Week 16 Rankings & Game Flowbotics

Week 16 Rankings & Game Flowbotics

This is it, 2QBers. Fantasy championship week is here! Or is it?

Seriously, don’t be like the commissioner in this particular league of mine. Week 17 is a wasteland, and it shouldn’t decide who wins a fantasy football title. Before you set up or join a league next year, make sure the championship is no later than Week 16. I hope I don’t make this same mistake again. Still, there is true catharsis in winning through dumb rules. I knew the terms when I signed up, and accepted what variance might come. Those oddball Week 17 decisions can wait until next week, though.

If you’re lucky enough to have reached the final challenge of your 2017 fantasy football season right now in Week 16, well done! I hope my work has been helpful in your journey, but you deserve all the credit. My goal here is simply to provide resources. You manage your team.  And to make it this far, you used the tools at your disposal to evaluate matchups and make smart decisions. If the Game Flowbotics spreadsheet has been a useful tool to you, I’m doing my job. Here’s this week’s installment:

Week 16 Game Flowbotics

Editor’s Note: If you need a primer on the Flowbotics spreadsheet, check out this previous rankings article

I’m traveling for the holidays on Thursday and Friday, so there’s minimal mouse scrolling and touchscreen swiping for “the space between” this week.  We’re jumping right into the Week 16 rankings.  For a deeper dive into Flowbotics and other matchup analysis, check back later in the week for my Game Flowbotics A-to-Z series. That’s where I’ll take a deeper look into the Week 16 DFS slate, specifically FanDuel’s Superflex contests. Until then, I wish you all the best of luck in your title fights. Go Team TwoQBs!

Week 16 Rankings

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