The People Have Spoken: Aaron Rodgers Still Reigns Supreme

The People Have Spoken: Aaron Rodgers Still Reigns Supreme

Despite Aaron Rodgers being drafted on average after Cam Newton in our June 2QB mock drafts, our early July #QBPolls on Twitter told a different story. …

We will continue to hold 2QB mocks throughout the summer to strengthen our ADP data, so contact @TwoQBs or @LakeTwoQBs if you’re interested. For now, the largest sample sizes of data at our disposal are the results of our Twitter polls. As you can see, the results were overwhelmingly in Rodgers’ favor when pitted against both Andrew Luck and 2015 fantasy superstar, Cam Newton. I’m somewhat surprised by this, especially given the ongoing narrative that Rodgers had a down year in 2015. Did he really though?

Aaron Rodgers Is Still #Good

Despite losing his #1 target and one of the best WRs in the entire league (Jordy Nelson) to injury before the season, having his reliable slot receiver (Randall Cobb) deal with a shoulder injury for part of the year, his top outside threat (James Jones) not signing with the team until Week 1 (and who is currently on the street looking for work), and his “#3 target” (Davante Adams) having arguably the worst season we’ve seen from a WR in quite some time, Rodgers still managed to throw for 3,821 yards, 31 TDs (only five fewer than league-leader Tom Brady), and only 8 INTs. While that stat line would signify a good year for just about any quarterback, we’ve come to expect a lot more from Rodgers. Yet, when putting last season into perspective and considering all the factors working against him, what Rodgers did was actually pretty damn impressive.

“Sure, that’s all well and good, but bottom line — he didn’t score enough points for my fantasy team last year,” you might be saying. A quick look at Rodgers’ QB Stat Card should help alleviate some of those concerns stemming from the small 16-game sample size of 2015.

Aaron Rodgers TwoQBs Stat Card 2QB

Yes, Aaron Rodgers Still Has Upside

Before the debacle that was the 2015 season, the previous two years in which Rodgers started all 16 games, he finished as the overall QB #1 in total points rank and points per game rank in 2014, with #2 finishes in those same categories in 2012. What Rodgers’ QB Stat Card doesn’t show you is his blistering 45-TD performance back in 2011 when he only played in 15 games. Still in the prime of his career, Rodgers’ 2011 season reminds us of the tantalizing upside he possesses, while his overall track record shows us the small sample size of 2015 should not be believed. While late-round QB is certainly in vogue nowadays, that strategy becomes more difficult to follow in a 2QB or Superflex league. I’m still a proponent of LRQB to a certain degree and I wrote about why earlier this offseason, but there is very little doubt Rodgers is worth a premium pick in these formats if you choose to go that direction.

In Conclusion

The 2015 version of Aaron Rodgers was essentially the equivalent of your favorite artist or band putting out an album that was good, but failed to live up to the high expectations set by previous legendary albums. With Jordy Nelson healthy, Randall Cobb returning to his reliable #2 option status, the inefficient Adams likely (Please, God!) being phased out of the offense, the addition of Jared Cook to help stretch the middle of the field, and likely contributions from Ty Montgomery and Hail Mary GOATs Richard Rodgers/Jeff Janis, there’s a very good chance Rodgers will make sweet music on the field in 2016 on his way to finishing as the overall QB1. Like those who voted for Rodgers in our Twitter #QBPolls, make sure you keep the faith. That next legendary album from Rodgers is about to drop.

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