2QBXP – Two-A-Days with Ben Cummins & Mike Wright

2QBXP – Two-A-Days with Ben Cummins & Mike Wright

The 2QB Experience Podcast

Episode 86 – 2QBXP Two-A-Days with Ben Cummins & Mike Wright

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Hosted by Greg Smith (@gregsauce).

The Two-A-Days series on the 2QBXP podcast features two analysts per episode breaking down their personal strategies for managing the quarterback position in fantasy. This sixth installment features Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF) and Mike Wright (@FFHitman) of The Fantasy Footballers. Ben is up first (3:02), and he discusses quarterback strategy for 1QB leagues with more teams, as well as how to project playing time in preseason for DFS purposes. Later (32:23), Mike explains why we shouldn’t write off young quarterbacks too quickly and why it pays to be a cheapskate with quarterbacks in daily fantasy.


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Greg Smith

Greg Smith is an engineer, co-founder of TwoQBs.com, and enthusiast for the strategy and design of variance-based games.  When he started playing fantasy football in 2001, his home league's small number of teams necessitated starting two quarterbacks.  That necessity has since grown into obsession, making Greg one of the preeminent champions of 2QB and Superflex formats.

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