Week 1 Rankings

Week 1 Rankings

Guten tag, two-quarterbackers, and welcome to my first installment of weekly rankings for the 2016 NFL regular season. insane how quickly Week 1 came. … If my salutation didn’t tip you off, I am abroad in Germany, so this first iteration of the rankings post will be a bit abbreviated. A backpack is no place for a laptop, and an old tablet is no place for an involved writing endeavor. Nevertheless, I have shuffled up the players at each position to bring you the Week 1 Rankings.

My choices are largely informed by my preseason rankings at this point, while match-ups and recent performance will weigh more heavily in future weeks. If any particular players seem out of place based on recent news and notes from around the league, drop me a line in the comments or @gregsauce on Twitter. I’m doing my best to stay up on American football happenings, but Wi-Fi is a limited resource over here and there is a nonzero chance I’ve missed a few key pieces of fantasy football info while traveling. Enough disclaimers, let’s get to the ranks:

Week 1 Rankings

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