2015 QB2 Streaming Results

2015 QB2 Streaming Results

The 2015 fantasy football season has been over for weeks. Seems like yesterday we were making a case for RG3 as a bounce back candidate. Or debating between Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers as the first overall pick in 2QB leagues. We were young. We were free.

Aaron Rodgers finished as the fantasy QB7, Andrew Luck played in only seven games, and RG3 was a healthy scratch every game this year.

2015 was quite the whacky fantasy season, but we should be used to it by now. No matter how much time we put into offseason draft research or how ‘S-M-R-T’ we think we are with our hawt and cold taeks, fantasy football will always remind us we really don’t know anything.

And that was clearly evident in my QB2 streaming recommendations from 2015.

When it comes to streaming the QB2 position in 2QB leagues the options aren’t as plentiful as they are in 1QB leagues where you could have legitimately streamed the likes of Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton (until he was injured) all season long.

Streaming in 2QB leagues is mainly geared towards fantasy players that went with a ‘Studs & Streaming‘ approach and needed help choosing between their QB2, or for those stuck during bye weeks or in need of help because of injury or ineffective play.

To be considered a successful QB2 streamer, I set the baseline at 15 fantasy points.

If you had a well rounded team or were strong everywhere but QB2 and were able to get at least 15 fantasy points from your QB2 streamer you most likely were in a good position to win your week.

Below I’m going to recap my 2015 QB2 streaming recommendations and provide a few follow-up notes…

Week QuarterbackOpponentFantasy PointsWeekly Fantasy Rank
Week 1Carson Palmervs. NO25.68QB2
Jameis Winstonvs. TEN14.2QB16
Sam Bradfordat ATL13.44QB19
Week 2Carson Palmerat CHI21.2QB13
Jameis Winstonat NO18.58QB17
Nick Folesat WAS10.1QB27
Week 3Nick Folesvs. PIT6.88QB28
Ryan Fitzpatrickvs. PHI14.62QB20
Blake Bortlesat NE16.38QB16
Week 4Derek Carrat CHI11.84QB26
Tyrod Taylorvs. NYG14.46QB19
Ryan Mallettat ATL4QB31
Week 5Jay Cutlerat KC17.58QB13
Marcus Mariotavs. BUF10.18QB21
Brandon Weedenvs. NE7.32QB25
Week 6Blake Bortlesvs. HOU22.94QB6
Colin Kaepernickvs. BAL22.6QB7
Joe Flaccoat SF17.72QB16
Week 7Ryan Fitzpatrickat NE20.7QB8
Jameis Winstonat WAS20.38QB9
Landry Jonesat KC6.16QB27
Week 8Alex Smithvs. DET27.6QB6
Joe Flaccovs. SD22.96QB8
Ryan Fitzpatrickat OAK3.04QB28
Week 9Jameis Winstonvs. NYG18.36QB12
Kirk Cousinsat NE10.68QB25
Blaine Gabbertvs. ATL14.6QB20
Week 10Blake Bortlesat BAL16.02QB14
Kirk Cousinsvs. NO28.96QB1
Teddy Bridgewaterat OAK11.9QB21
Week 11Case Keenumat BAL5.44QB28
Alex Smithat SD13.42QB17
Jameis Winstonat PHI29.84QB2
Week 12Marcus Mariotaat OAK19.42QB15
Brian Hoyervs. NO13.9QB23
Blake Bortlesvs. SD22.45QB8
Week 13Matt Hasselbeckat PIT4.86QB30
Alex Smithat OAK24.78QB11
Ryan Fitzpatrickat NYG25.8QB8
Week 14Blake Bortlesvs. IND25.7QB3
Jameis Winstonvs. NO13.68QB19
Tyrod Taylorat PHI18.02QB13
Week 15Blake Bortlesvs. ATL24.28QB8
Alex Smithat BAL12.54QB24
TJ Yatesat IND1.42QB33
Week 16Baltimore QBvs. PIT14.96QB16
Kellen Mooreat BUF5.34QB31

*Every Week, minus Week 16, I recommended three QB2 streamers. Three recommendations were injured in-game (Ryan Mallett in Week 4, Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 8, and T.J. Yates in Week 15). The total number of recommended QB2 streamers was 47.

*The average fantasy points scored was 16.8.
*Fifteen times a recommended QB2 streamer finished in the QB1 tier (top-12 or better) that week.
*Twenty QB2 streaming recommendations finished as a QB2 (QB13-QB24 range)
*Twelve QB2 streaming recommendations finished outside of the QB2 tier (QB25 or worse)
*22 out of 44 (not counting injured players) recommended QB2 streamers scored 15 or more fantasy points
*9-of-44 (not counting injured players) recommended QB2 streamers failed to score ten fantasy points

*It was evident early on someone like Carson Palmer was going to be a viable weekly QB1 option so I stopped recommended him early in the season. During the season I dug deeper with my recommendations, and at times avoided likely safer options such as Kirk Cousins in fantastic matchups. This hurt the overall results, but you didn’t need me to tell you Cousins versus Philadelphia in Week 15 was a viable play. You just knew it. Instead, I wanted to focus on more outside-the-box thinking, like TJ Yates. (Again, so S-M-R-T).

*It took some time, but eventually trends revealed themselves, and we are able to take advantage. Such as starting your quarterback against Philadelphia or New Orleans. Baltimore and Oakland also became weekly streaming targets.

*With 53 different quarterbacks making at least one start this year the pool to which we are able to choose QB2 streamers was wide, and something to keep in mind when considering a path down streaming next season. The myth revolving around 2QB leagues is that there’s not enough quarterbacks. It’s clearly not true, and if you’re an active enough owner you could use the depth of the position and in-season turnover to your advantage.

*While we exceeded the 15 fantasy points threshold with an average score of 16.9 fantasy points I wouldn’t call 2015 a roaring streaming success. There’s more work that needs to be done when selecting QB2 streamers, and relying on just matchups and past performance isn’t enough.

*Stats used in this article courtesy of FantasyData

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