Schedules and Stacks with Ben Cummins

Schedules and Stacks with Ben Cummins

The 2QB Experience Podcast

Episode 46 – Schedules & Stacks with Ben Cummins

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Hosted by Greg Smith (@gregsauce).

Greg is joined by Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF) to discuss fantasy strategy surrounding quarterbacks around the league, including the battle between Trevor Siemian & Paxton Lynch in Denver (3:10), Carson Palmer and the impact of early-season schedules (11:09), drafting from the bountiful middle-tier of passers (19:51), Alex Smith vs. Sam Bradford (25:58), and when to handcuff backups like Jimmy Garoppolo (29:48).  The balance of the episode touches on the Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB7) and the lessons it can apply to other formats, like understanding league settings (34:10), playing the RB lottery (37:02), how to make strategic sacrifices in drafts (42:01), when stacking can work in redraft (48:10), identifying undervalued wide receivers (54:04), and determining drafting mistakes to improve strategic processes (56:47).


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Greg Smith

Greg Smith is an engineer, co-founder of, and enthusiast for the strategy and design of variance-based games.  When he started playing fantasy football in 2001, his home league's small number of teams necessitated starting two quarterbacks.  That necessity has since grown into obsession, making Greg one of the preeminent champions of 2QB and Superflex formats.

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