NFC Quarterback Superheroes

NFC Quarterback Superheroes


In my last article about AFC quarterback superheroes, we ended with some heavy hitters. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Thor all landed in the same division. It will be tough to top those superhero comps for the AFC South. Still, the NFC certainly has some great quarterbacks to work with as well.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz

Superhero Comparison: Green Lantern

Reasoning: Doug Pederson lets Carson Wentz use his creativity to the best of his abilities. Someone who can turn anything they can imagine into a weapon? That sounds like a member of the lantern corps to me. He’s certainly strong. Wentz is one of 11 quarterbacks to have at least 7,000 passing yards over his first two seasons. Of that list, he’s fifth in touchdowns and first in interception percentage, all while playing only 29 games.

Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott

Superhero Comparison: Green Arrow

Reasoning: Dak has finished both seasons of his career as the QB10 or better. Yet, he’s never attempted more than 490 passes. How does he do it? By maintaining Green Arrow-like precision with a great TD% and a low INT%. The fact he can utilize his legs also helps.

Washington Redskins: Alex Smith

Superhero Comparison: Doctor Strange

Reasoning: Powerful in his own right, Doctor Strange tends to deal with things on a different plane than most heroes. He’s often left out of the conversations of “best superhero.” However, without Strange dealing with magical threats, the Avengers wouldn’t even be around to deal with the planet-level threats. Smith has been dismissed for much of his career, but since leaving the 49ers in 2013, he has been at worst a top-24 fantasy quarterback. He is certainly capable of saving your Superflex or 2QB team from utter destruction when it matters most.

New York Giants: Eli Manning

Superhero Comparison: Havok

Reasoning: Alex Summers is not as well-known as his brother Scott. However, he has led his own team of Avengers before. Eli may not be the quarterback his brother is, but they do have the same number of Super Bowl wins, and that counts for something. For fantasy purposes, Eli has been old reliable, though I’m not sure how much longer that lasts.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff

Superhero Comparison: Nova (Samuel Alexander)

Reasoning: Goff showed what he was truly capable of after defeating the nefarious Jeff Fisher. Entering his age-24 season, he still has a lot of room to grow. That’s where Nova comes in. He has all the power of the Nova Force — one of the strongest squadrons in the galaxy — but he’s still learning how to use it.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson

Superhero Comparison: Iron Man

Reasoning: In three of his four past seasons, Russell Wilson has finished among the top-three quarterbacks for fantasy purposes. That clearly makes him one of the faces of the NFL, just as Iron Man has become one of the faces of Marvel. Wilson can attack teams through the air, but also uses his “rocket boots” for escapability to extend plays. Six seasons into their careers, only Dan Marino had more total touchdowns than Wilson has now. Including his rushing yardage, Wilson has the most total yards of any quarterback six seasons into his career, and he’s in the lead by 1,795 yards. Meanwhile, I’d be lying if I said this comparison isn’t partially due to Wilson’s Bose headphones endorsement.

Arizona Cardinals: Drew Stanton

Superhero (villain) Comparison: Random Hydra Agent

Reasoning: Drew Stanton has only attempted more than 100 passes once in his career. At age 34, I don’t see that changing. Consider him nothing more than a supervillain’s henchman during a robbery. Expect him to be replaced by a bigger deal real soon.

San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo

Superhero (villain?) Comparison: Loki

Reasoning: He has a charming smile, so he takes you in. He can be so handsome. Meanwhile, who can tell if he is planning to sabotage your team? I mean, #QBWinz are the be-all-end-all stat, right? Jokes aside, I like Jimmy Garoppolo, but maybe I’m just falling prey to the god of deception. Loki is possibly the strongest magic user there is, and we could see a lot of magic from Garoppolo in future seasons.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings: Kyle Sloter

Superhero Comparison: Agent of Shield

Reasoning: The Vikings had three potential heroes on their roster. As of this writing, they are pursuing Kirk Cousins, who I will write about later when I cover free agents. Instead, Minnesota is currently left with a trained option, but not someone they can rely on as their main hero.

Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford

Superhero Comparison: Hercules

Reasoning: Matthew Stafford has passed for at least 4,000 yards and 20 touchdowns each season dating back to 2011. Six of the last seven seasons, Stafford has been a top-12 quarterback. In the season he wasn’t, he was still the QB15. However, Stafford remains underrated in fantasy drafts. That’s like Hercules, who boasts god-like powers, but never seems to get the recognition he deserves.  It’s Hercules’ fault for hanging out with the likes of Thor and Captain America.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers

Superhero Comparison: Captain America

Reasoning: Speaking of Cap, it makes sense someone named Rodgers would wear the stars and stripes, right? When Cap throws his shield, he always finds his target. The same can be said of Aaron Rodgers’ ability to find open receivers. Additionally, they’re both on the older side, but somehow find a way to remain youthful. Rodgers has only failed to finish as a top-12 passer twice in the past seven seasons, and he was injured in both those seasons.

Chicago Bears: Mitch Trubisky

Superhero Comparison: Beastboy

Reasoning: There’s something about Mitch Trubisky that makes me want to compare him to a lovable goofball like Beastboy. Trubisky didn’t light it up his rookie season, but he wasn’t asked to. He showed a good balance, which Beastboy can obtain by transforming into any animal on the planet. With the right team, Beastboy really shines — and so will Trubisky.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees (assuming he re-signs with Saints)

Superhero Comparison: Hawkeye

Reasoning: You may not think this is a favorable comparison, but Hawkeye is a staple of the Avengers. His superpower is he never misses. That sounds a lot like Brees to me, who owns the record for NFL completion percentage in a single season

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton

Superhero Comparison: The Flash

Reasoning: Since he entered the league in 2011, Cam Newton is the only quarterback with more than 4,000 rushing yards. If you want a more recent sample, over the last two seasons, he and Tyrod Taylor are the only two quarterbacks to break 1,000 rush yards.  It’s easy to see why Newton has earned the Flash title.

Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan

Superhero Comparison: Iceman

Reasoning: Iceman is an Omega-Level mutant, meaning he has the capability to destroy the world if he realizes his full potential. We saw what Matt Ryan was capable of when Kyle Shanahan was in town. Can he reach those heights again? Time will tell for Matty Iceman.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston

Superhero Comparison: War Machine

Reasoning: Much like War Machine, Jameis Winston has a ton of weaponry at his disposal. He’s just not quite as accurate in his suit as Iron Man is. This could be the year we see Winston put all that together though.

Thanks again for following along! I look forward to continuing this series with free agents and the incoming rookie class next. Just like last time, if you have any questions or want to yell me at for my comparisons, I’m on Twitter at @RekedFantasy.

*Stats used in this article courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference and FF Statistics


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