubled up by DeVante Parker, with no apparent explanation. I, for one, am not buying Miami as an offense to target; they look lost almost always, with Ryan Tannehll only catching fire in the final minutes this week. Parker and Stills retain dynasty value, but this is another inconsistent offense. For what it’s worth, Landry is still the PPR stud, but Parker is sneaking into starter consideration every week.

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