Trevor Siemian Who?

Trevor Siemian Who?

In his first guest post for TwoQBs, Jeff Dumont provided us with his breakdown of the current quarterback depth chart battle taking place in Denver. … Jeff’s focus was providing 2QBers with insight on how the QB1 battle will shake out between Mark Sanchez and Paxton Lynch. One name not mentioned in his piece was Trevor Siemian. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering who is Trevor Siemian?

Here’s what we know of Siemian’s short Broncos career so far: he was drafted in the seventh-round of the 2015 NFL Draft (250 overall), he was the third-string quarterback behind Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler last season, and is the only quarterback with experience in Head Coach Gary Kubiak’s system on the current Broncos’ QB depth chart. Also, my phone auto-corrects his last name to ‘Airman’, which seems fitting.

Why Should we Care About Trevor Siemian?

Seemingly out of nowhere, my Twitter feed blew up with mentions (“blew up” was more like five tweets, but that’s a lot for a third-string quarterback not named Tim Tebow) of Siemian as a sleeper name to watch in the battle to be the QB1 in Denver. The Siemian-as-starter sentiment might have had more to do with a lack of faith in Sanchez and Lynch not having signed his rookie deal yet. Whatever the reason, the rumblings were trickling through the social media airwaves…

Jeff Legwold covers the Broncos for ESPN NFL Nation, which I would assume makes him somewhat of an authority figure on the team. According to an ESPN piece penned by Legwold, Kubiak has “three quarterbacks he likes, three quarterbacks he believes are good enough to start.”

Praise for Siemian

There’s been a lot of praise thrown Siemian’s way this offseason. The type of praise you don’t generally hear regarding a third-string quarterback…

CB Chris Harris Jr.:

Trevor has a maturity to him. He’s kind of the sleeper, I would say. Of course Mark and Paxton are going to be the headlines, but Trevor knows the offense. He’s very comfortable and can throw the ball, too. We’ve also seen him make big plays in the preseason games under the lights. I wouldn’t sleep on Trevor to win the job.

LB Von Miller:

Trevor, he can make any throw. We’ve seen it every day in practice.”

OC Rick Dennison:

He’s done a good job of really developing and really paying close attention to the two guys last year that played quite a bit for us.

Siemian’s Stats Don’t Impress Much

If we take a look at the stats, Siemian’s college numbers tell the story of a seventh-round pick: 58.9 career completion percentage, 6.4 career Y/A, 5.8 AY/A, and a 27:24 touchdown to interception ratio. In his final season at Northwestern he threw more interceptions (11) than touchdowns (7).

Finding a Siemian scouting report proved to be difficult and the most in-depth report (really, the only report) came from a SB Nation Northwestern blog, which might not be the most unbiased of sources.

A few of his listed strengths: good size, ability to check down effectively, accurate on short throws.

His weaknesses: struggled with decision making, struggled with deep ball, uncomfortable in the pocket at times.

Not sure about you, but those strengths almost come off as weaknesses, and leave a lot to be desired.

What About His NFL Experience?

In three preseason appearances last year, Siemian was 23-of-40 (57.5 completion percentage) for 283 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. His most significant playing time came in the Broncos’ preseason finale versus Arizona where he completed 45.8 percent of his passes (11-of-24) for 104 yards (4.3 Y/A), one touchdown and one interception.

The seventh-round draft pedigree, the lacklustre college resume at a school not known for football, his underwhelming scouting report, and unappealing preseason stats all paint a picture of a long-term career third-string quarterback. And that might be exactly how Siemian’s career pans out.

Opportunity Matters for Quarterbacks

Even if Siemian turns out to be a dud in the NFL, we are reminded how opportunity plays a large role for the quarterback position in fantasy football, and especially in 2QB leagues.

Whether the Siemian hype turns out to be more than just that, what he has in his corner is experience learning under Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning and experience as the team’s back-up to Brock Osweiler last year when Manning was injured.

While it seems doubtful he wins the starting job we can’t discount Siemian seeing some significant playing time at some point during the season.

We’ve seen how much turnover there is at the quarterback position each year. Last season saw 53 different quarterbacks start at least one game, and Denver wasn’t immune, having started two signal callers themselves in 2015.

Jimmy Clausen, Landry Jones, and Josh Freeman, just to name a few, don’t scream starting NFL quarterback, yet they each started at some point last season.

Playing in 2QB fantasy football leagues isn’t just about drafting your QB1 and QB2 tandem and hoping to ride them to a season long championship. Injuries happen, starters are ineffective, backups play. You need to be prepared for anything and everything, whether it’s Josh McCown becoming a QB1 for a glorious period of time under Marc Trestman or Peyton Manning becoming nothing more than fantasy bench fodder.

Backups and third-stringers will become vital to your 2QB success, and it’s the active owners who know their way around the quarterback depth chart and are one step ahead of their league mates who reap the rewards.

Trevor ‘Airman’ Siemian might not be the next Hall of Fame version of Peyton Manning but maybe he might become the 2016 version of 2015 Brian Hoyer (four Top-12 weekly finishes/seven Top-24 performances). That’s valuable in 2QB leagues.

Only a Peyton Manning injury paved the way for Brock Osweiler to see the field, but neither are in Denver anymore so maybe Siemian can ‘Steal the Show’ from Sanchez/Lynch as the most experienced quarterback in Denver’s system…

Luckily we don’t have to spend any draft capital on Siemian at this moment in time, but if he does become a ‘thing’ in 2QB leagues, astute owners will know to pounce on the waiver wire to acquire his services for free, while the rest of the league will be left wondering who is Trevor Siemian?

*Stats used in this article courtesy of,, and FantasyData

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